-Underwater World, Kingdom of Northern Sea

”Father, do you know why did they make Tyrant the new King of the Southern Sea? ” Prince David asks.

”Cyreus should be the new King right? ” Angel asks. Angel is the cousin of Prince David.

The King of the Northern Sea let out a big sigh and speak.

”That is why I need to go in the Southern Sea to ask Tyrant what exactly happened. ” King Aurelius said.

”I will go with you, Father. ”

”No, it takes ten days to reach there. I will entrust the Kingdom to you when Im away. If something will happen, send one or two warriors to report to me. ”

”Yes, Father ”

Angel suddenly swims closer to Prince David and whispers.

”Three days after, Ms. Lin asks us to do a special performance for welcoming her new students. Do you want me to go into the human world and tell her that we can perform? ”

”No, Ms. Lin will be disappointed and so as her students. Well just do a quick performance and after that, well come back here immediately. ”

”But what if something will happen when your away? ”

”What should be a possible problem when Im away? ”

”Didn you hear? Different kinds of sea monsters have escaped, what if they will suddenly attack in the Kingdom? ”

”We have strong warriors, do not worry we will be back as soon as we have done with our performance. ”

”Alright. ”

”Why are you both talking secretly? ” King Aurelius suddenly asks.

”N-nothing Father. ”

”Ill be leaving tomorrow morning. ”


-Human World

”Whats your name by the way? ” Alex asks while driving her sports car.

”Dreyfus ” The Merman replied.

”Im Alex, where is your place? Do you live together with Spongebob? ”

”We…we live in a faraway place ”

Far away? Where exactly?

Alex just continue driving and didn ask more questions.

e here! ” Alex said and they get out of the car.

When they get inside, they saw Tyler and Prince Cyreus still watching the movie Spongebob.

Alex got surprised when Dreyfus suddenly rushes towards Prince Cyreus.

”My Lord! ”

”Dreyfus?! ”

Spongebob and Dreyfus suddenly hug each other.

”How are you, my Lord? ” Dreyfus.

”Im fine. How did you find me? ”

While Spongebob and Dreyfus talking, Tyler approaches Alex.

”Hey, who is he? Alex, you shouldn bring strangers into our house! ” Tyler said in a low voice.

” my house, not yours. He said he knows Spongebob so I brought him here. Looks like they do know each other. ” Alex said while looking at them. But she frown when she saw Dreyfus and Spongebobs faces became gloomy.

Is there a problem?

Alex and Tyler walk towards them.

”Whats wrong? Is there a problem? ” Alex asks. Dreyfus and Spongebob got startled.

”N-nothing. ” Alex looks at Dreyfus and notices that he is still wearing the patients gown!

”Tyler lend him a t-shirt and shorts ”

”Hmph! Fine! ” Tyler said and quickly head upstairs.

Alexandra headed to her kitchen and started to make dinner.

At the same time, Tyler brings the clothes and gives them to Dreyfus. Dreyfus makes a confused face while he gets the clothes.

”What are you still standing there? Go upstairs and change! ” Tyler shouted.

Dreyfus stares at what Prince Cyreus is wearing and looks at the clothes that Tyler gave him. Prince Cyreus look at Dreyfus and realizes that he doesn know how to put it. So since Prince Cyreus already know how to wear clothes he helps Dreyfus to get change.

”Hey! Spongebob, what are you doing?! ” Tyler asks in surprise when Spongebob started undressing Dreyfus!

”Helping him to wear clothes ” Prince Cyreus answered innocently.

”What?! Doesn he know to wear clothes?! ”

Prince Cyreus just shook his head and continue undressing Dreyfus, but he stop again when Tyler shouted.

”Hey! There is a girl here! Go change him upstairs!! ” Tyler shouted while glancing at Alex in the kitchen if shes looking at them.

”Come on, follow me! ”

Both Prince Cyrues and Dreyfus follow Tyler upstairs and go inside his room. After they finish, they headed back to the living room and watch the movie Spongebob.

”Hahahaha! Patrick is so dumb! Pfft! ”

While Tyler is busy watching the movie, Prince Cyreus ask Dreyfus about the King and his two older brothers.

”Did you already find them? Are they alright? ” Prince Cyreus ask in a low voice. Dreyfus look down and answered.

”I-Im sorry my lord, I didn find them. But, someone told me that Tyrant imprison them in the dark dungeon. ”

”Dark Dungeon? ”

”Yes, do you know where that is, my lord? ”

”I-I don know, Dreyfus we need to save my father and my brothers! ”

”Yes, of course, my lord. But can you just take the throne from Tyrant, my lord? When you will become the King, you just need to ask him where he imprisons them right? ”

”Its not that easy to take the throne from him. You saw how he forcibly took the throne from my father, he…I-I hope father is alright. ” Prince Cyreus said while tears are slowly falling. Dreyfus tries to cheer him up.

”H-hey, whats wrong with you?! ” Tyler suddenly asks when he notices that Prince Cyreus didn continue watching the movie. Prince Cyreus got surprised and quickly wipe his tears, but Alex was about to call them to have dinner when he notice Prince Cyrues wiping his tears.

”Spongebob! Why are you crying? Are you okay? Did Tyler make fun of you?! ” Alex asks while looking furiously at Tyler.

”What! Hey! I didn do anything to him! ”

”I am fine, something just got in my eyes, ” Prince Cyreus said.

”Then let me have a look! Did some dust get into your eyes?! ” Alex abruptly lean closer to Prince Cyrues to have a look at his eyes didn notice that they are close to each other!

Prince Cyrues got stunned because of what Alex did, and his face starting become red!

Tylers eyes suddenly get wide open, and quickly pulls Alex away from Prince Cyreus! But on the other side, Dreyfus just looks at them in a questioning look.

”Why did you pull me suddenly? ”

”Be-because you
e too close to him! ” Tyler said and look away.

”Its because I was looking if theres still dust in his eyes, I should blow it. Are your eyes okay now, Spongebob? ”

”Y-yes. ” Prince Cyreus answered while avoiding eye contact with Alex.

”Okay then, dinner is ready! Lets eat! ”

The four of them went to the dining area and were seated. Tyler and Alex started to put rice on their plates, but Dreyfus and Prince Cyreus is just staring sadly at the food in front of them. And they started communicating through telepathy.

”My Lord! This human is a murderer! ”

”N-no, shes a good person, there must be a misunderstanding! ”

”My Lord, you can defend her! Yes, she saved your life but, she cannot deny that she is a murderer! Look at the little fish! Originally his color is silver and very shiny but looks at him now, he became golden brown! ”

”B-but… ”

”…*gasp*… My Lord! They even stab the little fish with their little trident! ”

”P-poor little fishy… ”

”Hm? Whats wrong with you two? Don you like the food? Do I need to cook something else? ” Alex asks when he notices that the two just stared at the fish weirdly.

”Hey, you two! Just eat what already prepared at the table, don bother Alex to cook for you again! ” Tyler.

”Don you like fish? ” Alex asks the both of them.

”H-how did you make this? How did this poor little fish end up like t-this? ” Dreyfus asks nervously.

”Huh? You don know how to cook fish? Then let me explain it to you since Im the one who taught Alex how to cook fish properly! First, you need to wash the fish and remove all its scales with a sharp knife. Second, slice the stomach and remove their organs. Thir– ”

Tyler didn finish his explanation when Prince Cyreus and Dreyfus pass out!!


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