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That damned Architect Oliver!

How can he freaking do that? To expose me in my News Copy Editor! Now she thinks that Im not taking it seriously and she was demanding about the real photos that I should photograph. Ugh anyway, Im here for that singer! I know that therell be a gig today. Akane might be here again, that Theater Arts student in the Seaton branch here in Manila. He attends that University here around Manila. His name was Akane Amaya. What I know is that hes good-looking. I heard him playing his guitar and other girls are fangirling at him so I just rolled my eyes at them. Wow. Acting like they were a girlfriend now? Damn. Why do I look so pissed off?

The girl of his dreams should be, the pretty photojournalist in front of here! I can help but roll my eyes at those girls. They
e irritating me. They were being too much. He started singing Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato. I couldn take off my stares at him. Is he this handsome? Seriously? I should be reading a BL Manga right now but I couldn take my attention away from him. Satchan and Oliver were taking too much time. Is Oliver that oldies? For sure Satchan was ignoring that accountant because for me hes a kinda red flag in my opinion. Its quite hilarious.

Akane just gripped on his mic and he smiled, ”Thank you for listening.. ”

When he went down he noticed that I was being stepped on by other girls so he got closer to me and he quickly grabbed me out of nowhere and he sighed to the other girls. He doesn have to worry about me. I am quite shy about how I looked but he ended up taking me along with his manager so I have no choice but to go with him then. The girl waved her hand and she smiled at me, ”Hi! Im Zabie Bette Maya, Akanes sister. This is quite surprising. This is the first time that he bought a girl you know. I know that Akane was heartbroken haha– ”

I haven seen someone like this before. A pretty boy! You see, a bishounen is a Japanese term meaning ”beautiful youth (boy) ” and describes an aesthetic that can be found in disparate areas in East Asia: a young man of androgynous beauty. This word originated from the Tang dynasty poem Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup by Du Fu. It has always shown the strongest manifestation in Japanese pop culture, gaining in popularity due to the androgynous glam rock bands of the 1970s, but it has roots in ancient Japanese literature, the homosocial and homoerotic ideals of the medieval Chinese imperial court and intellectuals, and Indian aesthetic concepts carried over from Hinduism, imported with Buddhism to China. Today, bishōnen are very popular among girls and women in Japan. Reasons for this social phenomenon may include the unique male and female social relationships found within the genre. Some have theorized that bishōnen provides a non-traditional outlet for gender relations. Moreover, it breaks down stereotypes surrounding feminine male characters. These are often depicted with very strong martial arts abilities, sports talent, high intelligence, dandy fashion, or comedic flair, traits that are usually assigned to the hero/protagonist.

And Im not stalking him or anything. Honestly, I don care about falling in love at all. Im not that weak. Why would I fall in love anyway? I can take care of myself. I don want to depend on some men after what happened to my family. My Step-Dad used to hit me a lot and my mom is always been strict thats the reason my sister ran away from home. My real dad when I was younger so my mom remarried but our life has been in hell when she married that man. Once again, she was just thinking about herself.

I don want to think about that. Everything about my family. Well, I guess Im just the same as my sister. I was living in a small apartment. Akane sat beside me and he was staring at me. Come on, I need to calm down. I know that hes good-looking when he was staring at me closely like that even more! How can he just do this? To look at my eyes straight? This is making me crazy. I fixed my guitar and he started asking me, ”I always see you around always watch me sing. ”

”Ah, that.. ” I told him and I scratched my head. I wanted to get away from the attention of other people. Thats why I always stay here. Its quite noisy but I didn mind at all. I can feel at ease when I hear him singing whenever I read my BL Manga. Oh, I got a few BL manga that Im reading. I got The Worlds Greatest First Love,Im Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year, You Boys Play Games Very Well, & Picked up a Strange Knight.

