”I had no idea why I said yes to this..Im still working on my plates, ”

Harumi shook her head and we both glared at him. Oliver has no social life at all! He doesn know anything but to study. Well as for me? I would go to Accounting Department to require some research again. Theres an intern that Ive been watching there! When Harumi was fixing her camera, I got closer to her and she tapped my shoulders, ”Hey Graphic Artist, you might need my skills as a Photographer. How many shots do you need? ” She asked and she smirked at me.

”There we go again! When the two fujioshi flock together its the end of the world! ” Oliver shouted and we just glared at him. Whats his problem anyway?

As if he didn like Yuri, ya know! Why does he need to scold me? Hes a Fudanshi so technically hes just the same as us. Hes an otaku too. Who cares about that guy anyway. Tch. I quickly grabbed Harumi and we went to the side where we can observe that hottie in the accounting department. I instructed her how will she take photos of Chang Heng and I couldn help but blush whenever I look at him. Not because I am in love with him or anything but I see him as a perfect subject for my BL. I can stop myself from drooling when I watched him.

”SATSUKI! ”He just shouted

I suddenly got startled because of it so I quickly run towards the accounting department and I touched the tip of my hair and I smirked at him. Hes good-looking, ya know! I can help but stare at him the whole time. Then again, its not like I like him okay? Hes just a perfect bottom character in my eyes and that wouldn change. I didn know why a lot of girls were into him though but I never see him actually as a man. Hes a bottom and that wouldn change. I keep on grinning as I started to imagine some things.

I quickly got closer to Chang Heng and I asked him, ”Is there any problem? ”

”The other accountant you knew him aren you? Hes Eric Sandoval, the other intern. ” He sighed and I blink for a while and I stared at him. He looked so stressed though. Is there a problem? I guess when it comes to work he can afford to rest. Thats how competitive that he is.

”Anyways, I need him to help me with the cost accounting reports. Theres a lot of problem in the sales in the company. Whatever is this, its giving me a hard time. And another thing, you
e an intern here as well and you
e the only one that I can rely on anyways. ” He said to me.

This man is real trouble. Hes too cold to his other co-workers, the other managers, and other interns too! He always had a cold look on his face. Thats the reason why other people here don want to work with him. Oh well, that makes him cute even more. Thats why hes my inspiration to write my BL story. I quickly gave him an ”ok-sign ” and I quickly went out to the accounting department to call the other intern accountant that he asked for. They were kinda close, aren they? Looks like Chang Heng does rely on that man so much. What I heard is hes so close with him. Now it makes me inspired more. I won miss this chance! As a BL Writer, I won miss any chances.

Robert quickly went inside as soon as I called him and he quickly laughed because of how Chang Heng looks like right now, ”Whats the problem? ”

”We just had our thesis and now it became like this!? Are we the only accountants in here? Damn it. ” Chang Heng hissed

”Bro, you
e stressing yourself too much on this, ” Robert said and he put his hands around his shoulders.

I couldn help but shout in there while I looked at the two. If I was only a normal girl I would probably go back in my seat and fangirl normally but why the hell am I going to that? Now that I was so sure that I can get ideas in my BL Series that Ive been doing. I love drawing thats why I am working as a freelance comic artist. I know that this seemed to be dangerous but they
e the main protagonist in my BL story and I can just help myself because of Chang Hengs cute face.

If only Dad didn force me to work as an intern here then I could have sold a lot of BL commissions and illustrations then. I wouldn have been a part-timer or a freelance right now. That I would rather continue being a graphic artist too but Dad controlled my future like he wanted to. He was being too much to me. I stared at two of them and I started to laugh and drool even more.

”You know what, sometimes I questioned myself if Satchan is my childhood friend, ” Oliver said and he chuckled.

I was surprised when Robert quickly opened the door but I was so close to the door because I was listening to them so I almost got out of balanced but luckily he catches me too quickly. He chuckled a bit and he stared at me, ”Girls should be taking care of themselves. Be careful next time, Miss Satsuki. ” He said and he smiled at him and I kept on drooling and Oliver slapped my head hard.

”Can you at least calm down!? ” Oliver shouted and he shook his head and he sighed. He was probably shocked at how I acted here in the office. Overdramatic as usual, I see. I won be found out that easily. Plus Im quite an expert in secret glances. And Chang Hengs looks is the only thing that I need, its not like Im expecting to be close with him or anything.

Chang Heng notices us so he quickly got closer to us and he shook his head, ”Whats this commotion Satsuki? ” I quickly smirked at him and I started fangirling and he just grabbed my head. Hes not really in his best moods today. As much as Harumi and Oliver wanted to help me but if they do that, theyll surely meet their doom. This is nothing new. It happens all the time.

When I was having my imaginations on his cute face he would always look so irritated but I didn mind. I just simply want to see his handsome face even if he was cold to me. 5 months ago I hated his attitude and he got all his pride but I didn have any choice right now and my career as a comic artist is at stake so I have to endure this guys pride. Because of BL, I find myself sticking with him because I needed inspiration.

”Umm.. ” I couldn continue what I have to say to him and he gripped my head even more. This is bad, I have to do something before it got even worse.

”I forgot that I have to do something too so Ill get back in my place then haha! ” I shouted at him and I held my chest and I sighed deeply. I thought that I was going to die earlier, it was just a bit of luck! He almost knew about it. Geez.

I don know if I had a chance to observe them again. If only Harumi didn help me then something could have happened to me. But I can give up, I have made my book editor see that Im qualified to become his BL Writer! This is my last chance thats why I have to prove myself. This might be the last chance that I have to pursue my arts thats why I have to work hard for it even if I have to do his ways and become his fake girlfriend for me to continue my BL story then I will do everything. I can be lost anymore, not again.

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