Of Ash & Blood

New Beginnings

boys a skilled battle. ” Gallion nodded his head, pushing his chin length blonde hair out of his face. Rolant followed suite, patting his chestplate and nodding after Gallion.

”What is your name, again? ” I asked the young boy. He couldn be more than 16, not yet really ready to go anywhere with us, but could possibly assist with watching over the stock of meats and wool. He had a scrawny build, but he was a tall boy. Maybe only a few inches shorter than me- tall for his age. He had short blonde hair and brown eyes.

”Aiden Brone, my Lord! ” He smiled, revealing crooked, awkward teeth.

”Well, lets show the young man a skilled battle then! Who would like to take me on? ” I reached out, looking at everyone in front of me. All my skilled knights began to look around at eachother, seeing if there would be any takers.

”What about you, Sir Jacob? I had a bit of fun last time. ” I pointed over to him as he stood in the back, trying to avoid my gaze. He shook his head right away. ”No, my Lord. Unfortunately, I have hurt my, uhm – knee today. I may need to visit Arion later on. ”

”That is too bad. And you, Gallion? You seem to already be warmed up, ” I took a step forward. and made my stance. Rolant backed away as Gallion sighed, following my lead.

”One…Two…Go! ” Rolant bellowed out from the sidelines, Gallion and I charging from our spots towards eachother. He attempted to take his sword and make a blow to my legs, which I quickly deflected and used my elbow against his side to get him moved over just enough to hook my arm around his side to bring him down.

Dirt and dust was flying all around, Gallion managed to wiggle out of my grip. He came at me from the side, holding his sword high. If I had waited just a second longer to lift mine up, it would have come crashing down on my skull. The sounds of swords clattering and the other men cheering filled the air around us, until we heard it all go silent for a moment just as I was about to get Gallion onto the ground.

”Lord Moraeu! Just what do you think you are doing? ” I heard a loud voice boom from the top of the stairs, taking a moment to look up.


Gallion and I froze. I looked up at Wyse with a childish grin, still holding onto Gallion.

”Theres no need to worry, Sir Wyse, ” I said, taking Gallions distraction to my advantage and giving him a swift throw to the ground.

”I am all done, ” I wiped my hands of the dust and wondered over to the bottom of the stairs, behind me I could hear the others laughing as Gallion swiftly returned to his feet, mumbling something along the lines of ”It is not a fair fight when I took an oath to protect- ”

I turned and gave him a stern look, ”I could always let you free of that oath, then we could go again, would you like that Sir Gallion? ”

His face went white as a sheet. He promptly shook his head, Rolant chuckled and patted his back. ”Don be a sore loser, brother. Lets all head over to the dining hall. I believe tonight is smoked pork and stewed cabbage. ”

”Yes, yes, just lead the way. I cannot wait for some mead. ” Gallion followed shortly behind and the rest right after them. I turned my attention back to Wyse, who was growing impatient. He held a letter in his hand, shoving it in my face. I yanked it from his hands.

”This is why you interrupted me? A letter? ”

”A telegram, its an invitation from the Ashdowns. Theyve requested your attention right away. ”

A telegram?

I let out a deep sigh, ”Do they say why they want us there? ”

”I would suspect it has something to do with Lord Ashdowns recent audience with King Connard. ”

What would that have to do with me? I let out a deep sigh and nodded. We began walking back to the office.

”Well, then I would assume you will stay here and watch over things while Im gone then, right? ” Wyse looked astonished at my suggestion. He stopped in place and turned to face me, ”Ive already made arrangements for Arion and Mr. Allan to watch over things, I will be going with you! ”

Wyse always insisted on going everywhere, he never liked to be left at the estate on his own.

”I don have much of a choice, do I? ”

”No. ”

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