Paragon of Sin

Chapter 195: News Before Departure

The title Grand Monarch was the most respected and powerful position possible within the hierarchical system of the Myriad Monarch Sect. Due to its unique structure, there was no typical Sect Leader or Sect Master, simply a Grand Monarch. Unfortunately, since the third Grand Monarch, the lineage was cut off.

This was due to the strict requirements adhered to the title of the Grand Monarch, and with its lineage cut, how could there be another? Firstly, a Grand Monarch candidate must cultivate a specific cultivation method: Imperial Heaven Qi Method.

This Qi Method was similar to Divine King Han Xei ’s Divine Element Formation Qi Method in that it transformed the Spirit fundamentally. For the Divine Element Formation Qi Method, one cultivates nine elemental essences to birth Elemental Qi while one ’s Spirit was enhanced and interconnected with it, allowing it to be easier to control.

Those of the ’Divine ’ Heart had greater spiritual abilities, such as strength, reserves of energies, aura, and sense. This enabled one to have exceptional control over the difficult to conjure and control Elemental Qi.

However, the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was lost in the chaos of the past, and merely its name was known. It was said that even during the Grand Monarch Era, the abilities and characteristics of the Spirit who cultivated this method was uncertain and concealed. He had done his own research and it was indeed the case. Not even Tuo Bihan, the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme Creation Mountain, knew of its abilities.

It was lost long, long ago.

The second was an object that the sect still possessed, but was unable to use as only those who cultivate the Imperial Heaven Qi Method could interface with it, and this legitimized their status as a candidate for Grand Monarch.

The Myriad Monarch Canon.

It was a book that detailed the profound secrets of the three Realms—Foundation Establishment, Qi Condensation, and Astral Core Realm, and was classified as an item that exceeded the Astral Core Realm in power when used. Supposedly, it could transform into any object or weapon to be wielded by the Grand Monarch as it pleased.

Not only did this canon supposedly contain the secrets of cultivation, it was renowned as a cultivation treasure and could help one overcome Astral Tribulations. It was a miraculous item with many rumored uses, but it was unable to be used. Without the Lineage of Grand Monarchs, this canon that could cause the inevitable rise of the sect was rendered useless.

Wu Yu, the founder of the Myriad Monarch Sect and the first Grand Monarch was actually the spirit within the ring! This exceeded Wei Wuyin ’s expectations, and his heart and mind flickered with all sorts of intentions and thoughts.

After his identity was clearly revealed, the spirit remained silent for several seconds as if unsure how it was discovered. There should ’ve been no evidence of its existence. Unfortunately for Wu Yu, Wei Wuyin ’s Celestial Eyes honed all of his senses into one, and he saw the exact outline of this man in a portrait before. Even if he disguised his facial features, he seemed to be unable to not reflect his physical body, or perhaps he hadn ’t thought that this would expose him.

Regardless, Wu Yu seemed to no longer hide his physical form. He started to shimmer before his cyan-colored body started to gain definition in its facial features and clothing. A handsome middle-aged man with a magnificent beard, sword-like brows, serene and unfathomable eyes, and a head full of fine hair was revealed.

His entire aura seemed to become naturally exuded as a king ’s crown was situated on his head, and his upright and stable posture revealed a majestic demeanor before the eyes of others. While merely being a spiritual form, Wei Wuyin could still sense the innate imperial authority imbued into his existence over years of reigning supreme within his portion of creation.

Wu Yu was an exceptional man worthy of respect, so Wei Wuyin didn ’t slight him despite their current situation. Instead, he once more gave the appropriate bowing gesture to show his respect.

Wu Yu ’s calm eyes regarded Wei Wuyin. ”I didn ’t want to believe it was true, but it seems like it is. ”

”…? ” Wei Wuyin exclaimed slightly in confusion. Those words were spoken with a tinge of unexpected yet reluctant acceptance. His silver eyes fixated on Wu Yu as he asked, ”What do you mean, Grand Monarch Wu? ”

Wu Yu shook his head and scoffed a little, as if shocked by the audacity of fate. ”You haven ’t seen him, right? Right…most records were expunged on his orders. It ’s likely only a select few who ’ve had stories passed down to them would know. ”

As Wu Yu continued to vaguely speak like this, Wei Wuyin ’s curiosity was utterly stoked. The embers of interest were fluttering about as he listened.

Wu Yu slightly shook his head. How could Long Chen not only meet Wei Wuyin, but swear to kill him? Even today, the hatred he felt for this young man before him was still there, and the feeling of being threatened and a tinge of inferiority couldn ’t help but thrive in the presence of Wei Wuyin. As someone who followed Long Chen since his beginning, he knew this much.

”Your eyes. Have you seen others with silver eyes like yours? ” Wu Yu didn ’t satisfy Wei Wuyin ’s curiosity directly and asked this question.

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”My mother. ”

”… ” Wu Yu was silent for a moment. After that moment he said, ”In this grand world, you must ’ve met numerous people, demons, beasts, humans, or other creatures, yet you ’ve never met another with silver eyes outside of your mother? Those eyes that glimmer with vibrant brightness that seemed to light the world before it. I guess it makes sense after all. ”

Wei Wuyin frowned for a moment, then he recalled Tuo Bihan ’s words. His silver eyes were special and it led to him believing he could cultivate the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity. He didn ’t know why, and even after some investigation during those three years, he hadn ’t found out any useful information, but Wu Yu ’s words were very telling.

”I guess its best not to tell you. You ’ll find out when its time, ” Wu Yu said profoundly.

Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes never left Wu Yu. He hated when others said words like this, thoroughly hated it. However, he wasn ’t an idiot that would simply accept that answer. His mind circulated swiftly and after some thinking, he came to a possible answer:

”The King of Everlore has silver eyes. You think I ’m his descendent? ” Wei Wuyin asked flatly. Since arriving here, he had heard countless stories of the well-regarded, legendary King of Everlore, but he had never seen a single picture of him or description that went into his features. Instead, it was like religious depictions of some elusive god that came and went.

Wu Yu ’s spirit form trembled with the tiniest of movements at Wei Wuyin ’s words, but this was accurately captured by Wei Wuyin. Wei Wuyin shook his head. While he found this information interesting, it was completely irrelevant to his future, only his past. Having never met the King of Everlore, or know the origins of his mother, he wouldn ’t waste time seeking answers to a question that held no benefit to himself.

However, perhaps this was one of the reasons his talent in the Dao of Alchemy was so unfathomably high, and everything came naturally to him. If the King of Everlore felt the same way he did, minus the benefits of the Mind Dao, but adding the Celestial Eyes, his overwhelming success could be thoroughly explained.

With this, he nodded with full acceptance of this possibility, but it wouldn ’t change his life. Therefore, after thanking his ancestor for his natural endowment, he swiftly moved on.

Wu Yu commented, ”Frighteningly intelligent. ”

Wei Wuyin gave off a smile that wasn ’t a smile. ”Now that that is out of the way, shall we discuss other things, Grand Monarch Wu? ” In truth, Wei Wuyin was deeply desirous of the Myriad Monarch Canon and wished to possess it. As it was rumored to carry the secrets of cultivation, how could he not? An item that exceeded Astral Core Realm limits? How could he not?!

Wu Yu seemingly knew of Wei Wuyin ’s objective and shook his head. ”You shouldn ’t let greed cloud your mind. The Myriad Monarch Canon can only be safely refined and wielded by those of the Grand Monarch Lineage. ” Those words caused Wei Wuyin to frown slightly.

”Then, I ’ll be direct. Give me the Imperial Heaven Qi Method and I ’ll find a decent successor and nurture them to the best of my ability. ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t need to be explained that a Qi Method like this needed to be cultivated at the Qi Condensation Realm, maybe even the Foundation Establishment Realm, so he didn ’t have any thoughts of cultivating it himself. As long as he had a puppet that could harness its information and power, it was no different than his own.

Since the Myriad Monarch Canon was already within the sect, he simply needed the missing piece.

”No. ” Wu Yu declared.

”… ” Wei Wuyin felt a burning desire to activate his arrays and torture this spirit, but considering it was Wu Yu, the founder of the sect, he didn ’t want nor dared to push it too far. He didn ’t know what cultivation was required to be able to cultivate out such a spirit form or why it could stay in the ring for thousands of years after his reported death, but he wasn ’t idiotic to think he didn ’t have certain trump cards.

While he had prepared several things such as the pellets and Astral Arrays, who knew if Wu Yu could call forth the Myriad Monarch Canon or activate the hidden arrays of the planet with his will.

In truth, while he didn ’t know it, his lack of haste to seek gains had inadvertently saved his life. This wasn ’t due to Heavenly Daos influence or anything, simply his desire for caution. Because Wu Yu did have a trump card that even his eighth-grade pellets could only turn to dust before!

Wu Yu said calmly, ”I ’ve chosen the candidate for Grand Monarch. ”

”…Long Chen. ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes narrowed. How lucky must one be to obtain the guidance and protection of an ancient cultivator that definitely exceeded the Astral Core Realm? Especially in a dwindled era where there existed only two Realmlords and no Timelord or Starlord.

He had always had the most blazing want to kill Long Chen, but this threw several wrenches into his plans. Fortunately, he had never let his emotions or desires trump his caution. Otherwise, his corpse would ’ve been long since buried and returned to mortal dust.

Taking a deep inhale and unfathomably forceful exhale, he looked to Wu Yu and said, ”He cultivates the Imperial Heaven Qi Method? ”

Wu Yu slightly nodded.

This explained his ability to exhibit the ability of a Sky Ruler Phase cultivator while at the Qi Condensation Realm. Rubbing the corners of his eyes slightly, Wei Wuyin started to think of various matters yet none of them was sufficiently applicable with his current strength. At least, none of his plans had an absolute certainty for success with the variable called Wu Yu.

He asked as if it was a random question that just popped into his mind from frustration, ”So you and Long Chen have already forged a connected bond? ”

Wu Yu nodded slightly without much thought. ”All those who cultivate the Imperial Heaven Qi Method are connected by a formless worldly bond. They can sense the others, especially those that directly helped the other cultivate the method. ”

While he revealed a hint of frustration on his face, as if he lost a great opportunity, but in his heart he groaned massively. ’Fucking Blessed…how much karmic luck did this cost?! ’

To obtain the guidance of an ancient expert that once dominated a portion of creation was…

He didn ’t even finish that line of thought, and merely calmed his heart, considered a few things, and moved on in his heart. He had to, or being bogged down by these thoughts would affect his mind and cause him to grow bitter.

”Grand Monarch Wu, then…do you mind answering some questions for me? ” Wei Wuyin asked with a hint of a smile.

Wu Yu seemed unbothered, but what he said next caused Wei Wuyin to truly groan in his heart. ”I can, but after…return me to Long Chen. He is my inheritor. I must guide him properly. ”

While this is what he said, Wei Wuyin felt a sense of bullshit from his words. It ’s likely that he was seeking a way to revive. This was his most earnest belief at this moment, and Long Chen was his tool. While he wasn ’t sure if it was to possess Long Chen ’s body, or if Long Chen needed to cultivate to the point he could obtain a certain item to do so, this was what his heart and instincts were telling him. However, if this was planned by the Heavenly Daos and Wu Yu had ill-intentions, Wu Yu might change his intentions along the way or end up inevitably benefiting Long Chen at a critical moment.

He could only sigh in his heart.

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