ickly change my heels. Im not used to these heels, I really can handle them honestly. When I wore my dress, Momo got closer to me and she grabbed her curler and then she started fixing my hair. She took out her makeup kit and she put some makeup on me too. Im not use to this, I don have a best friend like this before, someone who will turn me from ugly duckling into a goddess haha! Well, she wanted to help me though so I think theres nothing wrong about it.

”What do you want? Red or Pink lipstick? ” She asked me and I pointed at the pink lipstick. And then after that she started putting on my pink lipstick to me and for its final touches, she put a blush on me and then she grabbed her perfume and it was a cherry scent and she put it on me as well. After that, she took off her curlers and she smiled at me. Im not used to these, but I believe on Momos skills so I think I would look good at it. Even though I don want to be with that guy, but what can I do? He already bought this dress for me and he was already irritating me be his date in the party. I don think I can ever escape him.

”Thank you for this Momo. If it wasn for you I wouldn be able to prepare. ” I said to her and I grabbed her both hands and she just smiled at me. She had a good heart, she was so caring too. Its too bad that Senior and her were just nothing but exes but I hope that they get back together soon.

”You know what, you
e pretty. You just need to learn how to put on make-up. Well if you need anything else, just call me. ” Momo said to me and she smiled at me and she pat my shoulders, ”Oh well, you have to go now. That Intern Accountant might scold you if you didn go on time. ” Momo said and she just laughed at me. Yeah right, that guy was too strict!

I agree on her. He might scold me for real. I was rushing to go outside and Chang Heng and I met in the way and then he looked very surprised on how I look. Why does he need to look at me like that? He doesn need to stare at me like that. This is making me more awkward then. I was rushing to go to him and waved my hand, ”Hey, hey! Intern Accountant! ” I shouted at him and smiled at him.

He looked very flustered. I stared at him for awhile and started drooling at his cute bottom face. He was even way more handsome when hes this close. Now that he was close to me, I couldn stop on thinking about my fantasies right now. I can help it, he was too handsome and you can see his bottom face now that he was this close and as a fujioshi I can just stop myself from this. I was surprised when he suddenly held on my waist and I almost fall. He was so close to me and he touches my waist so that I won fall. He got closer to me and he whispered on my ear, ”Be careful Satsuki or youll fall. ” Yes, Ill fall for you.

[ Some notes:

uke – from the Japanese verb ukeru (receive) its used in anime/manga and fanfiction for the ”bottom ” or ”passive ” in a wordyaoi/word/wordshounen-ai/word (male/male) relationship.Generally the shorter, cuter, sweeter of the two… generally.

seme – The dominant partner in a gay male on male romantic relationship in Japanese yaoi anime and manga, doujinshi and fanfiction. The seme is said to op his uke. The seme is often (but not always) the older of the two/ more serious/ dark/ mysterious and more handsome than cute.

seke – A slang word usually used in yaoi (male/male intimate relationships) culture, made by combining the Japanese terms ”seme ” (the dominant one) and ”uke ” (the submissive one). It describes a person that enjoys both positions in a relationship and moves between the two based on his mood, the mood of his partner, and the situation itself.

Mangaka-is the Japanese word for manga artist. Outside Japan, manga usually refers to a Japanese comic book, and mangaka refers to the author of the manga, who is usually Japanese. As of 2006, about 3000 professional mangaka were working in Japan.Most mangaka study at an art college or manga school, or take on an apprenticeship with another artist before entering the industry as a primary creator. More rarely a mangaka breaks into the industry directly, without previously being an assistant.

A mangaka will rise to prominence through recognition of their ability when they spark the interest of institutions, individuals or a demographic of manga consumers. For example, there are contests which prospective mangaka may enter, sponsored by manga editors and publishers. This can also be accomplished through producing a one-shot. While sometimes a stand-alone manga, with enough positive reception it can be serialized in a weekly, monthly, or quarterly format. They are also recognized for the number of manga they run at one time.]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I gulped a bit and I pushed him a little, ”I—Im fine. ” I told him. Ugh, when did I started feeling shy at him? Me, a fujioshi? I can feel shy to him too huh despite of being like this? Or is it because of Chang Heng? Ugh, I don even know! Anyways I came here because of the party not to think about these things.

”Thats good to hear. Lets go. ” Chang Heng said and he quickly opened the door. He usually don do these things. Whats up with him? He seems weird today. I stared at the mirror and I was surprised on how I look. Am I this pretty? I don even know if I was even looking at myself. Ahh, thank you for this Momo. Because if it was me, I didn know how to dress properly and it was a big help that she helped me with it.

Im not just simply pretty today, it feels like she can change someone like that easily. Well, I didn care about makeup or anything, because I don even have time for myself but Im impressed because she managed to make me this pretty even if its only at the party. Im just happy that we became best friends. I was surprised when we arrived at the party. It looks like it was a grand party. Well, its a business party so I guess its pretty normal for that. Chang Heng excused himself since he was going to talk to someone and I was even surprised that he can just talk to them just like that.

I remember that my face always looked so tense and I always looked so pale when I took to the other people at the party like this. Well, business is not my thing. He was the only one who forces me to pursue to become a Content Marketing in Chang Hengs company. For work. Because thats the only thing that my father cared about.

Seriously, for once I should stop thinking about my father. This is a party after all…

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