Paragon of Sin

Chapter 161: Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity

”So, it ’s really that easy, huh? ” Wei Wuyin quietly left the Extreme Monarch Mountain on the pegasus. Just earlier, he had entered the Prime Monarch Office and submitted a request to form a faction of his own, and the process went smoothly without the slightest hitch.

After a brief series of forms signed which included a bit of information of himself, the name of his faction, and his type of faction, it was simply a matter of 100 Imperial Merits, and then an hour wait for processing.

While the overall process was rather swift and without inconvenience, he was shocked to discover that factions had varying types, and this also determined the freedom and actions they were allowed to take.

There were two main types of factions: Sectoral & Independent. Sectoral Factions were limited to operating within the sect, recruiting only sect members, but its members are protected from external conflicts and are given support in the case of any mishap.

Independent Factions offered more freedom but very little to no support. Those a part of an Independent Faction received zero help from the sect from conflict with other forces within the astral territory, but were capable of recruiting from all over. They were even allowed to accept disciples into the sect to a certain extent, mostly used for young talents. These factions could control contested land on planets and continental flat earths of their own.

Unless the other four hegemonic powers were to be involved, they were truly independent. Even if an Evil Cultivator group banded together to hunt and slaughter members of this faction, the sect will merely allow an official mission to be issued so that other Independent Factions can offer support. And, the rewards of this mission must be provided by the issuer.

While Sectoral Factions would bring about the hammer of hell to any force that dares overstep a single millimeter, even sending Prime Imperial Sages to eradicate entire countries if needed. It was that extreme.

The pendulum ends that was Sectoral and Independent did not have a middle-grounds, which was quite surprising.

Anyhow, he had decided to formulate an Independent Faction. This right would allow him to contest for territory, resources, and even enter conflict with other members of the sect that weren ’t considered Sectoral Factions. The vast, vast majority of Elders residing in the sect were a part of Sectoral Factions, and they donned multicolored robes such as Bo Kay and Xiang Ling.

As for elders that weren ’t, they typically were stationed as guardians within territories by Sky Nobles, Heavenly Kings, and Imperial Sages. They were the core strength of factions acting as sentries and guardians of their territory. There was likely no other sect that operated in this fashion, whether it was its practical application that forced leadership or unity, or its rules of authority, power, and brutal indifference to death.

He learned that while the other two planets and dozen continental flat earths were free territory, the Myriad Yore Continent and Myriad Monarch Planet were territories that couldn ’t be occupied or contested for.

The Myriad Yore Continent wasn ’t just protected by the Myriad Monarch Sect, but by all the hegemonic forces, especially the Elemental Heaven Pavilion. Their founder had been born from there as well. It was only by the grace of the King of Everlore that all these hegemonic powers were capable of reaching their current heights, so they gave it the appropriate respect.

Furthermore, the Myriad Monarch Sect isn ’t the only sect that has access to the continent, but it was their time to select a leader to unite the continent and ensure a period of prosperity and peace while propogating and ensuring that the King of Everlore and other important figures were remembered and respected. Their chosen champion was Wu Jiao, an external Mortal Common disciple.

”I need a base of operations, ” Wei Wuyin pondered this. As he had chosen an Independent Faction, he required territory. This depended on where he wished to settle, a planet or continental flat earth. Regardless, it would be the beginning of his reign as an independent power.

There were two planets within the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory: Wuyu & Junia. These planets were named after the Founder of the Myriad Monarch Sect, Wu Yu, and his wife, Junia.

He needed more information on the various networks, conflict levels, resources, and overall strength of the inhabiting forces. After gauging this, he ’ll make a decision. For now, he flew across the skies and shot upwards intending to penetrate into the Sky Layer. He still needed to cultivate, and he could send Su Mei to obtain alchemical materials.

Right now, staying beneath the Sky Layer offered him very little benefit. The environment above was definitely a hundred times better for his cultivation.

However, just as he reached the sixth level, a larger pegasus flew over. Its trajectory seemed intent to meet him, so he halted his own pegasus to hover within the air in wait. His eyes narrowed slightly, and then a slight smile emerged in his face.

Bo Kay was riding this pegasus.

”Brother Bo! ” Wei Wuyin cheerfully greeted when Bo Kay arrived. The two circled each other, creating a rather brilliantly gorgeous display of jade light that emanated from both of their pegasus ’ wings.

”Heavenly King Wei! ” Bo Kay said with a tinge of shock lingering in his tone.

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”You can call me Brother Wei as long as you consider me as one. ” Towards this amicable demon, he had nothing but good feelings. How could he pull rank or authority?

