Paragon of Sin

Chapter 148: Quintuple Extreme Imperial Mountains

In the distance, a large, imposing, and swift shadow was approaching! It was a winged beast, and had the silhouette of a mortal horse!

Xiang Ling revealed an absolutely brilliant smile after sensing the aura of this incoming flying beast and its rider. ”Good! The sect is taking your arrival with the utmost seriousness. With his arrival, your transition to Sky Noble is essentially set. ” As she relayed this piece of news to the stunned Wei Wuyin, her eyes flashed with an intense desire. This desire was distinct, and it contained a fierce want.

That look accompanied by her exceptional looks and alluring appearance could induce all sorts of thoughts into the hearts of men.

Wei Wuyin was jolted awake by her words as uncertainty lingered between his brows. ”Will there be no tests to verify if I ’m an actual Alchemic King? ” Wei Wuyin was deeply confused about this as Xiang Ling seemed certain of his status from the get-go.

He hadn ’t done much except taken out a seventh-grade pill. Could that be enough?

”I ’ve already checked the aura and characteristics of your pill the moment you handed it over. It has your innate spiritual aura, and it was freshly concocted. Furthermore, for disciples, you simply need to have the ability to concoct a product at that level once. While you won ’t be an ’official ’ Alchemic King, you ’ll have the ’potential ’ to become one. And that ’s enough for the sect. ”

Only then did Wei Wuyin understand. They were judging him off his potential, not his official status. ’Considering the scarcity of King Alchemists…it makes sense that they ’ll truly give me an exemption. ’

Earlier, Xiang Ling had told everyone that even if one had the potential to be a god, they ’ll be treated off their ability. At the moment, his ability was the certainty that he could concoct seventh-grade products, not his potential to be an Alchemic King under the unique requirements set by the starfield.

”Furthermore, I ’ve thoroughly investigated you during those three months. I was curious how you were so talented, and I learned of your origins, including your time as a disciple in the Xin Country ’s Eden Earth Sect. I ’ve long since compiled that report and sent it to the sect with ample evidence and accounts. I even know that your disappearance for nearly a decade was you infiltrating the Eden Earth Sect to learn alchemy. ” Xiang Ling said with a sweet, knowing smile.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart jumped. ’Does she know about my Alchemic Natal Soul? ’ However, considering her words and actions from earlier, this was unlikely. Furthermore, it was concealed within his sea of consciousness, and unless his mind was pried open forcefully, it should be impossible for her to sense it.

Unless of course…she could read his mind.

The more likely scenario was she assumed it was a false rumor he used to infiltrate the sect and learn its secrets. Fortunately, with all its members likely scattered or dead, unaware of his existence, she couldn ’t have obtained detailed information on his time there.

And that was indeed the case.

Qing Qiumu and Long Tingyu realized the situation that Wei Wuyin was in, considering he wasn ’t an official Alchemic King, but simply one with the potential to be one. Long Tingyu pouted. Earlier, she was sent into constant heart-trembling because she believed Wei Wuyin was a legitimate Alchemic King.

According to Xiang Ling, there were far more experts that could concoct seventh-grade products yet were unable to be considered Alchemic Kings. ’He ’s not that heaven-defying! Big Brother isn ’t any worse. ’While her bias remained true, she forgot that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t even forty.

The shadow that approached was undeniably swift, soaring through the skies. It seemed like it was originally hundreds of kilometers away, but in a few seconds, it had already covered half that distance.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart shivered. This speed could be said to rival Xiang Ling ’s! For a mount to possess such speed, how incredible!

”That ’s a Sky Pegasus. It is a Star-grade beast cultivated as the signature mount for those of high status and authority in the sect. Typically, an ordinary mature Sky Pegasus can rival experts at the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm in terms of combat strength, but its true ability lies in its speed and freedom.

