One Love Forever

Clara comes home early

”Just a minute, Clar! ” Smith called Clara who was approaching the school gate.

Clara stopped and turned around, ”Yes. ”

Smith tried to catch his breath after running after Clara, ”Clar, do you want lessons after this? ”

Clara took a deep breath, ”I don know, I don think Im in the mood for lessons. ”

”May I accompany you? Maybe to just calm down, ” Smith tried to offer himself.

Clara looked like she was thinking, ”Hmm, can we just go to the cafe, okay? ”

”Yeah fine, to which cafe? ” Smith asked.

”Just over here. ”

Clara also told Smith to take his motorbike first as he walked towards the cafe in question because Clara didn want to be on a ride so she asked Smith to just follow her.

Ayla couldn accompany Clara because there was a need so Clara would accept Smiths offer to accompany her.

Moments later Smith arrived on his motorbike. Smiths motorbike looks ordinary even classic, unlike most children. The old moped is simpler and lighter than the current one.

Clara stopped in front of a cafe and looked behind her. Clara asked to come in first and Smith then followed. Clara ordered avocado juice and chose a spot near the window. Not long after that Smith followed Clara ”Have you ordered something? ”

”Yes, you ordered yourself! ” said Clara.

Smith went to the ordering booth and then returned to where Clara was sitting. ”Are you all right? ”

Clara nodded her head. He looked out the window, not saying anything to Smith. Smith didn ask anything.

Their orders came to break the silence between the two. Clara ordered avocado juice while Smith ordered milk tea and potato chips. ”Thank you, maam, ” Smith thanked the clerk who delivered their order

Clara didn seem to drink the juice she ordered. He was still silent for a thousand words. Smith was eager to start a conversation but was at a loss as to where to start. Then he tried to ask, ”Chi you didn ask permission to not attend the lesson? ”

”Oh yeah, ” Clara hastily took her cellphone and her hands gracefully floated over the glass screen of her cellphone ”Hello. Afternoon maam, sorry I can take lessons today, Im not feeling well, … well, thank you. ” Clara hung up the phone. ”Thanks for reminding me! ”

Smith smiled, ”You
e welcome Clar. ”

”Its true that sometimes there are people who don like me so I understand why not everything I do likes him especially if he doesn like me. Even though Ive done my best its always wrong in their eyes. ” Clara babble.

”Patience Clar! there are still many who like you rather than hate you, thats the strength of good people. There must be some who don like it, ” Smith tried to answer Claras words.

They also talked. Clara has started to show her usual face, unlike at the beginning which looks gloomy and quiet. Even laughed at what Smith said.

Their first meeting this time was just the two of them until they didn realize that Smiths potato chips had run out.

”Clar, I ordered another snack, what do you want? ” asked Smith.

”Hmm, I just want crispy mushrooms. ”

”Okay, ” Smith headed over to the reorder area to order some snacks to accompany them.

Clara began to feel happy after Smith tried to comfort her. He can smile warmly again forgetting what happened with Raini at school. Even though she doesn know what sanctions Mr. Arman has given to Raini, Clara doesn hate him. He just wants Raini not to do it again.

Smith returned with their order. Clara was getting hungry so she immediately devoured the crispy mushrooms she ordered and Smith ordered chicken noodles for lunch. ”Want this chicken noodle, Clar? ”

”No thanks, you just eat first, ” Clara refused to accept Smiths offer.

”Its okay if you want this for yourself Ill order again later. ” Smith handed him the chicken noodles he had ordered.

”No, thank you, Ill just eat this, ” Clara refused again.

Smith then asked permission to eat a little while watching Clara who was enjoying the crispy mushrooms dipped in hot sauce.

Immediately Smith finished his chicken noodles to be able to talk to Clara ”Chi whats your name? ”

”Clara Anashtasya. Why is that? ” Clara frowned.

Smith shook his head, ”You have a good name. In Italian your name means smart. Your parents will be happy because their prayers have been answered because you are a smart child, ”

”Its like I can stay long. I have to go home soon because I don take lessons, you have to know so I have to go home early. ” Clara is starting to worry about her mother who doesn know if she doesn have lessons today. Usually, if Clara takes lessons she will arrive home at dusk today she has to go home early

”Oh, you want me to take you? ” Smith volunteered.

”You don have to, Im going home alone, after all, my house is not far from here, Ill take city transportation as usual, ” Clara refused Smiths offer. She started to pack her cell phone so it wouldn be left behind, after all, if it was lost it would create new problems.

”Oh yeah, then we split up here, okay, next time if I may we can talk more Clar! ”

”Yeah, but I don promise, ” Clara started to get up to leave the cafe and said goodbye to Smith then went to the cashier to pay.

”Your bill has been paid by that person, ” said the cashier and pointed to Smith, who was behind Clara.

Clara turned her head and asked Smith if it was true that Smith had paid for his property. Clara felt bad for having been paid by Smith. He feels indebted and doesn want to feel that way. Then he took an amount equal to the bill and gave it to Smith. But Smith refused and said if he wanted to return another time when they could chat at another time.

Clara also thanked Smith and promised to pay Smith in return if the time was right to pay off the debt. Although Smith doesn feel like he owes Clara he likes it because he has the opportunity to be able to talk to Clara again.

They left the cafe and said goodbye to each other. Clara walked to the side of the road to wait for the angkot that would take her home. Smith waited across the street to wait for Clara to get her city transportation.

Smith is quite happy today to be able to invite and entertain Clara. Even though it was only for a short time, it made Smith able to accompany Clara for the first time without Ayla. He began to recognize what kind of character Clara was.

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