On the island, there is a tremendous roar of thunder. The sound shook the entire sky like the resounding noise of a thousand drums.

The sky is dark, as heavy rain pours onto the islands forest. It made the grass wet and there was the noise of the raindrops pounding on the leaves of the trees.

An old man is wearing a worn-out wide-brim hat somewhere on this island. He is sitting on a rock underneath a large tree to shelter himself from the pouring rain.

He had a short beard of white as his tired eyes closed as he listened to the sound of the rain with stillness.

Power passed through the entire island when he was still quietly taking a rest beneath the tree.

The sound of the rain, the animals, and the moving leaves stopped in that one second. It was as though the entire sky and world came to a peaceful quiet.

The old mans eyes opened wide as he sensed what this power was that had just come forth. ”Conquers Haki?! ”

The old man thought, Who might this power come from? The pulse of the Haki was still relatively weak, but it definitely couldn escape his notice.

In a flash, his body disappeared from underneath the tree, and he seems to have disappeared from there. And when he stopped in his footsteps, he noticed a young boy who fainted on the wet ground.

But what caught his attention was the number of wolves surrounding the boys body. The wolves are sleeping lifelessly on the ground after coming into contact with the power of Haki.

What an incredible talent, the old man thought to himself. Then, using a single hand, he could scoop the boys body into his palm. His body is so large that, in comparison, the boy was like a baby in his hand.

The following day, when the boy woke up, he found himself in a wooden bed inside a hut. Looking around, he wasn able to stop anybody. But there was a pleasant smell of food in the open air.

Where am I? The last thing he remembered was seeing a bunch of wolves surrounding him after he started exploring the island.

Upon that thought, he could suddenly remember many memories from the original bodys memories. According to the memories, Gol D. Roger had just died around ten years ago.

Wait a minute…Im in the One Piece world?!!

It was too much news for him to take in all at once. He loved watching One Piece, and it is his favorite anime besides Naruto, but to travel into the world is a different matter.

It is a dangerous world of the strong, where the weak get preyed upon without power. Not to mention the countless ability users he can stand a chance to fight.

People like Doflamingo, Kaido, or other pirates can easily squash him. Leo decided he needed to become much more powerful at that moment.

He looked down at his tiny hands as he wondered how he could do that.

Wheres my unique ability? In all the other stories, the main character gets some system. Does it need a special activation process?

He thought for a moment before commanding inside his head, System, come out!

Right in front of him appeared an invisible panel:

Name: Leo

Age: 7

Observation Haki: Level 1 (0/100)

Armament Haki: Level 1 (0/100)

Conquerors Haki: Level 1 (10/100)

Physical Power: Level 0 (0/100)

Sword Ability: Level 0 (0/100)

…And thats it? Leo wondered to himself. There is nothing more to the Systems ability besides displaying its current levels.

Where is my newbie gift? Or at least give me a devil fruit…I mean, how else am I going to fight Big Mom and all those other bastards…Damn it, System, explain yourself!

Theres a notification sound, then an envelope appears in front of his face. As he moved his fingers to touch the envelope, it opened up for him. The letter states the following:

[The max for each skill is Level 15. There are two ways to gain experience points and level up skills: 1) Fight and defeat stronger opponents, 2) Practice the skill to gain further experience.]

Leo sighs, realizing that he probably wouldn be able to get any devil fruits from the system. But at least he could figure out how to level up the abilities.

Walking out of the wooden hut, he saw an old man sitting on a wooden chair, cooking a giant animal over a burning fire. The oil from the animals body drips down with flavor as Leo slowly licks his lips from hunger.

”Help yourself, boy, ” he says, handing Leo a small knife. Then, with a flip of his hand, a large gust of wind extinguished the fire.

Leo seeing how he could do that with ease made him realize that the man before him was pretty strong. But the old man doesn seem to have any hostile intentions.

Something weird about the surrounding caught Leos eyes as he was chatting with the old man.

The surrounding area has many dozen knives sticking themselves onto the ground. And these weapons look incredibly sharp.

Leo was about to pick up one of these black swords from the ground when the man warned him with a stern voice. He said to him as he was eating, ”You
e still not ready to wield one of these blades yet. They are cursed. ”

Through their conversations, Leo learned that the mans name was called Haku. And he seems to be shrouded in layers of mystery for him. But he likes to call him Old Man instead.

”What plans do you have, boy? ” Haku asked him while looking at the sea in front of them by the beach with his old eyes. They finished eating an hour ago, and Haku walked him over to rest after eating the entire meal.

Leo was asking himself this same question.

”I want to be stronger. Much stronger. Strong enough to be unstoppable so that nothing can stand before me. ”

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