Those comics were recommended by Satsuki thats why Im reading those. Plus Im not used to reading together with other people who will get disgusted by it. Just like that person who was supposed to be engaged by me. My mom sent him up to me. Seriously, I don want that. But I have no choice but to say that Im a fujioshi to stop that nonsense marriage meeting and the man ended up running away and calling me disgusting. Thats why I can never tell that to anyone, not to this Lead Guitarist in front of me too! I—I can tell him that. For sure hed be disgusted by me too. I don want to think about these things anyways plus the boys got their rights to feel disgusted anyways. And I can do anything about that.

I coughed a bit and I sighed and then I looked at him, ”Aren you disgusted by me? ” I sighed at him and flipped the pages on the BL comics that Im currently reading. Normally, a man would get disgusted if they saw me like this! That Im into BL! I have a lot of ships that Ive been crazy about as well. Im living for this, BL makes me happy!

”So what if you
e a fujioshi? ”

I was surprised at what he said and I couldn hide how flushed my cheeks were right now so I hide my face in the BL Manga that I was currently reading. I feel like I was about to explode! Hes too good-looking, I just simply watched him from afar whenever I was bored but not like this. This is all new to me. I have never seen anyone like this before. I shouldn be attracted to a normal man but why did you give me a bishounen like him? He clicked his tongue and he took away his book that Im holding, ” Im saying that you
e not weird at all miss! ” He shouted at me and he looked at his side, ”I—I love watching anime too. ”

I touched my cheeks and I couldn help but smile. Oh ~ so hes an oresama and a tsundere type, isn he? Not bad. I don mind dealing with a cold person like him. Plus he kinda looks cute though! Other than Satsuki and Oliver, I haven seen another otaku like them. Thats why this is quite new to me. I never thought that I would talk about my interest in other people. At least I wouldn be humiliated like how Satsuki was before. That girl, she made that Intern Accountant in our office haha! Anyways, forget about her.

I got closer to him and my eyes shined a bit and I smiled at him happily, ”Whoa, seriously!? Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!! ” I shouted loudly

I can help but feel excited. Seeing an otaku like him. I didn even expect that, he looked so mature so I doubt that he was into this kind of hobby. As long as the anime genre was BL romance you can expect me to get crazy over it. Especially when it talks about Kurokos Basketball, I have a lot of ships on that anime. I lived for Akakuro! No one can change my mind. I cupped my face and I see myself getting comfortable with him when I talk to him. His sister shook her head and she faked crying, ”My Akane~! You
e growing up so much! ”She shouted loudly

He raised his eyebrows and hissed at her, ”Too noisy! ”

”Well dude, we
e in the bar so what do you expect? ” Zabie asked her brother and she was laughing loudly and then she patted my shoulders, ”Anyways Ill leave Akane to you. Ever since Rina had left him he never talk to any girls again. He ended up rejecting them. Well, he does have a sharp tongue sometimes so it can be helped. ”

So he got an ex…

Its not new, I guess. He looked so handsome while Im not that pretty. Geez, why am I even thinking about these things? When I shouldn be thinking about those things. I don know what will I think. I should continue what I love, to read BL Manga, do my artworks, and my commissions in BL! Thats it! For me to fall in love with a 3D like him its kinda hard to think that I would ever fall in love.

”You should come here more often.. ”Akane mentioned and I blinked a bit and I touched my cheeks and once again I blush at his words. I haven fallen in love with someone before so this is somehow new. This is all new to me.

”If we
e talking in anime that is! ” I said excitedly and I giggled at him, ”And Im coming all the way just to see you because of your gig. I hope we do get along though. I don hate an otaku like you and I think this is pretty cool. I guess it was not only Satchan that Ill be talking with when it comes to anime. ”

He smiled at me and he just nodded, ”If Im taking a girl on a date, wed ended up going in anime events like anime convention and otaku convention. ”Akane said

He looks so serious as a singer but after he was done his duties in his band, I didn know that he can be like this. I feel more comfortable when talking with him. In front of him, I feel like I don have to pretend. I feel like I can be more to myself whenever Im with him. I was about to say something but someone called me so I just bowed my head and waved to him to say goodbye. Akane Amaya, you disturb a fujioshis heart. I don believe in destiny or anything but if its you then I don mind.

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