New life as a Turtle.

System Functions - Part 2

When James looked at the System screen he saw many things that looked interesting. He had many questions for the system but he figured that first he should calm down.

After five minutes James was calm and he decided that it was time for him to ask some questions to the system.

Hey System why is there a description showing my lifespan asked James

[The Lifespan text was added because in this cultivation world lifespan can be increased through increasing your major cultivation realm]

Hmm, that actually sounds awesome. Does that mean that I can live for thousands of years? asked James excitedly.

[Yes, that depends on whether or not you can manage to survive that long, and if you can cultivate to a high realm. Every time a major realm increases your lifespan can increase by a large sum. for example if you were to break through to the qi condensation realm you would gain 100 years of life having a total lifespan of 200 years.]

When James heard this he felt as if the entire world around him had changed. Did this mean he had all the time in the world to do what he wanted. He could do so much more than he could in his previous life because of the fact that his lifespan could be increased.

Thank you for the explanation system said James

[Thats what I was created for.]

What do you mean by thats what you were created for? asked James seemingly a little curious.

[When the creator of the System had finished, he added me so that I could guide the user through the functions of the system and help when help is needed.]

When James heard this he was shocked, he wasn shocked by the fact that someone created the system, he was a little curious but what he was more shocked about is the fact that whoever created this system chose him to give it to.

Wait so your saying someone created the system, and why was I picked to use the system? asked James

[The creator of the system is an extre… BEEEP BEEEP INFORMATION RESTRICTED BEEEP BEEEP, and as for your second question, it was all luck]

When James heard this he realized that whoever created the system was a very powerful being and someone that he doesn have the capacity to even comprehend yet.

Why was part of the information bleeped out? questioned James

[That is because the hosts cultivation level is insufficient, as your cultivation level rises you will gain access to more system features and more information.]

Alright I guess that answers that question but what do you mean by it was all luck that I was chosen to get the system. asked James with a bit of curiosity and concern. He felt both at the same time because even though he felt like this was a huge opportunity for him, he also felt like he didn deserve this opportunity.

[When the creator decided to choose a candidate to give the system to, he decided he would choose at random. Hence out of the infinite amount of candidates you were chosen.]

Holy shit, your kidding right. There cant be an infinite amount of candidates, how is that possible!

[It is possible because the univirs BEEEP BEEEP INFORMATION RESTRICTED BEEEP BEEEP.]

At this point James had gotten a bit frustrated that there is so much information that is restricted. So because of this he decided that it was about time that he just continued to look through the system. But first he had one more question for the system.

Can I call you something other than system, system asked James.

[Yes please choose a name to call me]

Winter, I think that from now on ill call you winter said James

[Very well from now on I will respond to the name Winter]

The reason James wanted to call the System Winter is because when he was a child his parents had passed away in summer causing him to become a little depressed during summer break causing him to lean more towards Winter. Over time James got fond of the atmosphere around winter. He liked the cold weather, the snow falling from the sky, the delays to school because of slippery roads, having to put on more clothing because of the cold, watching videos under a blanket on his bed, and much more.

After that James continued with his questions about the menu of the System.

Winter what is Spiritual qi asked James with a seemingly exited voice because of the fact he was calling the system Winter now.

[Spiritual qi is the energy that is present in every world, it is omnipresent, meaning it is always there but it is not visible. The inhabitants of this world have managed to use spiritual qi to temper themselves creating cultivation in this world.]

Incredible. Does this mean that spiritual qi was present on earth too?

[Yes, there is spiritual qi present in every world throughout the universe, but earths spiritual vein seemed to have been damage some time far into the past causing the spiritual qi on earth to decline in quantity and quality.]

Thats interesting, whats a spiritual vein? asked James

[A spiritual vein is a invisible stream that is present in every world constantly creating and recycling spiritual qi. Without one, a world would fall apart and collapse.]

Huh James felt that this topic might be a little over his head at the moment so he thought it might be time to move on.

What is the 0/100 for next to the spiritual qi needed to reach the next level

[That ones simple, its the amount of spiritual qi wisps you need to absorb to reach the next level of cultivation] Winter seemed to have said this sentence with a little bit of sarcasm

At this point James was questioning whether or not winter had emotions, but he put that aside for now as there were other things that were more important.

James felt that it was time to move on to the next topic that he had questions about.

When James eyes landed on the race section he realized he had really reincarnated as a turtle. He hadn yet seen his body with his own eyes since he was still in the egg he was born in. Since it was pitch dark he had not confirmed whether or not he was truly a turtle and not some kind of bird or lizard or anything that would actually be remotely cool to reincarnate as rather than a boring turtle.

Little did he know that later he would figure out that there is actually a lot more to turtles than what meets the eyes.

Winter what are the purpose of these points? asked James excitedly. He could already kind of guess what the function of these points would be but he figured that he should ask the system anyways since he could be wrong.

[Points are the currency system that can be used in the System. they can be used to purchase many things and more once you have other functions unlocked.]

He was right, James had a feeling that it was some type of currency system but he wanted to make sure he was correct before he moved on.

How can I gain points?

[There are many different ways that points can be gained. Quests are the first way you can gain points, most quests will have a certain number of points set as a secondary reward or even a main reward depending on the difficulty of the quest. The second way is the Gacha function, when you roll there is a chance to get you points back or even make more points for free. The last way that i will tell you for now is exchange. you can exchange this worlds currency for points and you can even directly sell items back to the system for point, but beware this is not recommended as you will get below the market value. The exchange rate of currency for this world is 1 low-grade spirit stone is equal to one point.]

When James heard all of this information he was shocked. He didn think that there were so many ways to make points strait from the beginning. He was also surprised at the fact the system answered the question so perfectly. It answered exactly he wanted to know, no more, no less.

After James took some time to process the information that he just learned he figured it was time for him to move on to the attributes tab.

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