*Elsa*: Shut up, you must die, no matter how you know, no one else must find out so I will eliminate you.

Elsa speaks as she prepares to attack me.

*I*: I knew you wouldn accept, well then, lets fight, but first, hey Puck, take care of protecting the others.

*Puck: Are you sure you can take her on by yourself?

*Me*: Don underestimate me Puck, in this world there is only one person with a power level close to mine, well lets stop talking.

The room shines a little and a sword as red as blood appears.

*I*: Elsa, you will have the honor of fighting a dragon, and not just any dragon, but a king.

*Elsa*: A dragon, I want to see what your entrails look like.

Elsa licks one of her knives and throws a cut at my stomach, but her knife breaks.

*I*: I told you Im not just any dragon, my skin can change to scales in a matter of seconds.

I approach Elsa and give her a hard punch in the stomach, but she manages to dodge it.

*Elsa*: You
e good, Ill have to get serious.

We clash knife against sword several times, there are flashes of light and sparks with each clash.

*me*: Elsa I think Im going to level up a bit.

I disappear from everyones sight, I appear behind Elsa giving her a strong kick crashing her against the walls of the bar, Elsa gets up and throws several knives, as I cover myself I lose sight of her, and she sends me flying out of the bar, with a kick, I get up and wipe the dust off.

*I*:That kick was good but I think it hurt you more.

Elsa comes out of the bar with a lot of blood on her leg *Elsa*: You
e tough.

*Elsa*: You
e tough, but lets see how much you can take.

She comes back to attack me with her knives, but they all break.

*I*: You have no more weapons, give up, you
e cornered. I sheathe my sword.

*Elsa*: If I lose my fangs, Ill use my claws. If I lose my claws, Ill use my bones. If I lose my bones, Ill use my life. Before she continues I interrupt her.

*I*: Because thats how a gutbuster fights. Elsa is surprised and responds

*Elsa*: I was right, you must die.

We clash fists and each blow creates great waves of air, an already tired Elsa can dodge all my blows, and many of them cause her great damage.

*I*: (I think I should finish it quickly before Reinhard comes, with all this mess I think he must be on his way) Elsa its time to finish this.

After saying that I draw my sword and it starts to glow brightly.

*Elsa*:(This is bad I don think I can take an attack like this head on)

*me*: Bloody sword!

A great amount of power is directed at Elsa *Elsa*: Boom!

Boom! A loud explosion reverberates throughout the city!

*me*: I think I overdid it a little bit. Ha ha.

I laugh and look at the mess I made.

Much of the bar that was behind Elsa was destroyed but theres no trace of her.

*Me*: I guess she escaped. Doesn matter I didn want to kill her. Hey Puck are you all right?

Puck appears and gives me a hard punch that knocks me back a bit.

*Puck*: Idiot what do you think you
e doing, if I don cover you all you might get seriously hurt.

*I*: Im sorry, my fault I didn control myself very well. I disappear my sword and get closer to the others besides I was sure you could protect them.

*Puck*: What nonsense are you talking if we hardly know each other.

Disappears the dust caused by the explosion, and I manage to observe the figure of Emilia, Felt and old Rom.

*I*: Hey Emilia, are you all right?

*Emilia*: Yes, thanks to Puck who protected me.

*I*: Thats good, or by the way Old Rom Im sorry about your bar, I think this will be enough to cover the cost of losses.

I pull a bag out of nowhere and hand it to Old Rom.

*I*: In that bag there is a jewel worth at least 500 Holy coins.

Before Old Rom responds Felt speaks up

*Felt*: Hey nii-san that was cool how you did that.

*I*: Ohh Felt, you mean the last attack, that was a special ability of my sword since its made from part of my flesh and blood.

*Felt: You are very strong.

*Me*: Its nothing, like I said theres only one person in this world who could stand up to me.( And I think its coming now.)

*?????: What happened here?

*me*: Nothing, I just had a little confrontation with the entrails hunter.

*?????: Is it still around?

*Me: No, I think with my last attack it should have escaped.

*?????*: Thats bad we would have a chance to finally catch her, no one is hurt.

*I*: No, everyone is fine.

*?????: I am Reinhard van Astrea, I belong to the royal guard.

*I*: By the way, I haven introduced myself yet, Emilia. I bow a little Nice to meet you all I am Ryuu, Kurogami Ryuu, I was known as the Great dragon king, blood dragon and other names.

By the way Felt do you still have the badge?

*Felt*: Nii-san yes here.

Felt extends his arms to give me the badge and a slight glow is seen.

*Reinhard*: Im sorry this is something I can let go of. He grabs Felts arm and pulls him close to him.

*Felt*: Let go of me! What do you think you
e doing.

*Reinhard*: How old are you, who are your parents?

*Felt*: Ehh, I think Im about 15, and my parents, I don know who they are, Im an orphan, I never knew them.

*Reinhard*: Youll have to come with me. He grabs her hand to take her Felt resists and he knocks her out.

*I*: Easy old Rom he won do anything bad to her. Hey Reinhard you should let old Rom go with you, hes like Felts family.

*Reinhard*: Okay, then Ill leave.

Before Reinhard retires, I hear a voice behind me.

*Elsa*: Ill retire but Ill leave you a farewell present.

He gives me a kiss on the cheek and sticks a knife in my right side, and disappears.

*Emilia*: Ryuu are you ok?!?

*Me*: (Shit he did the same thing to me as he did to Subaru, I was careless for a moment, I haven recovered all my power yet, its going to take me a while to recover).

Im fine, you just have to take care of my body when I faint.


Before any doubt from Emilia I fall to the ground with a lot of blood.

*End of Chapter*.

*Authors Note*: Thanks for reading, here I bring a new chapter, and I realize Im not very good at writing a fight, sorry for that and for any spelling mistakes there may be. See you in the next chapter.

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