Paragon of Sin

Chapter 115: The Wedding Begins

The ambient atmosphere of the wedding was quite spirited as guests from all over made their appearance. The first arrivals were far less substantial and influential than later guests, but they were noisy and excited. This was the first time Wei Wuyin experienced such an event of this level; even his heart felt a hint of excitement and anticipation.

This was a Royal Wedding! A prince, likely the future King of a country, was being married off to an exceptional woman. From the whispers and the dossier of information gained from the World Life Emporium, Wei Wuyin learned quite a bit about Lin Ziyan.

He was startled to learn that she was one of the youngest Godlords of the century. The average cultivation age for Godlords were well within three to four hundred years, but Lin Ziyan had attained this prestigious stage before one hundred.

Furthermore, she belonged to an exceptionally influential family clan that held no relation with any country, a Hidden Clan. They were secluded and focused mostly on themselves, yet produced exceptional talents and had their own field of specialty. Supposedly, the Lin Clan had given birth to two Astral Core Realm experts in its heyday. This meant their foundation was greater than newer countries.

This Godlord Lin wasn ’t just beautiful, powerful, and came from an impressive background, but she was skilled in the four classical arts and studied beneath the Zither Goddess of Mount Su, a Godking, from a young age. Unfortunately, the Zither Goddess of Mount Su had reached the end of her lifespan and returned to the mortal dust.

She was quite a catch, nevertheless. If Wei Wuyin wasn ’t preoccupied with matters of life and death, survival or damnation, he would honestly be open for taking her word said during the Core Disciple Competition long ago and claim her hand in marriage. Unfortunately…

As Wei Wuyin was in his thoughts, a commotion erupted. The attention of many was drawn to the entrance and saw the arrival of two figures. The first was a stately looking middle-aged man addressed in green and white robed. He had a calm gaze that exuded serenity and control. His aura was rippling softly with each step.

Spirit Within Each Step!

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes flashed as he felt the spiritual energies within this aura. It was potent, refined, and expertly controlled. This was a sign of an expert who had impeccable control of their spiritual energies. In Qi Cultivation, there were three paths that could generally be taken to an extreme: Fleshy body strengthening, Qi Control, or Spiritual Control.

Wei Wuyin had exceptional control of his qi, capable of walking on water even when he was at the Second Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm. However, those who focused on spiritual control were masters with a vast armory of spiritual spells and often high-level Formation Masters. As for fleshy body strengthening, Wei Wuyin had always taken the passive enhancements, not cultivating in any Qi Method to do so.

That being said, his Spiritual Control was by no means weaker with his Divine Spirits. The concept of Divine was the immense amplification of Spiritual qualities such as strength, aura, energies, and control. If he wanted, he could similarly exhibit Spirit Within Each Step.

Su Mei beside him eyebrows lifted. This man gave her an unfathomable feeling of supremacy. But as her eyes were drawn away to the person beside him, her eyes stilled. It was as if color faded from her world for a moment.

She was dressed in a light golden silk dress with white trim. It was form-fitting, especially around her waist that pushed up her brassiere that hoisted her ample bosoms that seemed as if they were about to spill away. Her bottle-like figure supported by an outrageous set of breasts and round rump was exceptional. However, what truly was breathtaking and color-snatching was her features of that perfect face of hers.

Thin eyebrows, peach lips, strong yet limpid eyes, a firm upright posture, and long legs followed by stable steps. She exuded an innate authority. Any man worth his weight would have a feeling to conquer this woman with their everything.

This was the feeling Su Mei, a woman, had. This could be amplified ten-fold by the men. Her arrival made her the center of attention.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes lifted and saw the duo. However, unlike those who seemed stunned out of their minds, Wei Wuyin ’s eyebrows frowned ever-so-slightly. His nose was exceptional and his vision was phenomenal beyond his realm, so when he saw her, his first thought was that she was a nation-toppling beauty, but he also discovered that she also wasn ’t a virgin.

Now, Wei Wuyin didn ’t discriminate. A beautiful woman or any woman judged by their virginity was only done by insecure beta-males scared to compete at being the best their woman ever had. As for him, he never had a doubt that he ’d always come out on top. No, the issue was her identity.

Eleven years ago, she was one of the top three beauties of the country: Wu Baozhai, Princess of Wu.

And she wasn ’t married or engaged. But according to imperial rule, female royalty could not engage in matters of men and women before their marriage was settled and completed. Unlike him, they were a stickler for purity.

The reason he discovered this was because of the man beside her. He was sending out his spiritual strength, but that aura was also condensed just below her navel, where her Primal Yin was located. It was currently emanating a similar, yet different aura.

A spiritual formation was disguising her lost virginity.

”How intriguing, ” Wei Wuyin faintly smiled. There was a time where he would try his all to pursue her, but her concealed scandal made him realize she ’ll have quite a lot of baggage. So, he wasn ’t enamoured by her appearance like others.

Su Mei turned to Wei Wuyin and was caught off-guard by his lack of reaction.

