His date.


”Im so late! Oh no! ”

I was rushing to go to the company and I was rushing towards the elevator. Its just I have a lot of drafts and designs in my storyboards thats why Im late today. And I still have to take care of my thesis so I have to buy a glossy paper because of the designs and portfolios in the restaurant design that Ive been designing. I quickly went into the Marketing department and I was in a rush when I quickly bumped into someone and I was surprised that it was Chang Heng. I can help but roll my eyes at him and I flipped my hair. ”Get away from me, bottom. ”

”What the hell Satsuki! Don you dare reveal that craziness of yours in front of me! Do you know who are you talking with, huh!? ” He shouted and I just smirked at him.

Then he shouldn have bothered me at all. I did put an all-nighter in my BL Series. And I don have enough sleep for revising my manuscript you know! Good thing that I have trusted assistants to help me with the tones at least I don have any problems. But we don have enough time so I need to finish it quickly. Plus, don dare he showed that annoying attitude right now because I put an all-nighter on my BL last night! Im not in the best mood today. Damn this man, as always. My phone was ringing loudly so I had no choice but to answer it. Hes irritating.

Wtf! Its early in the morning so what does he want from me!? Damn him! Robert got closer to us and he laughed, ”Look at those two. Its early in the morning and you have your dog and catfight already. I wouldn be surprised if you two ended up with each other. ” He said

”Same thoughts, ” Oliver said

That damn architect! Chang Heng slammed his folders on the table and he glared at Robert. Hes kinda scary you know, as in he looked so scary. It looked like he was about to rip off Roberts neck or something with that kind of stare that he has. But it doesn mean that I have to stop my fantasies over him you know. So I stared at the two of them and I started to drool. Robert is quite good looking too and I couldn stop my fantasies right now. He was perfect as a top! Im just getting fired up right now. Now I wanted to write my manuscript in BL because of these ideas! I hope that I can draw well later.

Chang Heng appeared suddenly and he smirked at me, ”Looks like you have your wild fantasies today. You
e so crazy in the early of the morning! ”

”Hehehe, my ideal bottom is here! ” I raised my hands and I grinned at him. I can see him looking pale about it. The people started looking at us and he glared at me, ”Stop calling me a bottom, Im warning you Satsuki. ” Chang Heng said and he smirked at me and he got closer to me and he blew my ears. I felt my ears got flushed because of it and I glared at him. Whats his problem? Why is he teasing me? Geez!

I couldn stop blushing because of what he did. Why did he have to tease me like that in front of people? The other people started whispering towards each other and I couldn help but glare at them. They got it all wrong! Theres no way that Id like that guy. Im not gonna give in to him. Not with a freaking red flag guy like him. If he thinks that I will just give in a guy like him then hes wrong about that. He can never do this to me. I can show him that I can never give in to someone like him. Just damn him! Why does he need to be so calm after what just happened!? Hes out of my league, seriously. He got closer to me and he put his hands on my chin and I flinched a bit. Hes being too much to me!

He smirked at me and then he got closer to me, ”Thats why Im telling you..stop treating me as a bottom already. Am I clear to that Satsuki? ” He asked me and he looked at me seriously. I couldn help but blush in here. Geez! Chang Heng is supposed to be a bottom but why does he look so handsome with this close? What did I just think about!? Did I just freaking think about that right now? No that can be! And it can never happen.

”Looks like you two were close towards each other huh, ” The girl said and she smiled.

She looked like a doll. She looked like she was a secretary here or something. From her looks, I can see that shes in her late 20s. I haven seen her around here. And she looks new. Robert shook his head and he laughed, ”Uh Mr. Receptionist, Miss Secretary never mind about those two. They were fighting towards each other like how you are before. ” Robert said and I stared at those two and I was surprised to see Aouli so I waved my hand and greet him.

”Senioooor~! ” I shouted

Whoa, wait. Isn it been too long? Seriously? He was here? But for what reason? I know that he was a doctor but does he need to do double jobs? I don understand. Its been a while since I saw him. He looked so devastated before and he couldn do anything but blame himself because he lost his girlfriend. He was going through a lot. I thought that he wouldn able to become a doctor but he still did anyways. So I can say that he did his best. Now that he was here because he got something to prove!

