Paragon of Sin

Chapter 200: Bloodforge Continent

In the Myriad Monarch Planet, there were Void Gates stationed all over, but besides the private residences of those with sufficient abilities to accumulate the materials to fashion one near their residence, only one publicly used Void Gate was available. This Void Gate was located in the Extreme Imperial Mountains, and it was overseen by a Mortal Captain-rank Elder by the name of Li Ling.

She belonged to the Li Clan, and this clan belonged to a former Heavenly King of the Extreme Origin Mountain turned Prime Imperial Sage. With his clout, he stationed a member of his family within to operate and oversee its functions.

Wei Wuyin had just paid Li Ling a visit, clarifying a few details about his departure and its need for discretion. While there was typically a public record made for all who used it, this didn ’t suit his own interests and safety. As such, he could only arrange for him to depart in the most stealthy fashion.

The reason why he didn ’t use the personal of others Void Gates were similarly for limiting those who knew of his departure. Furthermore, he didn ’t truly seek complete and utter discretion. Instead, he wanted to send out some bait….bait that he could personally craft.

However, during his visit, he made a shocking discovery about a certain someone. Her name was Wen Mingna, and she was originally from the Myriad Yore Continent, and according to Su Mei ’s hastily compiled report on her, she was very low-key. She was supposedly facially disfigured by a horrific accident and suffered issues with her personality and such due to the event. This caused her introverted attitude and lack of communication with others.

Of course, this was her own tailored-made lies crafted to protect her while allowing her peace of mind to operate as she pleased. When Wei Wuyin learned this, he couldn ’t help but smile with a hint of praise. Her foresight was exceptional, as if she saw her future if she hadn ’t taken this path.

However, who would ’ve thought that hidden within her was a faint presence he had only felt once before. This presence made him feel uncomfortable and gave off a faint feeling of holiness.


It was fate energies that could commune with the heavens and view heavenly trends!

He hadn ’t noticed this due to his Celestial Eyes, but his Bloodline of Sin. It gave him an unnatural sensitivity towards heavenly influence or powers. Ming Shufeng was similarly someone who had this holy light within her, and she was a Seer!

However, Wen Mingna ’s light felt somewhat different from a Ming Shufeng. Regardless of this difference, the talent to cultivate Fate Qi was evenrarer than having talent towards Alchemical Energies. Unlike Alchemical Energies, one needs a hint of talent or potential to even create it.

Therefore, he needed to plan this out thoroughly to give him the greatest benefits possible. Possessing a Seer, Oracle, or Fortune Teller by his side is like being able to glimpse into Heavenly Will as he desired. Without any hesitation, he offered her a chance to cultivate in his Sky Palace.

She was hesitant at first. Obviously she was concerned about his intentions, and considering the lengths she went to to ensure her independence as a cultivator, he had to solemnly swear a Spirit Oath on Ori that he wouldn ’t do anything untoward or forceful to her unless asked. Only when that oath was sworn did she relax, and her brown eyes lit up with exceptional brilliance. With her excited agreement, he took her to his Sky Palace.

’Nurturing my own Seer will give me benefits beyond just glimpsing into Heavenly Will, but allow me to decipher the clues of the Calamities of Hell. ’ His ambition wasn ’t to simply survive the Second Calamity and strive for the Realm of Sages, but he wanted to overcome all eighteen calamities and regain his freedom as an individual.

After bringing her to his Sky Palace and introducing her to the cultivation rooms, he rode on Bo Kay ’s pegasus. The Gale End Leaf Demon Elder was still close with Wei Wuyin. They kept their faintly brotherly relationship and even grew closer in these recent years. They were currently flying to the Extreme Imperial Mountain.


Bo Kay had a slight frown, ”Are you sure you want to leave the Myriad Monarch Sect? ” There was evidently a dense amount of concern within his tone and eyes. He was the one assigned to deliver Wei Wuyin a message to be officially examined as an King Alchemist by the Alchemist Association. He had brushed it off easily before, but this slight and the subsequent slights he gave the Alchemist Association wasn ’t minor.

If they learn of his departure, who knew what they would do? Their influence, after all, reaches far and wide beyond the standard imagination.

Wei Wuyin knew of this possibility and smiled it off. How could he not know of the potential influence of the Alchemist Association? In a mere four years, he had dominated the Myriad Monarch Sect and thoroughly caused all sorts of corruption in his favor to occur. He would be foolish to think he was an exception. After all, he was just one man. How could he compare to an entire organization of unified alchemists?

Furthermore, his reputation was lesser now that this Princess of Everlore was revealed. Perhaps if he revealed Eden, his Alchemic Eden Astral Soul, the world would realize his terrifying prowess and potential. However, he had no intentions to do so. At least, for now.

