My Name On His Lips

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ever mind..? ” Leilani ignored Anthonys questionable comments and stared at Dae with one of those signature looks that threatened to break down his walls completely.

Dae felt warmth spread to his cheeks, ”Look, Im not part of the student council. Im not required to give all the details on the new kid. Besides, I don know much. Just that he started this year, moved in some time while I was in rehab, and is named Evan…The rest you can ask him yourself when you see him. ”

Leilanis eyebrow quirked at Daes defensiveness, and he instantly knew she suspected something. Thankfully, though, she threw her hands up in fake surrender and smirked, ”Okay, okay. You
e right. Well ask him. Plus, you would be terrible for the student council. You don have the right…look to represent the school. ”

Grateful that she didn inquire further in front of Anthony, Dae playfully continued with his own banter. He responded with a chuckle, ”You mean to tell me that a non-white, pansexual, recovering drug addict with anger issues and broken family life isn the vibe they
e going for? Their loss! Im lucrative for every demographic! ”

Despite Leilanis hearty guffaw, Anthony tightened his grip just a little, before leaning close to her ear and not-so-subtly whispering, ”As fun as it is to have Dae back, we gotta go. First periods gonna start. ”

”You guys are in the same first period? Lucky. I doubt Ill have anyone to talk to- ” Dae spoke, shutting his locker, but was interrupted by a kiss on his cheek from Leilani.

”No. Ant just doesn want us to be late, ” Leilani said quietly, before hurrying down the hall to catch up with her boyfriend, who wasn even trying to wait for her. As she hurried to catch up to him, she called over her shoulder. ”I love you, Dae! Be good! And Ill see you later! ”

”…Yeah… ” Dae muttered under his breath before making his way to the first class of his first day back to school. Unfortunately–and unintentionally feeding the reputation hed already gotten–he ended up being late, but even the teacher refused to say something about it.

As he sat down in the back of the class, he prepared himself for a day full of people ignoring him. But was completely surprised when the girl next to him–who looked like she had to be an underclassman–started looking over at him. ” Hey. You
e Dae, right? ”

A nervous fluttering traveled through his body; she had asked without any fear or hesitation, and he wasn used to that yet. He nodded in response and readied himself to reply before any hope hed had came crashing down quickly.

”Any chance you can…hook me up? ” She asked, flashing money folded tactfully between her fingers.

Daes fingers tightened into the usual white-knuckled grip, and he tried to focus on his breathing. It was only his first period back and he was already getting solicited for drugs.

”Look, ” Dae spoke through deep breaths. ”Im not a dealer. ”

He knew he could shout his case from the rooftops–but it would be no use. The moment you go to rehab, you
e suddenly labeled as a lot of things. A loss cause; a dealer; someone bound to relapse. But Dae had decided that he only wanted one stay in Hearth Haven, and hes going to continue trying his best to remain on that course.

He didn even wait for a response and just zoned out until the bell rang. Once it did, hes the first one out the door. Trying his hardest, to run from his past. Trying to be invisible–and a little jealous that Evan could do it so easily.

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