My pure blood

Part 4: The visit

After the drama that does boys pulled in the cafeteria,I really don want to see them again. Today is the day for the assignment to be submitted and I haven really thought about what I want to write yet, I think I am going to fail this class. I look through my schedule and I see that poetry class is during the sixth period and we are on the first period so I still have much time, or so I thought.

I walked through the school hall way looking for a quiet place to clear my head so that the words can flow through me. And what a lucky day cause I found it.

I saw down on a flat looking rock, brought out my note and pen and started writing after few minutes, I realised that what I was writing doesn even make sense, this is going to take a while.

I feel asleep after some time because I didn know what to write the inspiration I had a while ago grew legs and ran out of my memory, then I felt someone sniffing me, and I quickly woke up only to see the F4 aka the furious 4, if the girls were here they would have been the F6 aka the fantastic 6.

”Hey who is sniffing me? ” I scrunched my face only to turn and see Jay.

”Because you smell like a Baka ”he responded. Whats a Baka? I asked myself.

”Eren Jaeger!!!! ” shouted Christopher and Carson.

”What is Baka and who is Eren Jaeger ”. They all gasped for air all except Dean of course.

”Don tell me you haven watched attack on Titan ”. Jay placed a hand on his chest

”No, I have not watched whatever that is ” and at that moment I think they died and quickly resurrected.

”It an anime ” this time Dean talked, I think I died seven times what beautiful sound to the ear.

”It is not just an anime but the greatest anime of all time ” Jay spoke and Carson cut him off.

”I disagree I think jujustu kaisen is the greatest anime of all time ” Jay looked at like as if he had just been betrayed.

”Now you take that back ” Jay pointed to Carson.

”Never ” Carson said.

And here I was thinking Carson was the responsible one, I guess I was wrong.

”Okay everybody shut up, I say we let her watch the anime and tell us what she thinks ” Christopher just solved the problem.

”All right but then you guys would have to also watch what I want ” they all nodded in agreement.

”Can you guys take your leave please I have an assignment to complete ” I said.

”Yh okay see you later snow ” Jay said his good byes the rest just waved and left.

I spent my time going to classes thinking about how I failed this assignment. Time for the sixth period came by faster than I thought.

Everybody quickly went to their various sit some were happy, me I had the face of doom, my life is a mess. I felt like crying.

”A good afternoon to you ” Mr Sam greeted and we all responded.

”I want to be sure that everybody did their assignment, cause of you didn this is your happy day , I have decided to extend the deadline to 2 weeks, do not ask me why?. To cut to the chase the one with the best poem will get to go an excursion to a country far away ” Mr Sam spoke the rest I didn really care about except from that we get to submit the assignment 2 weeks from now.

Mr Sam thought us the importance of rhyme scheme and how they should be in our poems and all. And the bell rang, Finally lunch time.

Today I didn feel the need to eat I just wanted to get started on my poem, I was already holding my books in my hands when the fantastic 6 came to sat down with me again don they have friends.

”Hey snow ” Jay greeted.

”Hey Jay ” I smiled at him.

”Omg did you guys hear that she remembers my name, she remembers my name this the happiest day of my life ” I laughed. I looked down at them and realised they didn have any food.

”Whats the problem, you guys ain hungry? ” I asked.

”We are but they don have what we want, don ask what we want ” Christopher assured me that I don want to know.

”What did you guys want? ” I asked regardless of the warning.

”Haven you heard pure, curiousity killed the cat ” Dean said taking a bite out of an apple, where did he get the apple and is it bad that I want to be that apple.

”My name is snow not pure and haven you also heard satisfaction brought it back to life ” I smirked.

”That is bullshit, it is dead there is nothing bringing it back to life ” Carson commented.

Just then my cousin who I haven seen in a while appeared all of a sudden on my table and started sending lustful eyes to all the boys but mostly Dean.

All the boys are beautiful no doubt.

Jay is classified under the nerd type but hot, he has short black hair, beautiful silver eyes, pointed nose, brown skin, pink full lips with circle shaped glasses with the height of 6ft.

Christopher classified under school bad boy, short blonde hair, green forest eyes, light skin but pale looking still hot though, small darkish lips and Tatoo coverd arm he looked 6 ft 5.

Carson classified under the dad, long sliver hair, brown eyes, full round lips, pale light skin and he has the height of 6ft4.

Allison classified under hot cheerleader, long blonde hair (waist length), big round blue eyes, plum red lips , and bad ass curve, tanned but small boobs not making it her imperfections but what actually hit the nail on the head. Even a blind man can see that she has it hot for Dean.

Valeria classified under hot model, strawberry blonde hair ( waist length) , brown gorgeous eyes, full pink lips, slender figure, brown skin. Both girls should be around 5 ft 6 in height.

After I was done assessing each of them one after the order, I still don understand what my cousin is doing her.

”Chole what are you doing here? ” I asked her. Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at us.

”Can you see its lunch time dummy ” she laughed and Allison joined.

”Well you can stay, I am leaving ” I said.

”Imagine how my dad would feel knowing that you had all this boys to yourself remember the rules sweetie ” what what? I turned

”Sorry to burst your bubble they are people I happen to know not everything must fall under relationship circle you idiot ” I felt the anger rising, people already staring at us.

”Did you just talk to me like that you bastard, are you stupid? ” She was already walking closer to me.

”Who in the heavens do you think you are Chloe? What are you going to do scream for mommy to come help you well news flash darling mommy is not here ” I said and the whole cafeteria went wild.

”Oh shut the ** up bitch, I know where the hell my mommy is, the question is do u know where your whore of a mother is or where your drunk of a father is ” she said and the whole school went silent. And the next thing they heard was a slap from me.

” Thank the heavens that I don curse because even though my parents weren there I was raised right , unlike a spoilt brat like you and you have the guts to talk, sweetie when people with character and good behaviour are asked to stand do all of us a favour and sit your ass down ” I told her without tears in my eyes , as I was about to turn away the girl just had to speak.

”Did this whore just put her hands on me, bitch you will pay for this ” she said walking away.

”Hey stupid come back, you dropped your brain ” and everyone started laughing.

” Damn snow that was bad ass, is she your sister? ” Carson asked.

”No, just my cousin ” I said.

”Anyways bye guys sorry for the drama ” I apologized.

”Are you kidding that was insane, Don forget our movie marathon ” Jay reminded me.

”Sure ”. And I walked out.

I went straight to my room, I really did break one of the rules and that was no fighting, after a while my phone started ringing.

”Hello uncle ” I toned down my voice.

”Hi snow ” uncle responded through the phone, I heard some noise in the background.

”Snow, what is this I heard about you fighting with Chloe ” I knew my aunty had collected the phone.

”Hi aunty ” I greeted.

” Don hi me you bastard, now let me warn you if my daughter is to report you to me again you will have me to contend with, foolish girl ”

” Aunty it was not my fault ” I tried defending myself, since thats the only thing I am good at.

”And you have the courage to talk back, you will hear from me soon ” aunty spoke and I could feel the venom in her words.

”Don worry dear everything will be alright ” uncle gave me assuring words before he ended the call.

At that moment I could not help but break into tears, few minutes before sleep could take me a knock was heard from my door and I stood up to open it, hoping its not my aunty.

”Hi pure. ”

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