My Twin (my crush)

It all began with....

Episode 1

Entering the school gate late and noticed my mathematics teacher heading towards the staff room through the right stairs. He gave an assignment which was to be submitted the next day and am right at the gate staring at him. ”don just stand, move ” I thought. Just violated a rule and about to violate another (all assignment should be submitted before assembly). Moving swiftly through the left stairs just to get to the staff room located in the middle of the building on the second floor.

Goodness me, I was so lucky not to meet any teacher in but unfortunately I ran into a female teacher. Her first impression was a deception which made me dislike her. ”What were you doing in there? ” she asked. ”i was asked to check Mr. Clement (my mathematics teacher) ”, gave a smart answer. She looked at me with her big eyes but ”who cares ”. Soon enough, i got to the ground and zoomed off to my class, which was in the other building.

Few minutes to break, lesson was still on when I percieved some dust. As a well mannered student, I ignored and concentrated. ”wheres the dust coming from ” the teacher noticed the heavy dust. I peeped through the window and noticed it was from the other building. Taking a good look, one of the pillar was cracking. ”quick, that building is going down ” my instincts stinked me. I didn think twice, ran to the staff room to get the megaphone.

”get down to the ground, this building is …. ” gggbbaammm, the left stairs went down. I quickly ran to the second floor. The Male teachers quickly coordinated the students and in few almost everyone was down to the ground. The last person happened to be my crush, not just crush but a long time cr

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