”That ’s Wu Baozhai and Ji Menghua, the Patriarch of the Ji Clan! It seems she really does have the Ji Clan ’s full support. ” The conversations started to be wildly exchanged. The Ji Clan was a part of the Five Great Sects and Two Great Clans. Each one of these powers had a Godlord at their head, fully controlling a domain. Regardless of the Two Godkings of the Imperial Clan, Godlords can not be looked down upon.

Their Spiritual Qi allowed them access to all sorts of mystical arts such as mental influence, avatar arts, and can control or set up stronger Qi Arrays. With arrays behind them, they could fight Godkings and not lose out immediately.

It wasn ’t just them who arrived, but Bai Yulin, the Matriarch of the Bai Clan. Unfortunately, her daughter was absent. As one of the top beauties of old, many were hopeful of her arrival but were inevitably disappointed.

The guests of eminent reputation continued to arrive, such as a middle-aged scholarly with a pale-white beard and a sword sheath on his back. He had an aura as vast as the sky, yet as sharp as a guillotine. When he arrived, the excitement of everyone rose. This was the Ancestral Elder of the Sky Sword Sect, one of its two Godlords, Fang Shen! Furthermore, he was known as the stronger of the two.

While others marveled and those with a little bit of status worked up to courage to initiate a conversation, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes flashed. Two Godlords for a Prince ’s Wedding? If it wasn ’t for Prince Zhen ’s confirmation that something was truly shifting in the undercurrents of the world, he might ’ve struck up a conversation too.

This wasn ’t the end.

The Aqua Echo Sect ’s Sect Leader, Lian Yaling, and the Earthly Titan Sect ’s Sect Leader, Mo Yuan, also arrived creating a stir. They were both lustrous Godlords that reigned over a domain. It was at this point that those with a little perception and less happy haze started to feel that something was up.

Barring Wei Wuyin ’s unexpected appearance and revealing as a foreign Godlord, four Godlords of the Seven Great Powers of Wu Country had arrived. Furthermore, it didn ’t end there.

Qin Feng, the overly cautious and secluded Godlord known for his passivity and unwilling to interject in worldly matters arrived! The Sect Leader of the Jade Lotus Sect had come and this shocked many.

Wei Wuyin was startled as well. But considering the current state of things, it seems this wedding was suiting up to become a major turning point of destiny of this country. When Qin Feng arrived, he eyed his seat and gave others a slight smile of warmth and a little distance. His eyes roamed briefly and paused.

”Alchemic Lord Wei? ” Qin Feng spotted Wei Wuyin and was surprised. However, the listening crowd that paid attention to his every syllable also went into a hushed uproar.

”Alchemic Lord Wei? He ’s a Lord Alchemist too?! ”

”Impossible! Prince Zhen called him Godlord Wei, and his life aura is still vibrant and youthful. He can ’t be more than two hundred years old, how can he be a Lord Alchemist? ”

”Are you questioning Godlord Qin ’s words?! ”

”…no…I… ”

Their interactions were mostly inconsequential as Qin Feng arrived before Wei Wuyin with swift steps.

”It ’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Alchemic Lord Wei. ” Giving a courteous clasp of his hands, Qin Feng spoke respectfully. To him, Wei Wuyin was a Godlord with an Alchemic Spirit of Qi and could produce sixth-grade products with swift timing and were similarly high-quality. This was astonishing and made Qin Feng happy to have made a relationship with Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin smiled slightly. This was the first time he was called an Alchemic Lord outside of the Eden Earth Sect. It was quite unfamiliar to him. Barely anyone knew of his skill in alchemy, with Qin Feng and the World Life Pavilion being an exception.

Those at his level could produce sixth-grade products and thus effectively develop peak-Mortal Gods, Godlords, and Godkings if they tried. Their status was far, far beyond normal Godlords. If an Alchemic Lord dedicated a few decades to concocting, they could create an army rivaling the Imperial Guards brought by Sheng Jiu.

They were a fearsome existence that could not be underestimated. In fact, there were less Alchemic Lords in the entire world than there were Godlords in Wu Country—less than twenty! Each one was herald was a genius of the ages; sadly, most were Alchemic Heart cultivators forced into strenuous and life-draining concoction. They couldn ’t enjoy their fame and prestige.

As an exception, Wei Wuyin was a worldly phenomena. If he was both a Godlord and an Alchemic Lord, his status would exceed even the King of Wu by a fair bit.

Unfortunately, news was already out. The nearby Godlords already shifted their gazes over. Qin Feng had believed Wei Wuyin used his status as an alchemist to receive an invitation, so he didn ’t bother concealing this matter.

Shaking his head, he invited Qin Feng to sit beside him. But Qin Feng was quite apologetic as he declined, saying he had to sit somewhere else. While he didn ’t elaborate, it made Wei Wuyin realize that seating arrangements were segregated and divided, almost as if intentional.

As for him, he was seated in a relatively neutral zone. This alluded to two factions embroiled in the upcoming storm. This felt more and more interesting as time went on.

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