Nox. Asıl adı bilinmemektedir. Varlığıysa tam bir muamma


[The original language of the book is Turkish.There may be semantic disorders because the translation is done through the machine.]

At the bright entrance of the dark apartment building, he had a red suit over his thin and long body, which blended into the shadows with heavy steps. As the heels of Cap Toe Model classic shoes hit the ground, the sound echoed in the thin and long hallway. As he made his way deeper into the apartment corridor, he saw the stairs leading up and down, with a circle of ten feet in the middle, with his big, colorful eyes behind red sunglasses above his perfect nose. He looked into the bottomless darkness of the stairwell as he held the tip of his black fedora hat on his head with a white glove that he had put on his thin, long-fingered hands. Then, hitting the lion-headed cane on his left hand hard against the ground, he straightened up and slowly climbed up the stairs. At this time, grunts could be heard from the four doors facing each other on each floor. In response to the grunts, he stretched his thin lips to a big smile on his face, loosening his black-striped tie a little over his navy blue shirt with a skull brooch on his fingertips and larynx. And behind his waist, Ruger Redhawk pulled out 44 magnum. The grunts that began to rise from the depths of the doors became even more unbounded, and red eyes began to appear and sounds of growl began to be heard. As the air in the environment began to get more tense with each step he took, he suddenly took a deep breath through his nose and began to sink his lips forward and whistle. Even though it was a simple melody, it was flawless. He played a small string of notes over and over again without missing a note, without detonating.A note at every step…

As he continued to climb the stairs, he passed another door as usual, but this time he stood in front of the next door and struck his cane once more. And he began to move through the dark corridor. From the narrowness of the corridor, there was no way for two people to walk side by side, but without detonation he continued to whistle. That is, until we climbed into a huge room with concrete columns at the end of the hallway. With his first step into the room, whose wall, floor and ceiling were made only of concrete, only half of which was illuminated by the windows on the left side, his whistle lost strength and quickly disappeared. Now there were only the occasional gags with footsteps and grunts. Tok, tak, tok, tak, tok, tak.These step sounds, which officially hypnotized the person, continued on his way, ignoring the grunts growing behind him, and he was confronted by the corpse of a young woman lying at the bottom of a colon. The abdominal part of the corpse was completely pierced and its internal organs were taken out. When he looked around, there was not the slightest trace of any of the womans limbs, and most of her teeth were broken, her mouth completely torn off by something. On the corpse, he leaned towards the ground and dropped the gun, and as he closed his open eyes, a sourness appeared on his face.

With his first step into the apartment, the stranger managed to immediately attract his attention.However, because of the confidence in his steps, he was afraid at first and only looked at the door with his red eyes.

When he looked through the stairwell and struck his cane on the floor, he attracted the attention of others besides himself, so he had no choice but to act.

He couldn share the food with anyone. But not yet. The most opportune moment still hadn come the risk-free moment.

Then the whistle that began to ring began to disturb their nerves, seeding the seeds of anger in him for no reason, which once again began to grow!..

The cane once again made a sound, completely attracting attention.There was almost no distance between him and his opponents anymore.

He had to take his share and feather it as soon as possible. And finally the moment he had been waiting for had arrived.

The prey leaned in front of the food leftover, dropped his weapon on the ground, and jumped on the red-clothed prey with more than a hundred crooked, thin and sharp teeth, opening its mouth.

Then the head of the cane, which went up to his throat, slammed his head against the column, and the barrel of the gun appeared on his forehead.


With a satisfying and tense smile on his face, he pulled back the cane in the mouth of the red-eyed creature, which was green, wrinkled skinned rather like a sea creature, and the corpse collapsed to the ground.

As the dead creatures eyes faded rapidly, he leaned his cane against the column and wiped out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe away the green, blood-like fluid denser than the thicker human blood on his face. And both sides of his lips fell down, creating a crescent-like image in his mouth staring at the ground.

Then, after wiping off a couple of dots that had jumped on the collar of his suit, he threw his handkerchief on the creature whose tongue was lying outside. And he grasped the spot between his cane stick and the lions head and turned his body toward the dark door.

The faint wind blowing through the dark door extinguished the smoke that smoked in the barrel of his gun.

Squinting, he frowns slightly, focusing on the depth of the dark door, and in a gusty wind, his head fell back slightly, and as his hat flew off his head, he caught it in the air and put it back on his head. As he immediately raised his weapon, the creatures paw acted earlier, and as he made a move toward his right wrist, he stuck his cane into the creatures red left eye as he stood upright.

When the creature squealed in pain, falling to the ground on its back, it smashed the creatures abdomen by pressing hard with the sole of its feet on its white belly. And he took it out, and this time he lifted his knee up to his chest, pressed his chest, shattering it.His right foot was covered with green and dense creature blood up to his kneecap.

Squeezing the cane on his left hand, he showed his jaw bones several times in succession and exhaled deeply through his nose. Veins appeared on his forehead, his face flushing with anger, while the sweat flowing from his bald head fell before his eyes when he did not encounter any eyebrows. Squinting, he rubbed his eyes with the back of his right hand.But no red eye dared to take a step out the door.

After wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, he proceeded to the dark door full of red eyes, and as he walked through the door without any problems, he suddenly paused and looked behind him.

He heard a painful squeal, as he pierced the darkness with a hard move under his cane.

Pulling his cane to the side, he brought it closer to him and stared at the nearly sixty-sized creature with a forked tongue, filled with hundreds of crooked teeth in its mouth.

And he put his gun around his waistband and pulled a metal stake that fit in his palm from the inner pocket of his red jacket that he wore over his suit.

Standing quite close to the stranger, who was quite comfortable in front of the creature, to make a move, the creature blew its breath on the stranger, as well as scratching its face and digging into the creatures throat and pulled into the stairwell.

And the stranger came back down the stairs through the door from which he had come.

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