”Not only can it reach speeds faintly exceeding my own, but it can enter the Sky Layer and survive in the dark void beyond and traverse starry skies! It ’s this reason its called a Star-grade beast. To obtain one, you need a status at or above the Sky Noble rank disciple or Earthly General rank elder. ” Xiang Ling informed with yearning, desire, and envy in her voice.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes noticeably brightened as he inspected the incoming shadow.

After a while, they could finally see its clearest form as it arrived. It was truly a white-colored quarter horse that was nearly a hundred meters in height, but its wingspan was absolutely massive! It was over four hundred meters from tip to tip, and seemed to cover the suns above.

It had feathered hooves, sturdy and unfathomably powerful-looking legs, and intelligent eyes that seemed to regard the skies as its absolute domain. Its wings were feathered and bright, with faint jade light effusing from each individual feather giving it a pure and majestic aura. With every breath, the wind currents shifted by its will.

Wei Wuyin had only ever seen one other beast that exceeded this beast ’s size! The scaled-lizard in the Beast-Taming Sect, Anu! Of course, Anu ’s single eye was far larger than this pegasus, so his size was unfathomably massive beyond description.


Bai Lin observed this beast that was nearly double her size with a cry of challenge. From Xiang Ling ’s words, she felt an uncertainty in her heart as she might be replaced as Wei Wuyin ’s partner in the skies. She needed to exert her superiority!

While she was absolutely not the match of this pegasus, she was fearless.

The pegasus felt her intent and neighed sharply, causing the world to tremble and the clouds to roil about! This was a beast that could rival an Astral Core Realm expert! How fierce and tyrannical was it?!

Bai Lin didn ’t lose out as she once more fearlessly let loose a sharp, valiant cry. Her golden beak, tail, and eyes started to emanate vast fiery golden light as if she was ready to lay down her very life.

Wei Wuyin noticed this and hastily sent her a spiritual message. ”You ’re my only partner in the sky. ” He had to shoot over and quickly rubbed her feathers, constantly comforting her before she calmed down. But her eyes still contained a sharp and lofty battle intent.

Nevertheless, she was pacified.

As for the pegasus, how could it lower itself to Bai Lin ’s level? It merely snorted and ignored her.

Sighing helplessly, Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but give a wry smile. ’Huh, I just realized I met Bai Lin and Su Mei on the same day. ’This random thought popped in his mind as he regarded Su Mei who stood silently while observing everything. She hadn ’t spoken once since they took flight, just calmly absorbing all the new information and details of this world.

Not only did he meet Su Mei and Bai Lin on the same day, they were also the only two people that followed him without hesitation. He truly felt a surge of warmth enter his heart. ’Regardless of what, I ’ll never abandon them. ’

When Xiang Ling witnessed Wei Wuyin ’s comforting actions, her heart warmed slightly, but a hint of expectation and planning suffused her eyes. At her cultivation, all the beasts she could obtain or cultivate would never become Star-grade beasts. And without one at that level, she could fly tens or even hundreds of times faster on her own. If she had a Sky Pegasus, she could freely travel faster, while cultivating, without a care in the world.

”Elder Xiang Ling! ” A powerful, thunderous voice resounded from the back of the sky pegasus. Just the sound caused the air currents of the world to shift heavily.

Xiang Ling revealed a stern, respectful, and solemn expression as she replied and paid her respects, ”High Elder Bo! ”

High Elder Bo blinked into visual sight, arriving in the sky while seemingly stepping on thin air. After he left the covers of the sky pegasus ’s enormous body, his gender and appearance was fully revealed.

He was obviously a male, and wore a set of multicolored robes with the characters ’Earthly General ’ embroidered on his left chest. His aura felt imposing yet reserved.

Shockingly, he wasn ’t human! Instead, he had tribal runic-like markings that glowed with faint light tattooed onto his cheeks and forehead, and he had dark green-ish skin that glistened somewhat. His eyes were the most odd. He had no pupils or irises, just a light green sea of sclera. He had no eyelashes, simply eyelids that made it a little difficult to tell when he blinked.

