Eyes of the Voyeur\'s


Perdita and Marco were among the first to rise and had also prepared for work. As a safety measure, Marco killed another cat and gave the blood to Perdita who drank two cups of the blood before heading to the market.

Marco was the first to leave their house after taking the dead cats with him to bury inside the forest. They didn dare bury it in their backyard for fear of their neighbors poking their noses into their house.

At the same, the village man named Perkin saw Marco heading toward the forest and he became suspicious again. Why was he going to the forest when it was not the way to the construction site? With yesterdays event that happened where everything raised the ambiguous and curious beast in him, he didn want to lose the chance and decided to follow Marco and see what he was up to.

Marco unaware that he was being followed reached the forest and started to dig the ground with the shovel he usually took to work. When he was done, he put the cats covered with black nylon inside the hole and covered it with mud.

This made Perkin more suspicious and he wondered what was in the bag. He stood there and waited for Marco to leave the forest before he rushed home to get a shovel to dig out what was inside the bag.

A few minutes later, Perkin came back to the forest and made his way to the place Marco was. He started digging the hole. He found the black nylon and hastily took it out ready to see what was inside.

He carried the heavy nylon out and opened it but found it was something he wasn expecting. The bag was filled with wet mud and he became confused as to why Marco had to bury a bag with mud. And why was the mud wet? Did he perhaps mistake the hole being dug by Marco or did he come back to remove the original bag?

Perkin stood up and walked around the forest but he found out that was the only place with a new dug hole. He stood there still wondering what the first content of the bag was. Not bothering to close the hole, he dropped the bag and took his shovel home unaware that someone was watching him all the while.

Daemon jumped down from the tree he was sitting on with the two dead cats in his hands.

Wonderful that vampires were living in this village and they were still alive. Daemon thought. Not only was there a female vampire whose eyes were green but they were two. One with green eyes and one with black eyes. And also a nosy human who wanted to find evidence to expose them. He clicked his tongue in distaste.

The first thing he did this morning when he woke up was to come to this village to carry out the order from the king. Finding the house of the green-eyed girl was not hard as it seemed she became more popular because of the visit of Sthena to her stall. Because of his hearing ability, he was able to pick out the little conversation she had with someone she addressed as a brother in her house which made him follow the boy to the forest.

He thought it was going to be a boring day until he saw the nosy human who was also following the boy. Understanding what the man was going to do which will lead to the exposure of the siblings, not that he minded, but because this was an order from the king where nothing should go wrong, he decided to dig and bring out the cats and in turn, he filled it with wet mud and covered the hole again.

The only reason why he followed him was to know if the boy was also a vampire and why he was heading to the forest, but who knew that he, Daemon Walnot will cover up his dirty work? Daemon shook his head, the boy was not good at covering up his tracks. If not for him, by now they could have been dragged by the humans who were ever ready to run a stake into their hearts.

With his red watchful eyes, Daemon scanned the area before walking out of the forest with the dead cats.

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