Paragon of Sin

Chapter 124: Better Hand To Play

Each pellet started to emit energies of a highly volatile nature. This exposure revealed their grades, and it was fierce!

”Seventh-Grade Pellets?! ” Even Wu Jiao was startled. His expression that seemed as if the entire world was within his grasp turned dark. Seventh-grade pellets were alchemical products that rivaled Astral Core Realm experts. While it might not be able to match their true power, it was enough to be a threat. This alone could bring to the imagination the possibilities if pellets of that nature were to explode!

If it was one, perhaps a kilometer high mountain would crumble. But if there were dozens, like there was in this avatar, it was a certainty that the Heavenly Wu City, and all its inhabitants, would be killed without a doubt!

Even Wu Jiao would need to be cautious in the face of this. While it lacked focus, and thus couldn ’t threaten his life if he expected it, it was more than enough to ruin his city entirely. This changed the situation.

”… ” Wu Jiao was silent.

King Wu paled. ”Are you crazy?! ” He didn ’t care about how Wei Wuyin obtained seventh-grade pellets, but the energies emitted from the clone was so daunting that he felt his knees nearly buckle.

Wei Wuyin ignored King Wu. This was merely trump card #1. If things really got messy, he wouldn ’t mind using everything to bring this lofty Astral Core Realm cultivator to his grave and push him into it!

King Wu ’s heart shook. The true issue was…he didn ’t even know who Wei Wuyin was. He hated Wu Chen, Long Chen, and everyone who fought against the Imperial Clan ’s forces, but Wei Wuyin hadn ’t acted from beginning to end against him. He merely snatched a woman and tried to run. The latter was expected while the former could be due to any number of reasons, such as life or desire, so he didn ’t care.

Yet now, this man was threatening to bring all of them and their spirits with him to the grave. Why?! It seemed incomprehensible.

What King Wu wasn ’t aware of was that the earlier frown was Wu Jiao ’s intent to capture Wei Wuyin for his secrets. For a cultivator to abruptly have a physical body far stronger than his own, with a much lower cultivation, meant he had methods far exceeding this continent ’s. If he could obtain it, his chances of overcoming future Astral Tribulations would spike.

And Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a reckless idiot to act for no reason. He had only acted because his sharp senses felt that ill-intent. It was the first time Wu Jiao showed any interest in him, and he felt it keenly.

If he was captured and dissected…

He didn ’t want to consider it.

However, this event put them in a small stalemate. If Wu Jiao was determined to contain him, he would have no choice but to act differently. This threat was merely a bluff. He valued his life too much to end it, and he still had means to deploy. If Wu Jiao ignored all else, this was his last resort.

Prince Zhen and Qin Feng were shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s threatening actions. They hadn ’t expected this development. Qin Feng, however, was confused. Seventh-Grade Pellets?

…could Wei Wuyin be a King Alchemist?!

This thought was like a lightning bolt that unraveled his mind with frightening ferocity. How could that be? No, he must be overthinking it. There were plenty of old cache of pellets, pills, elixirs, and pastes that were in ancient ruins and graves. He must ’ve obtained one of those.

Wu Jiao didn ’t act. Instead, he revealed a smile. He stood upon the air and calmly said, ”The ignorant are fearless. ”

”What! ” Everyone had felt the energies emitted by Wei Wuyin ’s avatar. Was this the best time to be throwing insults at him? The crowd was sweating as the aura of the clone continued to permeate throughout the venue. They knew that a single thought from Wei Wuyun and their lives were over. This was what their instincts honed by years of cultivation and battles told them!

Wei Wuyin merely smiled in response.

”Do you know of the Astral Core Realm, child? ” Wu Jiao questioned Wei Wuyin. Despite being so high up and speaking softly, his words were like thunderclaps and resounded directly into one ’s ears. His exhibited demeanor was calm, as if the entire world was well within his grasp.

Wei Wuyin frowned. He disliked being called a child. However, considering Wu Jiao was likely a thousand years or older in age, he accepted it. While he didn ’t have any fear in his heart towards the man, he also wouldn ’t forget his own junior status.

”Enlighten me, ” Wei Wuyin coolly responded.

The surrounding crowd grew silent. They looked upwards and a synchronized birthing of yearning for knowledge emerged in everyone ’s eyes. It didn ’t matter who it was or what situation they were in, the thirst was there for everyone. Furthermore, if they lived, wasn ’t this an endless benefit?

