My reencarnation in to Re:zero

Death and appearance in Re Zero


Hi, Im Santiago García, Im a normal student, who has good grades, I really like all kinds of sports, especially soccer. I also like anime, manga and light novels, I don consider myself an otaku, I consider myself a man of culture.

What I could not believe is that I was in a world that knew him long after seeing him many times in the anime, he was in re zero.

* 2 hours before *

I was finishing studying and I went to train in a place near the park, I train every day since I really like doing any kind of sport. At the end of training I lie down on a bench that was close to me. After a few minutes of resting from training I realize that it is already night and I am heading home. On the way I hear a little scream and I run to see what happens, but before arriving I feel that something sharp near me and I was able to react in time by jumping to the side.

* Me *: Who are you? And because you attack me. The man keeps quiet and attacks me again and I disarm him easily, not for nothing I studied all kinds of martial arts a lot, but not in a professional way.

Then I hit him and knock him out I turn around,

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