Paragon of Sin

Chapter 201: Untested Strength

The Bloodforge Continent was one of the most contested continental flat earths within the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, and just as its name suggests, it placed an emphasis on the Dao of Forging. Its size was comparable to the Myriad Yore Continent, yet the majority of its resources were ores and minerals from mines. These ores and minerals weren ’t just used in the Dao of Forging, but even alchemists relied on extracting their material essence and energies to concoct various products.

This made it a very profitable continent and highly contested amongst the twelve continents, infested with conflict and territorial disputes. The Bloodforge Continent had no true ownership, and eighty percent of its territory were split and dominated by Sky Nobles via proxy forces. Due to its split territories and heavy conflicts, the Myriad Monarch Sect allowed the continent to elect its own King to create a neutral zone for its native citizens. This King would have the Power of Authority of a Sky Noble disciple. This would allow him to rule his specific territory to protect and defend against the various disciple sent forces.

Moreover, the Myriad Monarch Sect disallowed any cultivators above the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm from arriving and participating in conflict, preventing elite elders and Sky Nobles from descending and causing immense destruction and chaos. This regulation was set on almost all the continents. Because the level of strength that could be mustered by those experts could result in a complete and total continental collapse.

This leading King was an elected native of the continent. The term ’elected ’ native generally meant the strongest native cultivator born from the Bloodforge Continent. As strength was the foundation for authority.

The current seated elected leader was Xue Duan, or otherwise known as the Bloodforge King. He regulated various matters and stabilized the continent ’s survival amidst the tense, bloody, and constant battles between the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s factions and proxy forces. With a strength at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the literal peak allowed on the continent, he could further establish rules without being questioned. Even the forces and disciples were hesitant to offend him.

Because of his uniquely bestowed Power of Authority, he was essentially a Sky Noble within his territory, capable of influencing the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s disciples that arrive. However, there were limitations to his power. The Bloodforge King was unable to interfere in conflicts that did not encroach on his assigned territory. In truth, he had no power outside of his cultivation base on contested or claimed territories by Sky Noble Faction members. In fact, past elected Kings have been killed due to overextending their hand.

This assigned territory only covered about twenty percent of the continent, and was deemed the safest area for citizens and other individuals who sought out peace. It was named the Xue Country.


In the Bloodforge Continent, Xue Country.

The Xue Country was riddled with cities, towns, and minor villages that housed all sorts of cultivators and miners seeking to make a living, advance their cultivation, and live a nice, long life. Between these areas were paved roads that were surrounded by wild trees, grassy plains, and mountains.

In a grassy plains near one of the many roads leading to civilization, there was a wreckage that was composed of broken pieces of carriages and dead horses. The smell of blood and moans of pain and vengeful hatred echoed alongside slicing and clashing sounds.

Clang! Clang! Boom!

Fierce and vigorous qi raged as two groups of individuals fought. The first group was a ragtag band of cultivators without a set uniform, but they sported a unique insignia. This insignia was a black mountain with a bloody halo above. Each of these cultivators expressions were chilly, vile, and excited as they launched qi arts and brandished weapons of war and death towards their opponents.

The other group was more unified and dressed as armored knights. They wielded swords or spears and their facial expressions were concealed by their helmets. These cultivators were clearly outnumbered and lacked in terms of cultivators, being nearly three to one.

It was a total slaughter as the ragtag group killed without mercy, ganging up and obliterating their targets without any casualties. Even when the knights tried to detonate themselves, they were caught in their moment of careless abandon for their lives and received an arrow straight through their helmets and skulls.

The puncturing sound was particularly gruesome.

Before long, the winning side was made clear.

”Finally! These bastards are dead. Whew, ” a pink-skinned, short beastman with the snout of a pig and a heavy belly said while wiping the sweat off his thick brow. In his hand was a double-sided axe that was drenched in the fresh blood of nearly a dozen warriors.


A giant of a man, standing at about seven feet, crushed the head of an decreased corpse into mush with his feet. He grounded it in, and revealed a smirk. ”Truly contemptible. Could ’ve all went home to fuck their wives if they simply threw down their honor. ” His dark brown skin and bald head made his bulging muscles and height establish an imposingly brutish aura. He had no weapon in his hands, but upon his knuckles were bits of bone, blood, and flesh—not his.

”Ptooey! ” A middle-aged human male with his sword sheathed walked amongst his men, which numbered more than fifty, and looked at the sole carriage amongst the area that was untouched despite all the ruckus of battle and death. As he passed, those men revealed eyes of respect and a hint of fear.

His eyes were like pure obsidian, where iris and pupil could barely be told apart, and his pointed nose, sharp eyes, and indifferent smile gave him an unfathomable feeling. He walked to the carriage and knocked, causing whoever or whatever within to jump. The faint whimpers and startled breaths of those inside was prevalent.

”Come on out now, I don ’t bite. ” His voice was dark and deep, so his words came off very threatening and sinister. With a shrug, he turned to his men who proceeded to smile and chuckle as if they were enjoying a show.

”If you don ’t come out, I ’ll get mad. You don ’t want me to get mad, do you? ” A brief silence after and the carriage door clicked. The man smiled as he reached in and opened the door. When he did, a swift shadow plunged into his embrace.

The man was taken by surprise for a moment, but he didn ’t seem to be caught unprepared. His hands were swift as he moved to capture the shadow, his movement speed was impressive! In a split second, the shadow was captured and turned around.


The sound of metal hitting solid ground resounded as a dagger left the shadow ’s hands and fell.

”Boss Bai! She ’s a feisty one! ” The pig-like beastman chuckled as he hefted his axe. Those words elicited a round of laughter.

The so-called Boss Bai held a woman in his hand, restrained in his embrace with one arm and his other hand clung onto her neck. She struggled, but to no avail as his qi easily infiltrated her body and suppressed her strength. She was looked young, about her later teenage years of a mortal woman, with a fair complexion and rich blonde medium-length hair.

Her soft, milky skin and luminous blue eyes were particularly eye-catching. While her body lacked that vixen-like curvature and breasted figure, that which she did have was still alluring to the opposite sex.

With her neck held, she tried to cry out and struggle, but only choked groans and pained grunts were heard. Her struggle fueled the watching crowd ’s vigor as many looked her up and down. With her luxurious robes with various sets of jewelry, she appeared to be rather wealthy, or originated from a wealthy family.

Boss Bai sneered as he held her down, his eyes roaming at her animated breasts and delicate skin. A hint of lust emerged in his eyes. He started to move his hand from her neck down her chest, feeling the plump flesh of her twin mounds before sliding further down her belly until…

”There ’s still one more inside! ” A sharp eyed fellow amongst them called out as he saw a figure peek outside from within the carriage. This caused the others to look, curious and excited.

”Come on o- ” Boss Bai was in the midst of shouting out an order towards the carriage when an abrupt popping sound erupted nearby, eliciting a concerted start and shift of everyone ’s attention. Not too far away, a few blurry figures seemed to be appearing from nothing, and one of these figures were nearly eighty meters high.

Boss Bai ’s, an experienced fellow, eyes widened as he said, ”Void Portal? ” Unless one was at the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, sensing a Void Portal produced by a Void Gate was nigh impossible. The spatial energies within were imperceptible to most eyes, which is why it seemed as if those who traveled through it emerged from thin air.

In a split second, four figures arrived!

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