Paragon of Sin

Chapter 170: Permanence! Power of Gods?

maintain peak power. After creating a ward, all he needed to do was manipulate it with his thoughts.

The advantage was clear! It was absolute!

Excited, he hurriedly tested his theories. Just as he assumed, he truly had these advantages. As he looked around, a hundred strands of saber qi lingered in the air. They were all connected to his thoughts and awareness. With a thought, they merged into one and then split back into a hundred!

”Perfect! This is the Zenith Mortal State! Incredible, incredible! Those at this level, while they may not be gods, they are certainly close! ” As he announced his thoughts, he nodded to himself. While his qi could be whittled down until it dissipated, unlike true matter that can only be destroyed or broken down, it still meant he could create!

If he wanted, he could create his own palace that ’d be made entirely of his qi and lasts forever!


His excitement got the better of him as he slowly indulged in his fantasies. The limitless possibilities made it a limitless fantasy!

He had to take a very long time before he calmed down. It was quite difficult to do after this discovery. Not only did his Mark of Myth evolve, his cultivation base advanced, but he had achieved something many thought was impossible! Not even Astral Core Realm cultivators had the ability to make their astral force permanent.

If, in the future, his cultivation base skyrocketed, could he create his own continent? His own planet? His own star? Did all these things exist because cultivators created them? If so, what was the limit of this world?! He felt a sudden urge to see the peak, explore it fully, and excavate its secrets.

Luckily, he was not a rash person. ’That is a far-off goal. Even if I can reach it, thinking about it will only distract me from seeing what ’s before me. I still have to overcome the Second Calamity of Hell and then its subsequent calamities. I can ’t even be certain I ’ll be able to over the Astral Tribulation. I need to take one step at a time. ’This cooled his emotions greatly, and he realized the detriment of being overly excited.

He sent a message to Su Mei. Afterward, he lifted himself upwards and started to contemplate what other eighth-grade products he should attempt to concoct.

In a few moments, Su Mei arrived. Her black eyes were bright and pure, and her presence was becoming more exceptional. This startled Wei Wuyin as he felt that she was undergoing unfathomable changes, yet he felt that her thoughts towards him remained the same.

”Have you compiled the reports? ” He asked. Before the incident with Bai Lin, he wanted to find members for his faction—Ascendants, and he had a set of specific parameters that needed to be reached. Su Mei had the pegasus and could gather information from his neighbors or below, and she was always diligent.

She gave a brief nod, and brought over a spiritual jade that contained information regarding various candidates. After taking, it gave it a brief read and was somewhat shocked.

”So few? ” There were merely seventeen candidates listed.

Su Mei nodded.

Giving a soft sigh, he realized his parameters were a little too stringent. While he wanted quality over quantity, he still didn ’t think it would be so little, considering there were trillions of people on all three planets and the various continental flat earths.

”Well, make preparations to meet number three. ”

Su Mei nodded and left.

Wei Wuyin realized that he didn ’t want to gather a bunch of nobodies, but highly skilled elites that could be useful to him. If he found some capable lieutenants, he could allow them to manage the lower members, and create an army.

However, that ’s for the future. For now, it would be best to concoct some more products for the future. With his improved cultivation base, the effects of his Alchemic Qi should be multiplied. His excitement was tangible!

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