Paragon of Sin

Chapter 190: Astral Tribulation - Saber

ed, and formed all sorts of miraculous arcs and shapes. His heart raced as he witnessed this with his Celestial Eyes.

Almost immediately, his eyes became dazed and glossy. He was plunged into a mysteriously profound state of enlightenment. Within his sea of consciousness was tracings of each line, arc, and movement of that saber. In moments, he felt different. The puzzle pieces that were scattered were gathered to him as natural as thought itself.

Raising his right index finger, the essence of the world gathered with merely his will towards its tip. It formed a swirling mass of dense astral essence and then with a swipe of his finger, that astral essence transformed into highly concentrated saber essence. It contained an innate sharpness and splitting oppressive force, seeking to slice through the world and bring all things beneath its sharp edge to a clean end.


His eyes soon regained their normalcy and he realized that the strike he had done was based purely on Intent. His eyes became slightly dignified as he observed within his heart the various changes within his mind. Saber Intent was exceptionally potent, capable of being used to refine essence into saber essence, but that essence was refined by his meridians and became his own.

Never had he experienced something like this; this experience of controlling the world ’s essence and externally converting it into something else. It was as if the world ’s essence was subjugated to his will, and Intent had become his meridians. Was this the potentiality of Intent?

Heart of the World, World of the Saber Intent!

”Hm! ” Wei Wuyin smirked slightly as he regarded the Mortal Star above that seemed to possess boundless might. With a wave of his hand, he felt a profound connection to it that seemed to eclipse all things currently present, and this illusory manifestation that size seemed to be larger than his visual perception could gauge was shaken. It trembled ceaselessly as its inherent saber energies started to twist and turn, its size began to rapidly shrink as if under the orders of its god.

”So I can! ” He exclaimed as he slowly clenched his hands into a tight fist and the Mortal Star shrunk abruptly until it became the size of a child ’s marble. With a soft wrenching motion of his hand, this marble flashed before him and his Celestial Eyes could see it clearly. Its energies were influenced by his Intent, under his complete and utter control.

”I see. I see! The Mortal Star Formation Tribulation ’s purpose is to help cultivators. It ’s not only to facilitate the growth of an Astral Soul, but to help develop and deepen one ’s understanding of Intent and energies. ” Considering his Divine Elemental Soul had grasped the principles of Elemental Origin Intent, then this made sense.

”If that ’s the case, Intent has to be incredibly vital for future cultivation. I wonder when it ’ll play a part. ” His eyebrows furrowed as he recalled the Nine Phases of the Astral Core Realm. None of these phases required Intent to advance, causing him to be slightly confused as to when it ’ll matter.

”The realm after? ” Upon further thought, it seemed like the purpose was to assimilate what one could and slowly develop their Intent. Fortunately, he obtained one Intent via absorption and the other by his own talents.

However, he was still somewhat confused. From what he could recall, amongst the five million Astral Core Cultivators, very, very, very, very few developed Intent. While he felt he was talented in regards to comprehension, he wasn ’t so arrogant to believe his talent would exceed the hundreds of trillions of cultivators that have existed for the last millennia.

”Could it be the Zenith Mortal State? Could the 4th Mortal State, the minimum, have incomplete information about Intent? This and them fighting it instead of accepting it would…it ’ll make sense. ” As he thought more and more about it, he came to this realization. Those of a lesser Mortal State formed less helpful Mortal Stars, severely hindering them from comprehending Intent. In his heart, he felt somewhat melancholic, reminded of the phrase: Cultivation is difficult.

Inhaling and exhaling out all of his emotions, he realized that Intent was definitely vital to his and everyone ’s future cultivation path. His plan to focus on recruiting those with Intent for his faction was definitely the correct choice.

”Tch! ” – Divine Saber Natal Soul.

He heard a harsh sound before his Divine Saber Natal Soul externalized and directly devoured the marble. In a huff, it returned back to his dantian. It was obviously in a bad mood as its opportunity to venture into that star was robbed from it.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you see it, when it returned to his dantian, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened. Spontaneously, he felt a wave of euphoric and orgasmic pleasure that sent his entire body into overdrive.

He viciously stifled his moan, but couldn ’t halt his body ’s involuntary reaction as his legs shook and his lips twitched.

”… ”

Another perfectly clean pair of pants…ruined.

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