”Mom! ” Seiji cried, dropping his sword and rushing over to her. He took her in his arms, holding her tightly as Sora pushed himself up and stumbled over as well. The younger boy immediately checked her pulse.

”Shes gone, ” Sora whispered after a few moments of silence. Tears started glistening in his eyes. ”I should have listened to you. I should have helped her. ”

”She didn want help, ” Seiji said softly, holding tightly onto her body. ”I don understand why she let him take her like that. ”

Sora shook his head, allowing his ears to fall. There didn seem to be much of a conversation between the demon and their mother. Not even a fight took place. She just simply surrendered. This confused the boys more than anything.

”We… Need to hide, ” Seiji whispered, letting go of her and pushing himself up. ”He might come back. ”

”B-but mom, ” Sora said, looking at him and wiping his tears.

Seiji took out a paper talisman and threw it to the ground where a large crater was then formed. ”Bury her for now, ” he said.

”Seiji! ” Sora cried out, a tone of offense lacing his voice. ”Shes our mother! We can just throw her in the ground! ”

”Well give her a proper burial later, Sora, ” Seiji said, sternly. ”Right now we need to go! Im injured! I can fight anyone off if they come after us! ”

He was barely holding it together at that moment. His whole body was shaking from the pain the back injury gave him. He was about to take out his sword again just to use it as a crutch. On top of all that, he still felt extremely ill. If it weren for all the adrenaline pumping through his veins, he probably would have already passed out. Sora seemed to understand this when he looked up and saw just how pale his brothers face was.

With a heavy heart, Sora lowered their mothers boyd into the crater. He used his own spiritual energy to cover her body with dirt, more tears streaming down his cheeks. He then walked over to Seiji, placing Seijis arm around his own shoulders, and wrapping his arm around his waist.

”Grab that sword, ” Seiji said, nodding towards the sword the demon had dropped. Sora nodded his head and picked it up, handing it over to Seiji.

The two of them made it out of the training field and made a beeline towards Seijis car that was parked nearby. Sora helped Seiji into the backseat and took the keys from the older boy. Their home was in a very remote area, surrounded by tons of trees. Not many people knew that cultivation still existed. Some even believed it to be a myth. So families like the brothers had to hide their cultivation from the outside world.

”Find a place for us to stay and ditch the car, ” Seiji said, shifting so he wasn hurting his back more. ”Make sure theres no easy way for us to be tracked. No phones. No credit cards. ”

e hiding? ” Sora asked, looking at Seiji with a frown.

”We have to. That was a demon, Sora. We don know if they
e coming for us, ” Seiji said, laying across the back seat and closing his eyes. ”This is the cultivation world. We can never be too careful. ”

”Why would a demon track our stuff? ” Sora asked as he started the car.

”Why would they not? ” Seiji asked, his voice almost a whisper as he felt himself drifting off to sleep. Sora didn say anything else, allowing his brother to get some rest.

Hours later, Seiji found himself in a dark room with bandages wrapped around him. He winced as he pushed himself into a sitting position, his whole body shaking in pain. He felt weak, probably worse than he felt before. It was as if a big truck hit him and then ran him over.

Seijis eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he realized that they must be inside an abandoned home. After scanning the room, he spotted Sora asleep a few feet away from him, wrapped in blankets. Seiji gave a small smile, watching the younger boy sleep. He knew the boy must be exhausted. Its been a long day for sure.

”I wonder what time it is, ” Seiji muttered, closing his eyes and letting out a drawn out yawn. It had to be past midnight, but it was hard to tell when.

”Gege? ” Sora breathed out, causing Seiji to open his eyes again and turn towards his brother. ”You
e awake? ”

”En, ” Seiji responded, before breaking out in a coughing fit. Sora jumped up and rushed over to him, checking to see if he was okay. ”Im fine, ” Seiji said, weakly. They both knew that was a lie.

”We need to get you to a hospital, ” Sora said, his voice heavily tinted with worry.

”We can , Sora, ” Seiji said, letting out a defeated sigh. ”Im not risking your life just because Im sick. ”

”Shen Seiji! ” Sora cried out, tears in his eyes. ”Your life is more at risk! You need to get checked! You
e burning up! You coughed up blood in the car! And you
e extremely pale! Not to mention, your wound is super deep! It probably needs stitches! Im not even equipped in medication! ”

”Ill be okay. I just need rest, ” Seiji said, weakly. ”Do you know how to transfer spiritual energy to someone else? ”

Sora shook his head, causing his brother to let out a soft hum. He figured that was the case. He debated on teaching Sora how to do it, but quickly decided against it. Sora didn have as much spiritual energy as he did anyway. He couldn burden the younger boy with a task like that.

”Sora, do we have any food? ” Seiji asked, trying to hold back a cough that came afterwards.

”Not yet, ” Sora said, giving up his battle in trying to get Seiji to the hospital. ”I can go get some. ”

Seiji nodded his head in agreement, causing Sora to sigh and get up. He didn want to leave Seijs side, but he knew this was important. First, he helped Seiji lay down, giving him some water as well. He then got up, covered his brother with a blanket, and then walked out the door.

This city of Chongqing was bustling, even at midnight. Sora hid them in a building that was right in the middle of downtown. He figured that hiding in the heart of the city made it harder to be found. At least, he hoped that would be the case. He didn expect a boy in black robes to be leaning against the wall of the building when he walked out. Or that he would reach out and touch his shoulder when he passed him.

Sora always had fast reflexes since he was young, which made him an amazing swordsman. So the moment he was touched, he grabbed the arm and flipped him over, causing the boy to hit the ground with a shout of pain.

”Who are you and what do you want?! ” Sora cried in alarm, pinning him down and pulling a pocket knife from his pocket. He held the blade to the others neck, staring into his eyes with a menacing glare.

”Im not here to hurt you, ” the boy said with wide eyes, innocently holding his hands over his head in surrender. ”My name is Lei Yongliang! I was sent to bring you and your brother to safety! ”

”Sent by who? ” Sora asked suspiciously, refusing to loosen his grip.

”Your mother. ”

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