Paragon of Sin

Chapter 125: Sending Off

A sigh of relief echoed in the tumultuous hearts of everyone present, including the three Godkings. King Wu ’s expression was slightly unsightly, however. His grandfather hadn ’t told him of this important fact, and thus allowed him to ascend to the Ninth Stage with inadequate preparations.

However, seeing as his Grandfather had announced a way to accomplish this, then he likely intended to use that very method to help him. This was his heartfelt desire, a desire to believe his grandfather.

Unfortunately, the next words out of this immortal-like figure that seemed to be teaching cultivation to the world was earth-shattering and depression-inducing.

”A Natal Soul ’s Mortal State can be elevated after ascending. As long as you haven ’t entered the Astral Core Realm, on the condition you ’ve met those requirements, it is possible. A natural treasure of heaven and earth, of world and sky, called the Mana Core Liquid can do this, but it can not be found on this continent. There is also another way…the Dao of Alchemy! A Mortal Sovereign Alchemist can refine an elixir similar to Mana Core Liquid! ”

”… ” A wave of silence resounded.

A few couldn ’t even believe what was said. What is this Mana Core Liquid? It wasn ’t on the continent? Then how do they obtain it? As for a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist? That was laughable! A Mortal Sovereign Alchemist can concoct alchemical products of the ninth-grade! The Ninth-Grade! The Myriad Yore Continent didn ’t even have a single official King Alchemist, those who could concoct out seventh-grade products.

Where would they find this Mortal Sovereign Alchemist?!

The only recorded alchemist in history that was ’rumored ’ to be a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist was the Wood King of Everlore! He was a figure that united the continent and ascended beyond.

The young girl, Ba Chen, and King Wu ’s expression simultaneously went pale as ash as if they were in a trio! They were all too hasty, especially the young girl whose age seemed no more than ten years. In truth, she was as young as she looked!

Her outstanding talent, exceptional future, and brilliant potential was all ruined. Her ascension was done to help Long Chen in this battle. They needed a Godking to handle Ba Chen, and she couldn ’t stand back when she was ready to ascend. Her choice then might be irreversible and meant she would never ascend higher.

How devastating, how soul-destroying, how world-crumbling was this?!

Her entire aura became depressed and despondent without a tinge of hope. She no longer felt a desire in her heart, after all, her cultivation path was over at this age. If Wu Jiao intended to take her life right now, who knows if she ’d care.

She felt truly and utterly hopeless.

Would she never be able to traverse the starry skies and explore the stars? Her eyes became wet and her voice choked as she started sobbing, hiccuping a little. Her gentle and tender shoulders moving as she cried contained a sense of profound sadness within everyone ’s hearts.

How unfortunate.

King Wu and Ba Chen were relatively better. While they had hope, it was never a certainty that they could overcome Astral Tribulation and ascend. If so, they would ’ve already done so. So learning that it wasn ’t even an option to overcome Astral Tribulation, while sadden, they weren ’t depressed.

Long Chen witnessed clearly this little girl that called him Big Brother cry and his heart felt like it was about to split in two. He forgot about his current predicament and clenched his teeth. ”I swear, Long Tingyu, I ’ll do whatever I need to do to help you. ” His declaration was like an oath to the heavens. He was the reason for her current weakness, so she had to take responsibility.

Wei Wuyin and everyone present witnessed this heartbreaking moment. A few of the Imperial Clan members scoffed. Could he even save himself? While Wu Jiao was magnanimous to give an impromptu lecture, that didn ’t mean he wasn ’t going to slaughter them all.

In fact, many believed that if it wasn ’t for Wei Wuyin ’s intention for massive mutual destruction, this event would have long been over, and their corpses being thrown in the flames or their heads piked to be used as examples.

Wu Jiao was unmoved by Long Tingyu ’s tears. He calmly continued, ”You call those at the upper-phases of Qi Condensation Mortal Gods. But they are not Mortal Gods. The full title coined by Divine King Han Xei was: False God of Mortal Dao, False Lord of Spirit, Mortal King of Qi.

”This title is apt and true. You all are merely false gods amongst mortals. You proudly rise your heads believing yourselves supreme within heaven and earth, unbeknownst that you ’re mere ants. It is quite laughable, really. Mere frogs in a well.

”In fact, this very title was conjured as a mere joke. Even Divine King Han Xei meant it as such, to mock those at your level who think themselves gods. Those at your level are ignorant to the truths of cultivation, barely understanding anything, yet strut about as if you rule all creation. You haven ’t even seen a speck of creation, so how can you rule it? ” Wu Jiao spoke calmly but every word was burning with disdain, contempt, and mockery. These so-called Mortal Gods, Godlordsb and Godkings felt their hearts tremble and their faces pale.

Their name was regarded as prestigious, infusing them with confidence and pride in their talent and ability. Now, they had learned it was a mere joke? A joke? Their feelings were undoubtedly mixed. Others felt despondence and self-mockery, while others, those with strong hearts of cultivation, felt a fire burn ardently within. This was their desire to pursue greater heights, to see why they are mere frogs in the well!

