Paragon of Sin

Chapter 144: The Uncertain Future

ana from earlier engulf them tightly. In the matter of seconds, they were swiftly lifted upwards and soared away at speeds that left the little elites shocked with gaped mouths. In another few seconds, Xiang Ling ’s and Bai Lin ’s humongous figure was no longer capable of being seen.

Long Chen clenched his fists even harder. ’We ’ll definitely meet again, so wait for me. ’

Na Xinyi ’s eyes were quietly flashing with an indeterminate light as her gaze imperceptibly shifted from the horizon to Long Chen. Her hesitation earlier and her lack of making a choice still weighed on her mind. Perhaps in the future, she ’ll be forced to make a choice.

She can only hope that she doesn ’t regret it.


Flying without wings was a novel feeling, and flying without any form of exertion on your part felt absolutely mystical. Xiang Ling could control the world ’s mana, allowing her to rule the sky, flying swiftly within without need for any type of personal energy. This meant she could theoretically fly without limit as long as she had the mental capacity to control the world ’s mana.

They were remarkably fast, blazing through the sky. Her speed easily exceeded Bai Lin ’s as they traveled several kilometers in the span of a few seconds.

Wei Wuyin took this opportunity to inspect the rapidly passing scenery. He noticed that as one looked higher, the density of the essence of heaven and earth seemed to become thicker and purer, faintly even turning into mist. This discovery fascinated him. ’Does the essence of heaven and earth not originate from the continent…or planet? Does it originate from the starry skies or even sunlight? ’

He was unsure, but he felt that this phenomenon was evidence of its possibility. Did that mean traveling beyond the sky could allow one to absorb the purest of essence? He was truly curious to give it a try, see what laid beyond those clouds above.

There were grassy knolls, plains, plateaus, mountains, and forests littering the vast area just like the Myriad Yore Continent. There were signs of people living nearby in thatched, brick, and stone houses. They look rather primitive in materials, but their designs were exquisite and seemed to exude spiritual auras.

There was even a tall wall surrounding a city that seemed like a cascading reverse waterfall of liquid essence. It overturned his thoughts on what was imaginable. There were far, far too many things to observe and describe that he simply took all of it in and would ponder them later.

He was excited to explore this new world!

His eyes also noticed Qing Qiumu who seemed oddly silent, her aura felt distracted and chaotic. Thinking for a second, he tried to wiggle around and realized it was possible to move even while flying. He shifted his body and arrived beside Qing Qiumu, startling her.

”You know, this reminds me of my hometown. The people in primitive huts, the mortals working hard. It makes me realize that this place isn ’t so much different. ” He started to speak, causing Qing Qiumu to be speechless.

In truth, towards this young man before her, she was truly unable to discern her feelings, but she knew that she didn ’t want to take him to be an enemy in her heart. She didn ’t know why, despite being friend ’s with Long Chen, and should be biased towards his enemies, but that ’s how it was. In the end, she merely listened.

But that didn ’t last for long.

At first, Qing Qiumu felt unsettled and uneasy after leaving Long Chen and entering a new world, but as Wei Wuyin was casually speaking his thoughts, she slowly started to relax her heart and mind. Before she knew it, whether it was because his words were engaging or something else entirely, she started to mindlessly reply.

Her words were a little stiff in the beginning, but gradually reached an unprecedented comfort zone as even smiles and her own thoughts seeped through.

Covering her mouth, she giggled softly as she smiled with her eyes. ”No way, no way. You really think it ’ll be like that? ”

”Yep, yep. Absolutely! ” Wei Wuyin nodded fervently like a chicken pecking grains, his eyes filled with certainty. ”Those villagers will definitely be like my own! Chicken lovers, I swear! ”

Qing Qiumu couldn ’t hold in her laughter and let loose a long and loud one with trembling shoulders. Realizing her loss of composure, she blushed slightly but didn ’t feel the least bit uncomfortable or odd. Her earlier thoughts and worries seemed to have been swept away.

Xiang Ling was watching all this and couldn ’t help but think, ’These two have such good chemistry. It ’s so unfortunate that a rotten weed is obstructing the way. ’ She truly felt Long Chen was impeding Qing Qiumu ’s potential and future, but as she quietly observed their lighthearted engagements, she couldn ’t help but form a warm smile. ’But this is fine too. ’

Long Tingyu pouted from within Xiang Ling ’s embrace, and asked, unwilling to see her big brother ’s woman just laughing it up with another man. That ’s improper! Her juvenile thoughts immediately tried to throw a wrench into this and change the subject, ”Can you tell us more about the Myriad Monarch Sect and this world? ”

Xiang Ling ’s eyes brightened, and the conversation between Qing Qiumu and Wei Wuyin actually ceased. They turned towards her, similarly curious. Despite hearing about it from her father, and learning that the elven race existed there, including her ancestor, Qing Qiumu was largely ignorant.

Wei Wuyin ’s curiosity was also incredibly explosive! He truly wanted to learn more.

Xiang Ling nodded, ”Okay. ”

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