Meet Satsuki Mariangela Fukumoto, shes the daughter of the Fukumoto group. Shes the only heir of their company. But due to her odd hobby, her father ended up contacting the Wei & Hua Group to appoint her there as an intern. And shes currently in 3rd-year college right now and shes taking up BS in Digital Illustration and Animation at the Seaton Integrated University of Naga but for her to pursue her arts when she graduated? That would be impossible for her thats why she had to work in that company like what her father wanted for her because of that. Shes currently an intern in content marketing and shes one of the best illustrators when it comes to designs for their digital platforms and creative marketing strategies. She has been working there for almost 5 months. At first, she hated him. The Intern Accountant, Chang Heng Wei. He used to be a strict & prideful man.

No person could last in his attitude, thats why everyone seems to be impressed with her because even if he was known as prideful because of being the heir, a lot of people seem to be impressed with Satsuki because shes the only co-worker that can deal with his attitude. Shes the only intern who can take the pressure of working with him.

And even if how many times Satsuki was humiliated and cried by the pressure of her work, many people were impressed on her hard work. Even though shes just young and shes in her 20s, shes the only person who can deal with a cold person like him. At day, Satsuki appears to be a sweet, innocent, and pure girl but they didn know that she holds a dark secret as a Fujioshi. Shes a BL Writer.

Shes a cartoonist, someone who writes and draws BL Comics. .In other words, shes a manga artist or what we can call as Editorial Cartoonist. She got a crush towards Chang Heng for very long time and because of that she can help it but to fantasize his beautiful bottom face. And in her eyes, shes the perfect bottom character that she had in her BL story. After all, the bottom character that shes writing in her BL is inspired to him.But one day, her doomed day lasts.The terror accountant found out that his assistant uses him as a reference as a bottom character in her BL, thats why her doomed day has started.

”So, this is how you see me.. to be held by other men? Are you freaking nuts, Im a straight man! ”

My girlfriend is a BL Writer!? (SEASON ONE)


Written by: MissNerdyGirl20

Genres: Young Adult, Reverse Harem, RomCom, Slice of life, Drama, Realistic Fiction

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