Paragon of Sin

Chapter 134: Gathering - Exchange

cy. This woman truly can ’t appreciate his kindness. Did he not save her?

He inwardly shook his head.

Wu Baozhai calmly replied, ”You ’re underestimating them. They aren ’t so petty, and my actions aren ’t theirs to dictate. ”

”Oh? ” Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but give Wu Baozhai a few more points of likeability.

”Actually, I ’m quite curious how you obtained a bottle of Spirit Ton Elixir. If you don ’t mind me asking. ” Wu Baozhai stated her purpose.

Wei Wuyin coolly asked, ”If I told you I made it, would you believe me? ” Many knew that his current age was thirty-seven, and while some might have looked into the rumors of his discipleship in the Eden Earth Sect. The sect was in ruins and he went by another name there. Due to his status and potential, his identity was mostly kept secret and only a few people and alchemists knew of him. The only reason the rumor would happen is due to leaks from those seeking to sabotage him.

After all, he was nearly assassinated in the Eden Earth Sect. If it wasn ’t for his mortal body that was refined by top-tier energies and a high cultivation, even if it was sealed, he would ’ve been killed.

However, that didn ’t stop the numerous scoffs and internal thoughts throwing Wei Wuyin ’s declaration into the trash. A thirty-seven year old Godlord was believable. There have been countless geniuses, and many of the Astral Core Realm experts of today had reached that achievement.

In fact, Long Chen was five years younger, and that ten year old Godking little girl was even younger. While innate cultivation talent was a possibility, the Dao of Alchemy was fundamentally different.

The only true talent a person could have towards it was affinity for alchemical energies, and that didn ’t help much. The Dao of Alchemy was vast with four unique categories, and countless branches of methods and paths to take. Simply put, it was monstrously difficult.

Only an Alchemic Natal Soul could alleviate these difficulties, and that meant subjecting oneself to life without combat potential.

Even Wu Baozhai frowned slightly. She was truly unable to accept that answer in her heart, but her expression swiftly returned to normal. She knew that Wei Wuyin was an irregularity, so she stuffed the potential of truth down her throat and swallowed it.

”If you said that, then I ’ll believe it. ”

”Then, I ’ll say it: I made it. ” Wei Wuyin declared with a smile.

”… ” The crowd went silent, except one person. Qin Feng had brought some youthful talents from his sect and was quietly in the corner, watching everything. He didn ’t bother engaging with Wei Wuyin, and merely wanted to lay low. Since Wu Jiao directly turned everyone besides him into bloody mist, he felt unable to calm his heart of the possibility that Wu Jiao will come back to get a 100% kill rate.

He knew that Wei Wuyin was a Lord Alchemist, and an efficient one too. At one time, he even thought he had an Alchemic Natal Soul. But, he knew the truth.

Wu Baozhai, without skipping a beat, asked: ”If that ’s the case, do you have any for sale? ”

”For an exceptional woman like yourself? Of course. And, I ’m willing. However, taking your brother ’s history with me, how can I treat his little sister so heartlessly? After all, a single Spirit Ton Elixir is worth hundreds of thousands of essence stones; that is not a small price. ” When those words resounded, several cold wads of air were inhaled. These were split between two types of people, those who was shocked that Wei Wuyin would give a Spirit Ton Elixir for free and others who recalled the insane price tag of one.

That was right!

A single Spirit Ton Elixir, a top-tier, sixth-grade elixir was worth hundreds of thousands of essence stones! This was the reason why, despite the abysmal success rate and production time, alchemists never lacked money. Each product was expensive due to the low-yield and endless demand.

It was also why he felt cheated before. The market price that he sold to Qin Feng was archaic and flat. The true prices were far, far, far higher. Because there was no market price. They were just too rare. It could only be chanced upon, bartered with a leg and arm, but never priced.

Those prices were designed when pills were numerous, but that was long, long ago. That was during the King of Everlore Era, the first and only Mortal Sovereign Alchemist of the Myriad Yore Continent.

He withdrew a low-quality Spirit Ton Elixir stored in a clear bottle and grasped Wu Baozhao ’s hand. His movements were natural and without any speed, yet Wu Baozhai simply allowed her hand to be taken into his. He was startled by the softness, seemingly boneless hand of hers. It was soft like cotton and warm like the rays of the sun. He had never once felt that a woman ’s skin was so intoxicating.

It was only after she pulled her hand away and dazedly inspected the bottle. While her daze seemed to be caused by her disbelief in obtaining this elixir, in truth, she had tried to hide her blush as she similarly felt the miraculously firm yet oddly comforting.

Long Chen, watching from afar, felt an uncomfortable feeling emerge in his heart.

”It really is Spirit Ton Elixir! ” Wu Baozhai exclaimed, looking at Wei Wuyin in shock. He actually had another? Did he truly make this? She couldn ’t help but observe his facial expression that seemed so casual, as if he had given away a pebble. Was he hoping to further their relationship by giving her this for free? Her heart quivered slightly.

For a brief, unintentional moment, she compared Wei Wuyin with Long Chen.

While Long Chen was five years younger, Wei Wuyin might be stronger, and if he was a Lord Alchemist at his age, he was also far more talented. They both cultivated the Haven Heart Qi Method, had exceptional combat strength, came from lowly backgrounds and worked their ways up using their own means, and both stood here today as top-tier geniuses.


She clutched the elixir bottle. She briefly turned around and saw Long Chen ’s frown. Her memories flashed of all their time together, including their relationship. While it had occurred in uneventful circumstances, the fact was that she and he had relations of a man and woman already. Perhaps it was because she didn ’t really have a choice that her mind wandered this way.

Taking a deep breath, she realized that she couldn ’t accept this gift for free. ”I can ’t accept this. I ’ll pay you the appropriate amount. ”

Wei Wuyin nearly insisted but he stopped himself in the end. He nodded with a hearty laugh, ”Fine. When you enter the sect as a disciple, you ’ll be able to pay me back. Until then, I ’ll be waiting. ” He knew that a Spirit Ton Elixir at the appropriate price was insanely high. Perhaps the Imperial Treasury would have to spend half its wealth to obtain it. Considering she was likely unable to access that, he would simply wait.

The gazes of every carried envious glints and jealousy. Many of them, men included, wished they were a beautiful woman and some women wished they were Wu Baozhai! Not only was she high-born, talented, and beautiful, but people essentially give her free shit!

”I- ” Just as she was about to unwillingly accept this condition when she realized that her words were a tad bit hasty as she couldn ’t actually afford it at the proper price, Long Chen stepped forward and humphed. He tossed a storage ring towards Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin calmly caught it, scanned it with his spiritual sense, and smiled. ”It ’s been paid in full. The elixir is yours. ”

Long Chen had just tossed nearly a hundred thousand different types of elemental essence stones, more than enough to cover the cost of the elixir. While he wondered how Long Chen obtained so much extensive wealth, he swiftly deposited all of it to his three-layered ring.

What Long Chen didn ’t know, this had effectively severed a possible karmic tie with Wei Wuyin and Wu Baozhai. If his actions were a little late, Wu Baozhai ’s future might no longer be tied to just him. In that case, perhaps her feelings may truly undergo a shift!

While this occurred, four figures entered the gathering grounds.

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