t overlooked the grounds.

”Well…Im sure you will still need some help around the castle, but this is your home. Let me know if anything isn to your liking and I will have Thomas work on it straight away, money is no issue. ” Silas said with a firm look. I studied my surroundings once more, taking in the new castle I was to call home. ”It truly is amazing, I cannot think of anything I would change. ” I smiled.

Silas seemed relieved from my words, and I was glad. I was being honest. Sir Wyse came to our side shortly after our tour had wrapped up and requested him in the office. I nodded, knowing it was time for lunch soon anyways.

”I will see you shortly, then, Silas. ” I smiled. He nodded in return and went back to his conversation with Sir Wyse. I saw myself to my bedchamber, taking a seat next to the fire. Anna came in shortly after, setting down my tray of lunch. I thanked her as she turned to leave. I ate my stew absentmindedly, reaching for a book from the small shelf to read until I grew tired. I looked out the window, the sudden sound of pouring rain hitting the glass window startling me away. I stood up and took a look outside, you could see everything from our bedchambers window. I sighed and stepped away, leaving the bedchambers and walking until I found Thomas, speaking with a few other maidservants until I approached them.

”Good evening, my lady! Is there something you need? ” Thomas asked. I smiled kindly and asked, ”Would you know where Lord Silas is? ”

He thought to himself for a moment, ”I believe his Lordship is out in the training grounds at the moment, rain never stopped the man before! I do not suggest going outside in such rain, though, my Lady. Is there a message I can give him? ” Thomas asked. I shook my head, ”I don think you should be going outside in such weather either, Thomas. Thank you, ” I nodded before leaving the hall, walking down to the terrace that overlooked the training grounds.

I watched as Silas trained the younger men, throwing swords and other types of weapons their way. I watched as Arion shot fire balls out towards them, and scolding them when they did not deflect properly. I pulled my arms around myself, getting chilly from the cool rainy air. I noticed the men had stopped their training, and I looked at them in wonder. Thats when I heard a loud voice from below, and I peered down from the balcony to see Silas.

”You shouldn be out here in this weather! ” He bellowed. I looked down at his soaking wet frame, tunic drenched and clinging to his broad shoulders, down his muscular abdomen. You could absolutely see everything…He pushed his hair from his face and spoke again, ”Is there something you need!? ”

I thought for a moment before speaking, ”If I shouldn be out here, then you shouldn either! ” I gestured towards everyone. The younger knights looked almost insulted, and one I did not recognize spoke out ”We are knights! Little rain will not stop us! ” They said with a firm voice. I smiled slightly and returned my gaze back to Silas, who was looking at me with a harsh look. ”Go back inside, I will be in shortly. Youve only just arrived, we don need you catching a cold. ” He said, turning away to walk back to the young knights on the grounds. I sighed and returned to the bedchambers, peeling off my wet dress. I had no plans of leaving the bedchambers, so I slipped my bed robe on over my chemise and took a seat next to the fire. I waited for Silas to return as I poked the fire.

Sooner or later, I heard the thud of the door closing off to the side of the room and the sound of thick footsteps. I turned to look at Silas, still drenched and covered in mud. I stood up, heading to the door. ”Ill fetch the servants to get you a bath prepared. ” I said, but he reached out and stopped me. ”Ive already requested a bath, no need. I also asked for dinner to be brought in. I take it you haven ate yet. ” He said, and I shook my head. ”I was waiting for you. ”

”Do not wait for me to eat, there will be nights I don make it in well past dinner. ” Silas said in a quiet tone as he tore off his muddy boots and peeled his soaked shirt off of himself. I couldn help but stare at his muscular body as he did so, and when I was caught, I quickly turned my head. I could feel my cheeks turning a deep shade of red as I did so.

Silas quietly approached me, turning my head gently with his fingers.

”Do not look away, I am your husband, aren I? ” He asked softly. I looked up into his dark eyes, a blush still apparent on my face. I nodded and looked back down at his body, taking in every muscle and vein that peered out. I looked back up at him, who was studying me hungrily. He parted his lips and slowly reached down until our lips met part way. His hand reached behind my head and entangled his fingers into my hair, almost crushing me into him. I opened my mouth, giving a small moan as he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his large frame. He carried me to the bed, laying me down gently without breaking the kiss between us. Our lips moved in union, almost as if they were meant to be doing this all along. His hand snaked from behind me and tore open my robe, his hand adventuring under my chemise until it cupped my breast. I went rigid for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. I could feel his hardness pressing onto my stomach, twitching and aching.

”Just relax… ” Silas breathed into me, and I did my best to relax under him. His hands explored me, tugging and rubbing every sensitive spot. I dug my nails into his rain-slicked back as he did so, doing my best to keep quiet, in fear of others hearing from behind the door.

Just as Silas was about to remove his trousers, we heard a knock on the door. I froze in my spot and turned beet red just as he let out a strained sigh and stood up. He composed himself for a moment before allowing the servants to enter the room, and I quickly closed my robe back to cover myself. They carried basins of water, soaps, and towels. Shortly after they came in, another entered with a tray of dinner. Silas thanked them and shooed them out quickly, but by the time they had left, the spinning of my head had came to a stop. I stood from the bed and followed over to the bath, looking at Silas as he stripped the last of his clothes off and stepped into the steaming water. He reached an arm out to me, ”Why don you join? ” He asked.

My eyes ventured into the water, peering down at his member. I swallowed hard, not even knowing what I was supposed to do in a moment like this.

”You want me to bathe with you? ” I asked, looking at his face for any uncertainty. ”Well, if I didn want you to, I wouldn of asked. Get in. ” He ordered more than asked at that point. I nodded sheepishly and slipped out of my clothes, gently getting into the bath next to him. Silas snaked his arm around me and pulled me into his lap as I gave a quiet yelp from the sudden tug. I could feel him grow hard underneath me again and I hid my face.

”You look beautiful. ” He said, brushing my hair from my face. I studied his face again, my eyes wide from the sudden compliment.

”You only say that because you have to, ” I replied, taking the bar soap and twirling it in my hands, creating bubbles.

”I wouldn if it was not true, and you are….beautiful. ” Silas responded, his voice getting low. I smiled lightly, returning his gaze.

How could someone so harsh, become so gentle and soft in a moment?

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