When he finally reached a point where he could be fearless within the starfield, and dominating heaven and earth, only then will he consider that matter. Even now, he concealed his ascension into the Astral Core Realm. The fact he had two Natal Souls was widely known, and his ascension to the Astral Core Realm was bound to create endless tumultuous waves. After all, it was both a sign of his combat potential, cultivation potential, and with Alchemic Force, his alchemic potential.

If he was a top-tier Alchemic King before, then now…it ’s likely he was an Emperor Alchemist. An Emperor Alchemist before the age of forty-one will cause natural disasters and be a prelude to the change of the fundamental landscape of power.

”It ’s fine. I have matters I have to handle personally. And, I ’m well protected. ” Wei Wuyin comforted Bo Kay. He wasn ’t willing to resign himself to become a caged cultivator. While he could spend all his time balled up within his sky palace and cultivating, this wasn ’t his style. He liked being proactive and seeking his own fortunes, enacting his own plans for the future, and providing himself with a level of adaptability. Furthermore, he didn ’t have a hundred percent certainty for a long life.

Soon, they arrived at the Extreme Imperial Mountain ’s first level, and location of the Void Gate. When he arrived, the Void Gate was empty and barricades were set. Those who would usually use the Void Gate to leave had to wait as it was stated to be in maintenance.

With a token, a spiritual light enveloped the pegasus and them, allowing them to easily seep into the spiritual barricades that blocked spiritual and physical senses. When they entered, there were only four figures: Xiao Bai, Su Mei, Li Ling, and Zuhei!


Unlike before where he was emaciated, withered, and rotted from the inside and outside, he was exceptionally clean now. His long silver hair was gorgeous and each strand flickering with traces of silver luminance. Iit was cut and styled into a rope braided ponytail that dangled and barely missed the ground. At the sides of his face were two lockets of sharp silver hair that had sanguine highlights at their edges. They looked like silver fangs.

Most notably was his face. Not only was his hair gorgeous, but his facial features were exceptionally beautiful for a man. It was like looking at a silver full moon. It attracted everyone ’s attention regardless of gender. His flawlessly pale skin and sharp scarlet eyes were demonically alluring, and coupled with those thin lips that had a faint sign of sharp teeth made him somewhat feral.

His physique was slender and toned with each iota of muscle being well-defined and contained reserved yet prevalent strength. Besides his sharp canine teeth, which seemed as if it could rend metal and bite air, he could easily be mistaken as a human.

He wore loose grey pants, barefooted with sharp toenails that were perfectly trimmed and had a jade-smoothness, and his upper body wore merely a robe without anything beneath, revealing his hairless chest to everyone present. His hands were currently hidden behind long robe sleeves, and he seemed to stand around with a lazy air as if completely disinterested in everything in the world.

However, when Wei Wuyin arrived, his scarlet eyes flashed and a hint of respect flashed that couldn ’t be concealed.

This was Wei Wuyin ’s first selection for Ascendants, excluding Su Mei, and he had an ill-past that had to be scrubbed and handled before he could officially be inducted. This was an expensive venture, especially since he had to rebuild Zuhei ’s cultivation base entirely.

They landed.

”Lord Wei, ” Su Mei greeted respectfully.

”Master, ” Zuhei called out.

Bo Kay stilled. Master? He knew of Zuhei ’s reputation, and the immense slaughter he caused that inevitably led to the sect sentencing him to life imprisonment. They were unwilling to allow him to just die, but suffer for his long lifespan. While he had long since heard from his connections that Zuhei ’s sentence was commuted thanks to Wei Wuyin ’s interference and contributions, he didn ’t think Zuhei would consider Wei Wuyin his master.

One must know Zuhei was a Silver Wolf, and his ancestral lineage was said to originate from Fenrir, a mythological existence on par with phoenixes and dragons. They were all innately proud and would never lower their head, often causing chaos and were perfect warriors.

Wei Wuyin nodded, completely expecting Zuhei ’s term of address. Since the beginning, he had considered Wei Wuyin his savior and thus his master for life. His words were: ”As my master, I will be your claws, your fangs, and your second life. ”

He commended his loyal spirit, and he wouldn ’t reject such passion. In fact, this only solidified his desire to nurture him. As a Second Stage Astral Core Realm cultivator with Battle and Slaughter Intent, his potential was exceptional.

It was truly unfortunate that he couldn ’t restart his cultivation fully and allow him to enjoy the full baptism of the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation, but since he had already birthed Battle and Slaughter without a Battle or Slaughter Natal Soul, this only meant his natural talent towards these two might compare to his own with Saber.

Given that, he was bound to have immense achievements in the future with sufficient resources. The only issue was his Mortal State, and only ninth-grade pills can post-create Zenith Mortal State Astral Souls. Therefore, he needed to become a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist before he could truly rectify his issues.

He didn ’t bother speaking to Li Lang, Su Mei, or Zuhei. Instead, he brought out a Void Disk and threw it towards the Void Gate. When it activated and created a black void portal, his eyes focused as he said: ”Let ’s go. ”

The Bloodforge Continent awaits.

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