Paragon of Sin

Chapter 203: Ascendant - Ying


Until he remembered the Evil Cultivator. He was crippled once before but he had regained his cultivation and recovered fully after an Evil Method cultivation error. If it could happen once, it could happen again. With all his strength, he returned to a location that he had once avoided with his everything: the Evil Cultivator ’s lair.

He found a cultivation manual, and it was the same cultivation manual the Evil Cultivator used against him. Its purpose was to siphon the innate energies of an individual to cultivate. It was rather basic for Evil Methods, as it merely stole innate energies and lifeforce to supplement oneself, and this was the basis of all, if not most, Evil Methods.

He clutched at this evil ray of hope. He clutched it with his all. He explored and planned. He needed living targets, but cultivators could easily kill him with a single move, even the weakest. In fact, a five-year old child could slap a weapon out of his hand and break his skull. His decreasing physical state and mental ability caused his bones, muscles, and mind to become unfathomably weak.

With a decreased reaction time, he could never kill or capture anyone that could react to him. So, he was forced to do what any individual with a hint of morals and principles would despise doing; he targeted the weak and defenseless: infants.


He did the unthinkable, the most vilest action imaginable, the cruelest and despicable act possible: He killed infants. Their nascent energies were easy to consume, while minor, they were easy to use the cultivation method on and there was little chance of a backlash. He needed living targets, and it was his own choice. He quietly hid, found key moments, and snatched the infants away. After crying river-like tears while ending their brand new lives, he soon regained his cultivation.

The pain tore at his heart, and thoughts of killing himself became rampant. Was his sole purpose, his sole desire for living, to kill those that had done nothing to him? Why was he pushed to this point?! Why him?!?!

He had everything in his youth, and wanted for nothing. He couldn ’t sleep, and tears would fall without end for days at a time, but for each drop that fell…he pictured those who pushed him to the brink. They left him with nothing, took his everything for an insult and a slight.



He set a goal for himself. With this in mind, he shut off his emotions and deeply focused as he cultivated, used his Shadow Intent to grow and develop, becoming an assassin that killed for money. His Evil Methods improved, and he could take the innate energies of the recently deceased, allowing his cultivation to grow leaps and bounds. He attained various assassination arts, trained in them, and killed.

He was mercilessly terrifying as he came without warning and claimed lives without end. Decades soon passed, and his desire for revenge was never reduced, his mind focused on that goal.

Until, he finally found them. Those who slighted him.

One had a marked gravestone without a body inside and the other was killed in a battle between clans. They were dead.

At that moment, he didn ’t know what to feel. He had performed all these killings, these evil acts, merely for the sake of revenge, yet this cruel world didn ’t give it to him. Instead, it claimed their lives before he could even see them again. They eradicated his family, took away his hope! Yet now…they were no longer of this world.


That was what he felt.

His dagger that was stained with thousands of lives was useless. On one dark night, he gripped his dagger and brought it to his heart. All it required was one simple thrusting motion, and his entire life would be brought to an end. It would all end.

The faces of those smiling, crying, and curious infants flashed in his mind. The faces of those he killed that reflected confusion, unwillingness, despair, hatred, and want. The want for more life! They flashed within his mind.

What was this all for? What was this all for?!

Every life taken to further his agenda, meaningless. Absolutely fucking meaningless. Despite all this, when it came to plunge himself into the cold embrace of death, to seek absolution from his sinful acts, the dagger that painfully poked at his skin…dropped.

In the end, he couldn ’t do it.

Was he a coward? Yes! Did he want to live? No! He wanted nothing more than to end it all, but he couldn ’t end it himself. Should he find someone to send him to his death? Could he? And so he tried, and at the moment the sword neared his neck, his body instinctively took action, slicing into the throat of his would-be killer with his dagger.

A head fell; it wasn ’t his.

Ying was lost. His will to live was too strong, but his desire for death was equally strong! He wanted to leave this world, but he couldn ’t do so on his own. How unfortunate. But his sin was like blood that could not be washed off, and the deaths by his hands were too numerous to count.

So, he could only do what he could: try to find redemption.

The months turned to years which turned into decades as he devoted his life traveling the world, seeking to save a life if he could. However, his means were flawed, because…to save a life, another one or several had to die.


He lived his life in this limbo state, trying to help strangers while seeking absolution of his acts, but only piling more.

Before he knew it, he had lived for hundreds of years, yet his life of good deeds had not washed off a single iota of sin from his hands. But one day, someone will come. That person would be able to give him what he seeked the most.

Ying thought he had finally met this man at the end of his life. Little did he know, this man didn ’t want his life; he wanted him.

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