”Hey— ” Aouli turned his attention to me but he couldn continue what he said because Chang Heng interrupted us.

Chang Heng suddenly blocked us and he glared at Aouli. He looked a bit surprised at his actions and I just gulped a bit. Wait, why is this even happening? I just wanted out of this situation. Just when Senior and I met now this is happening. I just wanted to disappear here. This is too embarrassing!

”Uh—Satsuki? Looks like your boyfriend was about to rip my neck or something. Can you talk to him? You know that secretary was my type. ” He said and he pointed to the girl beside him.

”You should get away from her. I don know, Doc? Receptionist? Whatever you are, stay away from Satsuki. ” Chang Heng threatens him and I just slapped my face. What is he even saying to Aouli, honestly!? Hes crazy. Aouli is in love with Momo, definitely not to me! Hes crazy.


Hes irritating you know! So I just stomp my foot angrily when I left and I decided to go back to my place but I was surprised to see a box that was on my computer. Whats this? Once I opened that box, I was surprised to see the black backless dress and red stiletto heels in there. Am I seeing this? Its been a while since I received this kind of thing. And someone bought it for me? For what? I saw a note in there so I decided to check on it.

Don forget the party later. Youll be my date tonight, Satsuki.

-Chang Heng

And what party is that? Wait, why do I have to listen to him, huh!? But he wouldn even stop until I say yes to him, this is trouble. What a bad day. Hes making me irritated. Why is he doing this to me? I gripped on my hair and I tapped my rubber shoes because of my irritation. I hate that man. So I quickly decided to grab my sketchbook and I stared at my drawing in my drafts and I drooled, I lived for this! This one and only! My BL!

”Oh. You
e drawing. ”The girl said. Wait, isn she the secretary? I quickly fixed myself and I stared at her. She looked so pretty. I suddenly felt embarrassed because of how I looked. She looked so pretty. What a Goddess! Looks like she was a little older than me. Shes so close in her 30s. I only see her along with President but I have no idea that Senior works here too. And just like me, looks like she was just new too. I couldn help but feel shy here, she was so beautiful. As for me, glow-up was never on my dictionary. The only thing that I cared about is my BL.

Plus. I didn care about other people despite that they saw me as a weird one. The girl got closer to me and she lend her hand to me, ”Hi! A pleasure to meet you. ” She smiled at me and I nodded. I couldn help but to stare at her. She looked so pretty. And shes very cheerful, looks like I can be close to her soon enough. She looks like a big sister to me.

”Ah, Momo Lolanthe Fukuhara is my name, Im a Secretary here. But Im more focused on teaching arts so you can say that Art Teacher is my main job. ” She said proudly and I nodded at her and smiled at her. I can see why shes interested when Im sketching. Shes somehow related to the arts…but this is different! Its not like what she thinks. I don want to be revealed myself again because she looked angelic.

Momo looked so kind, now I can see why Aoulis into her. She looks older than me and she was so beautiful. She looked so refined lady and elegant too. I can stop looking at her because shes getting too much attention because of how pretty she is. Now I can see why that player likes her. I don know what happened between them but theres no way that I can ever choose between them. I just hope that Aouli can tell her already, that man is getting my nerves especially when he shows mixed signals and when he is showing his side from being cold when it comes to the girl that he likes. Gosh, those two. Looks like she was waiting for Chang Heng so I grabbed the chair beside me.

”Just stay here. You can look at my drawings since you
e interested in it. ”I mentioned to her and her eyes lit up a bit and she looked so happy with it, ”Really!? Can I!? ” She asked excitedly and I just nodded.

”Umm, Momo. Aren you disgusted by what you saw right now? As you can see Im into BL. ” I said to her and I rubbed my hair shyly. Well, I just have to ask. Normal people would get disgusted by me.

e a fujioshi aren you? Im a comic artist like you so why would I be disgusted with it? Im having a part-time job as well. Plus I worked with a lot of BL comic artists so this is kinda normal too. And just like you, I create comics too. ”Momo said and she pats my back. My eyes widened because of what she said. Waaah, shes such an angel! She was a good girl.

