A/N: Rest assured, the novel is about a guy becoming an idol. The backstory is just a little, much, but I think that its explained pretty well.

”Ding! Please fasten your seatbelt. ”

Hearing a familiar female robotic voice, I jolted awake.

Huh, where am I?

The last thing I remembered was assassinating the president of Zimbabwe…

Ah, I was also caught up in that explosion.

Remembering my failed plan, I could only sigh.

You see, assassinating someone these days was such a chore, with technology getting more and more advanced whilst assassination techniques were kept the same for the past 100 years.

Bombs, guns, and knives, that was all we assassins had to complete our jobs whilst the police kept getting new DNA machines, new AI simulators, and greater surveillance networks.

It was basically **ing impossible to murder someone these days and get away with it.

Unless you were an expert that was.

And I was one of those experts.

You see, the best strat to use when trying to kill someone these days was to make it look like an accident.

I didn know why I was giving such privileged advice, but think about it, how many important figures had died mysteriously in car crashes and the like in previous decades?

Due to the nature of the death looking like an ”accident ”, the authorities wouldn reveal that it was likely a murder if they had any evidence supporting that fact, as they didn want to scare the public.

This made it so that you weren being hunted down by every citizen of a country, as they didn know that you had done something bad in the first place and your face wasn being plastered everywhere.

In the case above, when I had been trying to assassinate the president of Zimbabwe, I had made it look like a gas line had accidentally exploded right under the car that he had been in, but I guess I had miscalculated as the gas line had blown me up instead.

Rookie mistakes I tell ya, rookie mistakes.

And, it seemed like I had gotten away with it in the end, hence my current situation.

But how am I here?

Sure, even though I made my assassinations look like accidents, I always kept at least 3 back-up plans all designed for me to extract myself from the situation as quickly as possible.

After all, the best assassins weren the ones that got the job done, but the ones that got the job done and lived to tell the tale.

This was the philosophy I lived by, and how I had become one of the greatest assassins of all time.

And so, I definitely knew that getting on a plane was not one of my escape plans, as just stepping into an airport right after an assassination was probably one of the dumbest things that an assassin could do.

”Ha-neul? Are you okay? ”

Feeling a soft, slender hand gingerly touching my arm, I looked down at the woman sitting next to me, seeing her flinch as I bored my eyes into hers.

Oh, I still look like a killer.

As if I had done it a hundred times already (I had actually done it more than half a million times before), my face quickly melted into that of a loving husband looking at his wife, but with confusion mixed in.

If shes here, and we
e already this intimate…

”Do I have an older or younger sister? ”

”…older? ” She replied, immediately putting her palm up to my forehead.

This warmth…

A little bit shocked for a second, not letting it show of course, I quickly composed my inner thoughts and just took a look at my phone, as all my questions would be answered there.

So thats like that and thats like that, hmm…


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