Before I knew it my parents came running to me with their watery eyes and snots running down their faces. My father, who rarely shows any emotion, cried for the first time since forever hugging me. My mother, on the other hand, was so shocked she couldn say anything she hugged me whimpering alongside my father.

This….. I miss them I hugged the both of them tighter, they wailed in my arms not letting me go as they cling to me. I did my best to calm both of them but they just both continue to cry with their incoherent words.

:-2 hours later-:

I managed to calm them down as we sat and drank the cold tea and desserts. Both of my parents sit near me and tend to my every need, my father is bent over me trying to feed me as if I am a baby while my mother is holding a cup of tea and a handkerchief to wipe my face. They carefully do everything for me and not even once look away from me. I told them to calm down, they restlessly agreed as they both stopped tending to me like Im a baby. But they still stick to me like glue, cramping me up.

”Mama, papa…. Everythings fine, don worry Im okay! ” I said smiling at them, they gave me a weak and concerned smile and tried their best not to hug me.

”So… uhmm… Can you please…. Uhmm tell me what happened? ” The two of them flinch and give me a depressing look.

My father sighs and speaks.

”…. Haah, Well you see, on your 149th birthday we held a banquet and invited all of the vassal families, relatives and friendly noble families alongside the commoners just like you wish. After the first dance and other pleasantries we decided it was time for the cake cutting and while eating someone tried to poison your drink. And thankfully they didn succeed as you are somewhat immune to the poison they give you, …. But alas the poison has a substance that your DNA didn take that well and causes an allergic reaction and fainting as your body starts to deteriorate in the process. The family doctor says theres no chance of waking up as you drift into com..a… *hic*- ” Father didn get to finish his sentence as he sobbed and held my shoulders tightly, I held my fathers hand to calm him and smile at him. He calmed down and apologized for his action as I looked at my mother. She sighed and patted the head of my dad. He acts like an obedient dog immediately after mother touches his head.

”We did everything we can to cure you, we called every best and most prominent doctor not just in this continent but the whole world, but everyone we called failed to determine what kind of disease you have let alone cure you. They told us to prepare for the worst but we didn give up… We waited for days then days turned to months and then months to years, we kept waiting and waiting and before we knew it, it was 69 years…. Everyone told us to give up and just have another child but your father brushed them off because deep down we knew you would wake up ” My mother looked at me smiling while patting my fathers, I couldn stop the tears rolling down my face and I cried on my mothers lap.

”I-….. Im sorry and thank you.. ” Thats all I could muster to say to their years of suffering, waiting for me without even knowing what is happening to me. My mother hushed me and my father as I drifted back to sleep.


”Must be nice eh? ” I looked everywhere to find the source of the voice.

”Who are you?! ” I carefully and frantically look around again and can find anything even a speck of dust.

”Don you remember? Aww, thats sad but anyway. Ahem, I am you and you are me ” Suddenly a black-haired woman appeared out of thin air in this dark void.

”Who¿¡ ” I asked and she just chuckled. I was astounded at whatever was happening as she just tapped my shoulders and laughed hysterically.

”Pfft hahahahahahahaha… Was I too cool earlier? Heh, I knew that I shouldn act like that because my coolness is so **ing awesome people are so amazed. Oh, hahahahahahahaha Sorry. Ahem, my name is Alicia Santos ” She stopped hitting me and stretched her hand for a handshake.

”Wha-?! ” Before I could even react she already shook my hand and grinned at me.

”Now, now no need to be shy after all we are the same, you and I. We
e inseparable, the cool, beautiful, hot and cute and rich Alicia Santos! ” I looked at her dumbfounded as she kept on praising herself and didn listen to every word I was saying.

”But regardless Im not here for you to fawn over, Im here to tell you about this world, ” She said with a serious look on her face. I decided to listen to her carefully as I don know what kind of important information I might miss.

”You see… This world is one of a novel, that I, The greatest, rich, beautiful, hot, cute, etc (a ** full of praises) author of all time, Alicia Santos made. But as you can already tell based on your memory or what you call a weird dream! I was reborn into this world or some shit like that. But anyway Im here to tell you about an important thing right now you are in the last volume of the greatest novel series of all of humanity, meaning the end. This continent will perish as the future emperor will become a tyrant, he will bring havoc on this world. But how do you ask? Well its because Im super great that I decided to kill his wife off, heh that sure feels good ” She keeps giggling to herself as I try to detail everything out.

I see that will help me but.. I looked at her and asked.

”So, will you help me complete the task? ” She stopped giggling and looked at me.

”Well you see, the reason why his wife is killed is that he is out to the devastating war on the neighboring continent. Well if you can slink into the army and stop the war then this world would not perish. Or you can perhaps win his heart by becoming the hero who stopped the war yk hehe, and he is a total hottie too! He is totally my type so Im sure youll love him! ” she said teasingly and I looked at her with a disgusted look on my face. I was about to say something to her when suddenly the world started to glitch.

”Oh its already time, well then good luck my Beautiful, cute, rich, gorgeous (a ** full of praises) self, ” She said as she disappeared along with the glitch.

”W-wai-! ” I shouted at her but suddenly I was left in a dark void and later on saw a glimpse of light.

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