Shes kind after all. Looks like other than Oliver and Harumi, theres someone who will understand me. Well other than being an otaku from most of the time, Im friends with those two. And the three of us were always been together and lifting each other and thats what friends for. I can say that our bond was deeper as friends. Ive been friends with those two ever since. And they accepted me despite being a hardcore bl fangirl. Maybe thats the reason why our friendship was strong. And now, well have a new friend too. I want to introduce her to them too. And as a fellow comic artist, she understands me. I wonder what kind of stories that shes writing? Im quite curious about what kind of genre that shes writing.

Maybe I was the one who used everything that I need to do in my comics, and for that reason, I used Chang Heng as my reference but still I value his sides too so his personal information was secret to me. I got closer to her and I held Momos hands, ”Can you keep this a secret? I have something to tell you. ” I told her. I guess theres nothing wrong with revealing it to her that Im writing about BL right? Plus, I think I can trust her.

”Of course, ” Momo said and she smiled at me. She put her fingers on her chin and I saw that it was red nail polish and she smells so good. She looks like a doll, she was so pretty. Now Im so embarrassed here. She looks like a girl and shes way too different from me. But still, I do admire her for having a good heart. Instead of spatting some mean words to me as a fujioshi she wasn even disgusted by me.

Well, I kinda understand why people do that to me. No one would understand my likes just like Chang Heng does. We have our deal and hes going to help me with my BL and thats it. Ugh, enough of him! I don want to think about him now that Im drawing. The pens and pencils cost too much and if I messed this up Im dead. Anyways, Im going to focus on my comics. Thats it.

”Ehem, ” Chang Heng said and he saw the sketch of my papers and he just drag it away from me, ”Once again Satsuki. What the hell is this? I am not letting this slip again. You had your chance before when you started drawing Robert but not this time! Why the hell am I being hugged by two men!? Seriously!? ” He shouted at me and I gulped. Hes scary when hes like that.

That jerk! Hes irritating. Why does he need to appear everywhere and when Im not noticing him? I gulped a bit and he looked at me seriously, ”So, who is the other guy here? ” He asked me and I glared at him. I started drooling and I touched my cheeks, ”Im still debating whether its Aouli and Oliver. Im gonna ask consent to them. ” I told him and I saw him getting pale again and he gripped my face.

”Even in front of my dads secretary, you don even care about getting revealed by that craziness of yours! ” He shouted

He doesn understand my fujioshi heart! He was being too much to me. Its not that Im keeping this a secret anymore, they are quite lucky that I am even doing this for their consent you know. I don know why this man looked so mad. Hes too weak on this one. And to release his anger issues, he has to make me his slave. Ugh, whats his problem! I raised my eyebrows and he just glared at me and he snatches the paper, ”Im confiscating this! ” He shouted

”NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! MY BL MANGA! ” I shouted at him and I gave him a pout and I faked crying at him, ”You
e getting on my nerves, you damn accountant! ” I told him and I acted even more cutely just like a kid but he just looked away. What the heck? He didn even fall for my charms? ARRRRRGH, this is too hateful! Why does he always have to act so mean to me? Hes getting on my nerves.

He pointed at the USB and slammed my table. Looks like he was talking about the designs that I should do, ”Start doing the real work. ” He said and he crossed his arms, ”I want the review of the sales later. You
e my slave so take that to my dad and then give it back to me after. Understood? ”

How can he be so cruel to me? I got closer to Momo and then I hugged her. ”Hes a monster! ” I shouted and I pointed at Chang Heng and I pouted at him yet he is not even looking at me. How can he not fall for my charms huh? I hated that attitude that he got! That damn bottom! HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL TO ME HUH, INTERN ACCOUNTANT!?

Momo laughed at me and she pats my head, ”I didn know that you two were this close. ” She said and she smiled at me. No way will happen, not on that guy! Even if the world collapses, I will never like him!

Chang Heng and I stared at each other and we just shouted angrily towards one another, ”NO, WE ARENT! ”

I can agree if we
e mortal enemies then! Thats how we are anyways. And if I can only say no to that guy I would probably have done that before but sadly I can even do that. Plus he needs me at the party later. I don have the freedom, am I? I don even know what to do anymore! Whatever! All that I have to do is to help him right? Why would he even rather choose me? He got some girls with him so why did he end up taking me? I don understand him. But no matter what happens, I will never fall in love with him. My heart already belongs to a fictional character, with my emperor Akashi Seijuro and with my hero, Todoroki Shouto Im so into them! Only to them!

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