To everyone here, the Astral Core Realm was mostly a mystery. While there were legacies left behind, faint descriptions of their abilities, no one really knew about the realm itself. It was very similar to the False Reality Phase, it was difficult to describe and even if you did, it would be wildly different and even sometimes feel conflicting.

It could be that there had never been a cultivator who truly understood the Astral Core Realm or it was too complex to simplify, requiring one to experience it themselves.

”Then, I shall. ” Wu Jiao ’s words perked everyone ’s ears. They yearned for his teachings like eager children. ”To understand the Astral Core Realm, you must first understand the Qi Condensation Realm. ”

This impromptu lecture was spontaneous and random, but Wei Wuyin wasn ’t against it. In fact, he needed to stall for a little more anyhow, so this suited his desires. Also, learning a little about this unknown realm was a much-appreciated experience.

”Qi is a metaphysical manifestation of vital energy. It is formed from four core, vital substances of existence: Mind, the sea of consciousness and mind ’s eye. Matter, the physical substructure and inherent physical energies. Essence, the world ’s neutral energies. Spirit, a segregated portion and imprint of your soul.

”The most crucial is essence. While many would dare declare that the most crucial is spirit, essence is the cohesive of mind, matter, and spirit. Without it, without the world ’s neutral energies, it ’s impossible to cultivate. In fact, we use those very energies to strengthen our mind, matter, and spirit.

”The first phase of Qi Condensation is the creation of this energy in its most nascent state. It is fragile, lacks tangibility, and requires enrichment. When this energy is enriched with essence, the cohesive bonding becomes stronger, enough for it to exist in an externalized state… ”

He continued to explain the progression of phases to its most intricate detail. There were many who had reached their current level and were still ignorant of these details, their eyes enlightened as they felt a myriad of new ideas and concepts emerge in their minds. There were even those who felt like a problem they had struggled with for a long time had been solved, revealing looks of relief.

”…the sixth phase of Qi Condensation is a stage many of you have reached. However, do you know what is required to merge yin and yang energy? ” Wu Jiao seriously asked the crowd.

The little girl Godking unintentionally blurted out her answer, her state of mind was fully invested into this impromptu lecture. ”The earth ’s seismic vibrations. It is prevalent in all directions, the oceans, the mountains, the air, and the ground we stand on. It is used to create resonance with two diametrically opposed forces, such as yin and yang. ”

Her words drew the eyes of everyone. There was confusion in many of the Mortal Gods ’ eyes. They wanted to reject her words, but they became tongue-tied.

”Essence! What is required is the components that create the neutral world energies, when used, it can help bind the forces naturally birthed by the world and self. It isn ’t easily discovered, but they are all around, and when those components mix, they produce essence – the world ’s neutral energies. ”

It was Long Chen who spoke next. Despite his current dangerous situation and injured state, this make-shift forum of cultivation discussion would be beneficial to everyone, especially if Wu Jiao goes into the mysteries of the Astral Core Realm. Also, he never lived as if he would die. He had been through countless dangerous situations and survived them all, he had confidence in himself and his trump cards, just like Wei Wuyin.

There were a few more Godlords who spoke, but all of their answers were drastically different from the others In fact, they seemed as if they were discussing different things. Amongst the twelve who spoke, there wasn ’t a single one who held the same view.

They wanted to see which of them were closest to the truth, so they held nothing back.

Wu Jiao smiled, ”You ’re all right. ”

”What? How?! ” The crowd stirred. They couldn ’t all be right, right? The first two explanations were so wildly different it didn ’t even seem like they were talking about the same thing. Some talked about the skies, the water particles, or even soundwaves!

Wu Jiao clarified, ”You all reached the Sixth Phase; Therefore, you ’re all right. ”

Wei Wuyin nodded his head with a smile. They had ascended to that phase. How could they not be right?

”All of your understandings are right, because all of them relied on the force produced by the world itself. There are quite a few names you can call it, but those at my level unanimously call it one title: Mana. ”


This name was like bells and many of them felt as if an emissary of the heavens had spoken, officially terming this exquisite force. They, without exception, felt that that was its one and true name.