Bo Kay was sent into a stupor for a moment. He brightly smiled, lifting his tribal markings into an odd yet mystifying shape. ”Brother Wei. ”

”How about we talk in my Sky Palace? ” Wei Wuyin offered. He recalled Bo Kay had wanted to have freedom to enter and exit the seventh level at will. Now that he thought about this, he ’ll likely be moved shortly to the eighth level soon due to his promotion. He wondered how luxurious and majestic his sky palace there will be.

Bo Kay hurriedly shook his head, ”I would love to, but I came for another matter. ”

”Oh? Do tell. ”

”It ’s about your status as a Heavenly King. Have your Alchemic King status been officiated? ” Bo Kay asked, his eyes contained a trace of solemnness that seemed to originate from this question.

”Concerning this…a higher ranking member of the sect automatically promoted me when I earned ten thousand Imperial Merits and offered a few seventh-grade products. But, no, I haven ’t been officiated yet. ” When Bo Kay meant to be an official Alchemic King, it was taking the Alchemist Examination that was held by the Alchemist Association.

The Alchemist Association was an lofty and extraordinary organization devoted to the development of the Dao of Alchemy within the Tri-Vision Starfield. It was originally devised to officiate the status of an Alchemist by four of the five hegemonic powers, confirming their skill and ability while simultaneously allowing alchemists a platform to trade insights, sell products, learn new methods, leave their legacy, and various other matters. It was quite extensive in what they provided.

This later developed into its own neutral, independent entity that was only weaker than the five hegemonic powers, but they had the foremost authority in regards to alchemy.

”I see, ” Bo Kay frowned heavily. ”You see, news has already spread of you becoming an official Alchemic King, but the Alchemist Association has denounced this thoroughly. ”

Wei Wuyin was stunned. News really traveled fast. The concept of transmission crystals was definitely abused here. Before he even finished healing the pegasus of its injuries, he had already heard the crowd discussing the eradication of the Grand Axis Faction. Even he was startled at how quickly that occurred.

Well, the longer it lasted, the more he owed. This was why he offered a favor for Ji Muzhao ’s head, to ensure a quick end. He just didn ’t expect it to be so highly valued that in a short few hours, the entire matter had been wrapped up. Guess this was the dangers of an independent faction.

He slowly rubbed his chin in thought. ”The Alchemist Association? I don ’t really care about that right now. ” Indeed, he never had any plans to become an officially recognized Alchemic King at the moment. He wanted to first delve into the various high-level methods and tools to better his own skills. If it wasn ’t for that old man doing it without his permission, he much rather remain a Sky Noble and slowly build up his reputation step by step.

Right now, he had the foundation and a seed of reputation, so why concern himself with such matters like the Alchemist Association?

Bo Kay realized Wei Wuyin hadn ’t fully gauged the overall situation and explained, ”The Alchemist Association doesn ’t allow those to falsely proclaim themselves as a King Alchemist. Those who do, they issue a writ of challenge. If you are unable to prove that you are an Alchemic King, they ’ll definitely act against you. But only by defeating them and proving your status can you operate as an Alchemic King. ”

”How tyrannical, ” Wei Wuyin pouted slightly. Act against him? How hilarious. They wanted to force him to seek them out, try to rope him in. It could even be a ploy by a rival hegemonic power attempting to lure him out and remove him. He could clearly see the hidden undercurrents that might be happening. Writ of Challenge?


Did they think they were the Heavenly Court? Deciding whose who. He shook his head, unwilling to bother with it all. They even sent Bo Kay as the mouthpiece to deliver this news to him so that he ’ll feel pressured to be recognized. Someone in the sect has ties to the Alchemist Association and were hasty in hoping he would obediently follow along. After all, the Writ of Challenge hadn ’t been issued yet.

”Tell them I ’ve been seriously, nearly fatally injured by Gu Hao and will be unable to accept a challenge currently. In two hundred years, I ’ll accept their Writ of Challenge if they decide to issue it. Until then, I ’m just an unranked alchemist. Okay? ” He calmly smiled and said. If he wanted to sell products, there would always be buyers, officiated status or not.

Bo Kay stilled.

Wei Wuyin laughed at his shocked expression, ”Brother Bo, come to my sky layer any time you want. I don ’t have many friends in the sect, so I could use the company. ” After that, he waved and patted the sky pegasus. With a huff, it shot upwards and pierced the Sky Layer.

Bo Kay remained in that stunned state for several moments before he looked upwards and sighed. ”You shut all their plans down with a few words. ” After, a wry smile emerged on his face. Just as his eyes were brightly lit, a glow of his storage ring alerted him of a message.

He withdrew a transmission crystal and read the message. First he was intrigued, then he was incomparably shocked!

Wei Wuyin had created an independent faction! And, its name was: Ascendants!

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