They wanted to leap out of this well and see the grand sky, leap out of the sky and see the endless stars, explore the endless stars and meet devils, gods, and immortals!

As for those who felt self-mockery, drowning in it, they would never be able to extricate themselves and become true cultivators. Their breadth of mind and will was too narrow and fragile. Their accomplishments will begin and end in the Mortal Dao.

False Gods of the Mortal Dao.

”The Astral Core Realm, like the Qi Condensation Realm, is similarly divided into nine stages. ” Wu Jiao began to speak about the Astral Core Realm, and most perked up their ears and unclogged their brain, while a few remained deaf and hopeless. Wei Wuyin was neither. He believed in his own heart of cultivation, but he would never wholeheartedly accept the teachings of a random person, regardless of their cultivation.

He felt that, even Wu Jiao, was ignorant of many things. For example, only two options to advance your Mortal State of the Natal Soul? That seemed too limited, and the Heavenly Daos never left a single path to pursue any goal. As for the Dao of Alchemy? That couldn ’t count as even the Heavenly Daos haven ’t accepted it.

So how could he know all? Despite that, he ’ll listen. He needed to for now anyways. His preparations were nearly done and ’it ’ was nearly here.

”Unlike the Qi Condensation that focuses on accumulation of energies, the Astral Core Realm comprehends the earth and the stars, their mysteries and their intent. By comprehending these things, you can invoke their subsequent tribulation for your Astral Soul!

”Oh yes. At the very first stage of Astral Core Realm, one ’s Natal Soul, what you call Spirits of Qi, will transform, ascend into a profound state dubbed an Astral Soul. This soul refines, creates, stores Mana, your own brand of personalized Mana! In this realm, your qi experiences an evolution of quality, becoming Astral Force! The power of the World Force(Mana) mixed with your own cultivation! ” Wu Jiao grew passionate, unlike before.

His eyes glowed with endless starry light. This was likely a representation of Astral Force! While qi produced its own light, it lacked in comparison to this. It felt boundless, endless, as if peering into the entire world! He seemed to have come to the end of his lecture.

Wei Wuyin frowned. Why didn ’t he explain the World Sea Phase clearly? Could it be that his own comprehension was lacking? When he thought of this, he sneered. That ’s right. He could easily explain all the profoundness of Qi Condensation, after all…he transcended its limits and abilities. To do that, one should have a thorough understanding of it.

But Wu Jiao had likely barely touched the truths of the Astral Core Realm, so how could he explain?

When his mind reached this point, he realized a few inconsistencies and missing points when the Astral Core Realm was briefly explained. For example, if all it took was personalized mana for an Astral Soul, this evolved state of the Natal Soul, then wouldn ’t Qi Condensation Realm cultivators already have this power?

The Ninth Stage of Qi Condensation was refining essence with Mana, your own personalized mana, and this was Qi Essence Motes. He explained that himself earlier. And it regarded merging Natal Soul with Qi Essence to reach that point. That was merely one issue.

Another was his lack of clarity regarding why Mortal States were important. This lecture was filled with holes and lack of information. At first glance, it was profound and life-altering, but another look and one can see the water seeping through from ignorance.

A few keen cultivators with exceptional comprehensive talent, much like Wei Wuyin, started to discover this and their expressions revealed confusion. A few wanted to ask for clarification, but halted because they weren ’t sure if Wu Jiao allowed this or was finished with his words.

Wu Jiao seemed ignorant of his own ignorance. He looked at the crowd and shook his head. Instead, he focused on Wei Wuyin.

”Do you know why I explained this to you? ” Wu Jiao spoke with a calm tone.

Wei Wuyin sighed. He calmly said, ”You explained it to let you know that you comprehend the ability to control world force. So, if you wanted, as long as you were prepared, you could suppress my spiritual ignition and prevent the pellets from exploding. ”

Wu Jiao sneered, as if he hadn ’t heard what Wei Wuyin said, and spoke. ”It ’s because I can control th…wait, what? ” When his mind finally caught up with Wei Wuyin ’s words, he was immediately shocked.

Wei Wuyin gave a bright smile, lacking even the hint of fear. After all, his senses were profound and he realized that this was a mere distraction as the pellets within his avatar were seemingly surrounded. There was barely any indication of it, except a slight change in their energy waves.

Long Chen was startled. His dry blood covered face turned to see Wei Wuyin. He had a look of disbelief on his face, and he wasn ’t the only one.

Wei Wuyin countered with a grin, ”Do you know why I let you talk? ”

Wu Jiao ’s eyebrows furrowed. His eyes widened as he lifted his gaze to see incoming comets soaring through the sky, stopping at the border of Heavenly Wu City in all the cardinal directions. Dozens of comets had volatile energies emanate from them, just like Wei Wuyin ’s avatar.

”Because I have a better hand to play. ”

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