His hair was silky and white, stretching the length of his back. It was one of the most beautiful hairs he had ever seen on a person. His aura was fundamentally different than a human, and seemed more connected to elves. It was more focused and seemed to originate from nature itself. His ears were similarly pointy and sharp at the ends, similar to the elven race.

If Wei Wuyin had seen this randomly, he might assume this was a deformed member of the elven race. But he could feel the familiar demonic aura emanating from his body, so he knew he was a member of the demon race!

The High Elder walked calmly towards them, each step shifting him tens of meters until he arrived directly before them. High Elder Bo seemed to lack any ill-intent and radiated a boundlessly amicable and friendly disposition as he smiled, clasping his fists towards Wei Wuyin.

”You must be Wei Wuyin. This humble creature is called Bo Kay. You can call me High Elder Bo or Brother Bo. Any is good with me, ” he let loose a hearty laugh.

Wei Wuyin was taken aback. So friendly? This High Elder was immensely respectful and swiftly and naturally tried to establish a foundation of friendship almost immediately. How interesting.

But he had this feeling that Bo Kay was far, far stronger than Xiang Ling. He likely needed a mere finger to turn him into dust that would vanish with the wind.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t hold back. Considering his clear intent, he decided to discard any reservations. ”I shall, Brother Bo. ”

Bo Kay observed Wei Wuyin ’s mannerisms and lack of prejudice and happily laughed in his heart. He had heard that Wei Wuyin had come from the Myriad Yore Continent, the former home of the King of Everlore, and they had an issue with racism. Furthermore, he seemed intelligent and quick to adapt, immediately accepting his friendly offer.

This caused him to nod delightfully in his heart.

Wei Wuyin gestured towards Su Mei and Bai Lin. ”This is my most trusted subordinate, Su Mei, and my partner in the sky, Bai Lin. ” He introduced, clearly making Su Mei ’s presence known. In the future, she ’ll likely handle most of his matters, so it was best that he set her up as a liason immediately, and have her similarly receive such amicable treatment.

Bai Lin let loose a proud cry as she arrogantly matched gazes with the Sky Pegasus. It was as if she was saying: ”This is my partner, not yours! Jealous? Even your master has to be friendly to him! ”

Bo Kay laughed witnessing such a scene. ”Quite an intelligent creature! And a talented and impressive subordinate. I can see that Brother Wei ’s standards are quite high. It is nice to meet both of you. ” He greeted them with respect that didn ’t lose out to the tone he used on Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin nodded inwardly. This elder is quite tactful. His impression of him was already good, and he might be his first steps on setting a foothold. He knew that the Myriad Monarch Sect might have its differences, but at its core, it was the same: A Sect.

In the Scarlet Solaris Sect, having a greater backing beyond your status or ability was beneficial, and from the clues Xiang Ling had given him, connections and allies mattered greatly.

Bo Kay withdrew a token and sent it floating over to Wei Wuyin. ”I ’ll be taking you to the Extreme Creation Mountain. I ’ll give you your orientation, we ’ll claim your mount, although it seems like you won ’t need it for long, and I ’ll give you a brief tour. ”

Wei Wuyin caught the token. It was made from exceptional materials and extraordinary craftsmanship. It was divided into three sections. The first section said: ”Myriad Monarch Sect. ” The second section below it said: ”Sky Noble. ” The third section said ”Extreme Creation Mountain. ”

Wei Wuyin was in awe of the decorative fonts and color scheme, as it was multicolored as well. On the back was the symbol of three crowns interlaced together. The first crown looked like a normal one humans made, but the other two were irregular, as if made by another race.

The one on the left felt as if it was constructed from nature and raw elements while the one on the right seems chaotically created and brazen in shape, almost demonic.

”You ’ll be able to refine that on the way, it ’s your identity token. With it, you ’ll have the full authority of a Sky Noble, ” Bo Kay explained.

Wei Wuyin nodded in understanding. ’This is my true first step into the sect! ’Waves of excitement roiled endlessly within his heart.

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