-Marigold Fare-

I reach for my door. The carving of the rat, moves, tail flicking back and forth, I pet the image and it curls under my touch until motionless.

”Oh no.. ”

I wonder if Ive accidentally killed the nonexistent animal on the door, but it jumps back up and scurries in and out of view as if in a dimension of its own.

I ponder a bit before entering, of Holly and the mysterious Uncle weve never heard of. Since now Mothers always said that were the only family left.

Organizing my thoughts I decide to focus on Hollys little present and what adventure she might have for us this time. My curiosity brims with what she might have gotten us or what she wants us to find. Shes always found ways to keep us entertained when we weren in classes with her. Always trying to keep us from hating the place we were raised, enforcing a bit of adventure to find new places in her house.

I open the door with my key. Once again walking into my room I lie on my bed picking up Hollys gift lying on my nightstand. I leaf through the pages but they are all empty and yellow. So I turn and inspect the cover and back carefully. Just as Im about to close the book in disappointment, a small note flutters out and gets my attention.

The Note reads-

Find your sister, Go to the door with the gold rim with diamonds, walk inside then close it behind you.

Confused, I close the book, tapping the cover in thought.

Well, maybe I can check and see. Mother is probably asleep by now…

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