An individual amongst the Imperial Clan, a soldier of the Royal Guard, at the Fifth Phase of Qi Condensation went into a trance and he started producing the phenomenon of the False Reality Phase. A myriad of images were birthed into existence and circulated wildly around his body.

Everyone turned towards this Imperial Guard and felt disbelief. A name alone helped him ascend?!

One must know, there were only a thousand or so Mortal Gods in the entire Wu Country! For one to be born so easily, how could they not be shocked?

In truth, the myriad of insights offered by the Mortal Gods, Godlords, and even a Godking was a hugely contributing factor. While he had ascended immediately, it ’s likely that those who heard those words will definitely make a breakthrough later.

”Mana… ” Wei Wuyin felt himself immersed in this name.

Wu Jiao smiled, ”The Seventh Phase is refining the mana you ’ve absorbed using your personal refined essence, causing one ’s qi to reach a complete state. A sublime state. ”

Wu Jiao waited to allow his words to be digested. The newly introduced concept of mana was wondrous. Therefore, it will require a few slow thinkers time to fully connect their thoughts.

Most of the crowd were in an immersed state of enlightenment. Su Mei had directly entered a meditative stance and even Bai Lin ’s eyes turned blank. The name mana held a universal heavenly truth within it. Despite being only four letters, it signified much in cultivation.

As cultivators, whether they realize it or not, they were defined by this word.

”The eight phase, Infused Spirituality, is as its name suggests. Only in its most complete state where qi has become sublime can one ’s spirit be introduced into your core of qi. In fact, it is the mana you refined that allows spirit, the controller of qi, to fully merge. In the same way essence allowed qi to form. ” As he explained this cycle, many nodded subconsciously, even those who had yet to reach this realm.

”With the spirit merged with qi, one ’s qi enters a state ready to begin its transform into a secondary soul. In the cultivation world, we call this newly formed core: Natal Soul. ”

Natal Soul!

Cultivation was being dissected and revealed today! The very essence and mysteries!

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened to the extreme. He cultivated the Divine Heart Method, which seemed special. At the time, he wondered why his spirits seemed so intelligent and sentient. Now, he had an understanding as to why, even in the beginning.

His spirits were developing into true souls, secondary souls!

The Realm of Sages; soul cultivation! He felt his mind explode with information as he recalled the True Soul of Sin. It outlined absorbing karmic sin as nutrients for the soul itself. Could the method be meant for his spirits? As this question entered his mind, he felt his breadth of thought expand.

The world was truly miraculous.

”Your Natal Soul is born. Now, the ninth and final phase. By absorbing essence, your natal soul can refine a unique form of energy imbued with its own unique strand of mana. The majority of the cultivation world call this Qi Essence. By re-absorbing this unique strand of mana and the energy within, your Natal Soul undergoes a final transformation. Now, your inherent qi possesses this unique strand of personalized mana, priming it for a transformation.

”Depending on the amount, from one to ninety-nine, it determines the inherent strength of your qi and state of your transformation. Each elevated state determines your chances of ascending to the Astral Core Realm, the level of your might, and your potential in the Astral Core Realm.

”A transformation with eleven Qi Essence is called the 1st Mortal State. Twenty-two is called the 2nd Mortal State. Thirty-three is called the 3rd Mortal State.

”…the 9th Mortal State is intermixing ninety-nine Qi Essences. However, that is not the end. After your Natal Soul has produced ninety-nine Qi Essences, if you wish to exceed the norms, you can create a Mana Essence. With it, you merge the ninety-nine into one. The utmost limit of cultivation is reached and you ’ve truly reached the complete stage of Qi Condensation: The Zenith Mortal State. ” Wu Jiao explained, his eyes faintly displaying signs of yearning. However, a tinge of regret emerged.

”Those lower than the 4th Mortal State have no chance of ever reaching the Astral Core Realm. ”

The little girl ’s expression drastically changed as this information was revealed. Her eyes revealed deep levels of panic and distress, she hastily asked: ”Those states, can you change it after ascending to the ninth phase? ”

Wu Jiao frowned for a long period of time, causing Ba Chen, King Wu, and the little girl ’s heart to grow tense.If the states could not be changed, would their chances of reaching the next realm become impossible?! After all, they all were lower than the described 4th Mortal State!

Wu Jiao ’s eyes became solemn. He said one word: ”Yes! ”

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