“Id show you, but… ” the girl glanced at the wound on her wrist, unable to stand because of the wound on her thigh.

”Oh my… Cornelia! I forgot that you were injured! ” said Milius in a tone pretending to forget.

”Caesar, can you come forward a little? ” she asked.

”Of course. ”

Caesar moved his sitting position forward, while Milius did the same, except that he pressed almost his entire body against the mans, intending to make room for Cornelia in the back.

”Come up Cornelia! ” Milius held out his hand.

The girl hardly rose, and with a shake of her head took her masters hand and mounted the horse.

”One of you take Cornelias horse! ” he said to his two guards. And so One of them took Cornelias horse.

”Straight ahead. ”

Caesar mounted the horse and led the group, with Cornelias instructions he chose the path.

The village was quite lively, what they were currently crossing was a market street full of merchants and buyers. One or two soldier also passed through here, keeping the city in peace from any threats that might be destroying the harmony.

As far as the eye could see, there was not a single person sitting listlessly on the side of the road while raising their hands up, asking the generous people to share their sustenance. This village, quite prosperous. And Caesar marveled at that.

”What are you looking at, Caesey? ” a question escaped Miss Barones pink lips, her tone seductive.

”Caesey? ”

”Yes! Since you
e going to be my bodyguard, Ill call you Caesey, okay? ”

Caesar wanted to shake his head, but he might lose his job opportunity because of that, so he had no choice but to undo it.

”Okay. ”

”Thats my Caesey! ” said Milius happily.

”To the left, ” Cornelia exclaimed. She was secretly annoyed, seeing her employer immediately familiar with a stranger she had only met a few minutes ago.

If only Milius known that the man had killed three of his soldiers, perhaps what she do would have been quite different.

”A little interview related to your work, Caesey. Do you think Cornelia is pretty? ” asked Milius, Cornelia was suddenly surprised, then looked at Milius half face with ignorant eyes and a smile

”Yes, very beautiful, Milius. ” the mans tone was calm and flat as if he didn care.

”Oowh… What do you like about her? ”

”Her hair, her face, Id be lying if I said her heart. ”

”What about me? ” she asked suddenly.

The man recognized Milius beauty, she was still more beautiful than the average woman he had met, and thats mean from Plebia to Patricia. Her beauty was never inferior to her right hand, but when it came to personal preference, he clearly chose Cornelia

e beautiful too. ”

”Hey is this an appropriate conversation? ” interrupted Cornelia uncomfortably.

”Ah! ” Milius looked back, with his mouth slightly open for a moment.

”She is angry, Caesey, we better change the question! ” she then chuckled.

”Where are you from, Caesey? ” as said, Milius changed the subject.

”From somewhere quite far away, there was a lot of chaos there, so I decided to leave that place, ” he lied.

”Oooh… You don want to give an exact answer, Caesey? ”

Caesar shook his head slowly.

”Alright, no problem! But one more question. ”

”Have you ever done… that? ”

Without being told, Caesar already knew what hat meant. ”Isn this a very vulgar topic? ”

”I don think so! ”

Caesar sighed.

”Yes, I have. ” Technically, he wasn lying, he even had one child with Cornelia, and probably another with the Ptolemaic Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra.

”Oh yeah? With whom? ”

”I won answer. ”

For the umpteenth time, Milius laughed merrily.

”Sorry, Caesey. But honestly, I didn expect it! You look so innocent… ”

With a little passion the girl slowly groped Caesars stomach, then moved to the chest, then to the shoulders, and finally back to the waist. And With blushing cheeks, Milius brought her seductive lips to the former Tyranr earlobe and whispered something.

”Hey Caesar, your body is very shapely. You must have worked really hard to get this body into this shape, huh? ”

”This body? Of course! No man has the right to be an amateur when it comes to a physical training. Its a shame for a man to grow old without even seeing the beauty and strength his body is capable of. ”

Again Milius laughed, but this time the reason was more obvious, which was because of Caesars suddenly slightly excited response to this topic.

So far, Caesar had not wavered, but that did not mean Milius was giving up.

He whispered some more words in a teasing tone.

”Caesar… Since your body is so strong, Im sure you
e very durable in that regard… right? ” Milius tightened his embrace.

”So how about you come to my room tonight? ”

Caesar shook his head, ”No. ”

Milius was surprised, his interlocutor was sturdier than he expected.

”Why, am I not pretty enough? ”

Now both of Milius hands moved in two different directions, one to the upper thigh, and the other to the chest.

”Ill also invite Cornelia… She won refuse because Im her mistress… How about it? ”

Cornelia, when she heard that name, what she remembered was the Cornelia in her world. Such a poor woman, she died so young, and to make matters worse her daughter died in the same way.

”Why are you silent? ”

”Shut your mouth. ”

Although short, the words were able to silence and surprise Milius and Cornelia.

”What did you say? ”

”You consider yourself a noble, huh? You
e such a cunt to me. Your every word, your every move, reminds me of the greedy whores in my country. So shut your mouth and behave like a Noble. ”

The diatribe pierced the Barones heart, tore at his pride, and closed his thin lips. The atmosphere was tense, but she tried to think of a way to break the tension.

”Congratulations, you passed both tests. You were the only one out of a hundred applicants who made it through this test, you know? But your words were hurtful, you fool. ” Milius reluctantly released her embrace.

”You still have one more test to take. ”

Soon they arrived at a large pension, a guard opened the gate that was as long as the front of a small house, and Caesar and his entourage entered.

They reached a large mansion, where a guard opened the gate, which was as long as the front of a small house, and Caesar and his entourage entered.

Two fountains and two gardens were built symmetrically to the left and right of the white stone path that Caesar was now walking along, this path led him to the front door of the pension which was also guarded by two soldiers.

Between the two soldiers stood two men; a servant who looked old from his white mustache that tapered upwards, and an equally old soldier who was better equipped than the other.

The servant bowed to his mistress as he dismounted, ”Good day, miss. ”

”Good afternoon Serav! ” she replied.

The servant shifted his gaze to Caesar, he asked a quick question; ”And…? ”

”Caesar. ”

Caesar dismounted from his horse.

”Caesar… Good name, boy! ” the old soldier patted Caesar on the shoulder.

e the first, you know? ” he whispered something in the mans ear.

Caesar just laughed, though he had no idea what he was talking about.

”Caesar, this servant is named Seraval, and the old man Cuirass is my only guard in this moment, you both will be a good partners, ” said Milius.

Caesar nodded simply and extended his hand while saying; ”Caesar. ”

Both Seraval and Cuirass returned the hand, it was unclear if they returned it warmly or not, their faces looked friendly, but Caesar assumed their friendly faces were just a formality.

Milius glanced at Caesar and said, ”Take a bath, you smell stink a bit. ”

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