Paragon of Sin

Chapter 208: Who Are You?

Blood Titan Square was a vast venue, open-field with a two-feet high platform that extended for fifty meters. The square itself was surrounded by various buildings that acted as areas for seating and viewing. The flat open square area itself spanned for two hundred acres, or nearly eight hundred thousand square meters. Normally, the square wouldn ’t be filled to capacity, with only a few battles or plays performed on the platform.

However, today, it was filled to the brim. The buildings that towered for hundreds of meters with various viewing areas and seating arrangements were also occupied to the maximum. There were even some who were standing on the shoulders of their spouses or parents. It was incredibly lively as concessions were even sold.

Various individuals garbed in uniform were making rounds, levitating through the air seeking customers. When someone wanted something, a shout and a toss later, a bag filled with all sorts of candies, beverages, and entertainment food. Each of these individuals had the clan insignia for the Chen Clan on their backs or shoulders.

They were profiting immensely from this event. In fact, over the course of several weeks, the Chen Clan has publicized this All-Alchemic Challenge to all three major and even numerous minor cities. It ’s entirely possible that there were members of the Ruling Clan of the Xue Country to be in various VIP areas, being waited on until the start of this event.

At a certain area within the square, a luxurious tent was set up, and it was large enough to be regarded as a mansion. It stood proud with the insignia for the Chen Clan levitating above it, large enough to be seen by all those viewing from the buildings on ground. Countless gazes were drawn to it, and reverence and respect flashed without fail.

At this time, a figure walked into the square. With his silver eyes, tall, well-proportioned figure, and distinctively remarkable countenance, he was met with all sorts of stares and gaped mouths. ’This place is crowded. ’His thoughts were quite casual as he walked through the mass of bodies that were somewhat clustered.

Fortunately, there were clear roads of travel, so arriving at one allowed one to push further into the square. ’At least it ’s organized. ’Despite its crowded appearance, there was no issue with movement. He had it rather easy as long as he didn ’t try to plow through the various bodies.

He looked at the buildings that contained numerous life auras. ’All of this for an All-Alchemic Clash? This must be quite important. ’It was rare to see such a gathering without reason. Either those involved were important or the event itself had a high viewing factor with countless wanting to witness history.

After a while, his curiosity got the better of him as he asked an excited young man.

”What? You don ’t know?! No way! You really don ’t? I can ’t believe it! ” The young man was quite wordy, but in the end, he explained what Wei Wuyin wanted to know. The Chen Clan and the An Clan had an exceptional wager in place against their top-tier alchemists. Normally, the An Clan would be a given win because they had the most skilled alchemists, but the Chen Clan had made everything topsy turvy as they snatched the alchemist away!

This made the event an undecided clash! Especially considering that the An Clan was betting fifty-percent of everything they owned in this challenge, and it was said their patriarch had sworn a Spirit Oath regarding this challenge. If they lose, they would truly lose everything without recourse except war!

Because if they went against that oath, they ’ll lose their only Astral Core Realm expert! If that happened, wouldn ’t they decline until the abyss! The stakes were real, so everyone wanted to witness this moment of history. It could be the possible downfall of a major clan!

Wei Wuyin was mildly amused. However, this was truly a minor event to him. After a few more questions, he learned that the former top-tier alchemist of Blood Titan City, which originally belonged to the An Clan, was representing the Chen Clan. This made everyone even more excited!

If they knew that Wei Wuyin, the widely-acclaimed Prince of Everlore, had casually decided to represent the An Clan, who knew what they would do? He shook his head slightly. He felt even less excited to participate when he learned the skill level of that so-called top-tier alchemist…

Lord Alchemist!

That ’s right!

The top-tier alchemist of the Blood Titan City wasn ’t even a King Alchemist. In hindsight, this made sense. After all, there were less than three hundred King Alchemists within the entire Myriad Monarch Astral Territory. With their value, they were likely cultivating in the Myriad Monarch Planet or the other two main planets, not a lowly continent like this, let alone in one of its main cities.

He sighed. For a moment, he thought whether there was any point in this, and his idle desire to participate in an All-Alchemic Clash vanished. If there was some hint of a challenge, he would love it. However, sixth-grade products?!

In the Myriad Yore Continent, he had learned a concoction method called the Earthly Nine Concoction Method. It was normally a strenuous and extremely exhausting method that allowed the rapid creation of alchemical products, allowing one to concoct nine portions in the time it took to make one.

The Nine into One Qi Control was one of the few things tested in the Myriad Nascent Dao Tower ’s Examination, but it was simplified considerably. The Earthly Nine Concoction Method grasped this type of control and matched it with Alchemic Qi. However, in the Myriad Monarch Sect, there was a Thirty-Three Heavenly Concoction Method. With it, a person splits their Alchemic Qi or Alchemic Force into thirty-three, allowing for thirty-three products in the time it took for one.

It was an extreme method.

Very few could ever hope to practice it, let alone obtain mastery, but Wei Wuyin had done so easily. His Celestial Eyes, mental energies, and physical energies allowed him to handle the extremely exhausting action. Furthermore, it normally took him a few minutes to concoct a single sixth-grade product, and that was prior to obtaining Alchemic Force.

With it, he could concoct thirty-three sixth-grade, peak-tier products in a few minutes, likely a few seconds now. This competition truly lost its meaning the moment he set foot into it.

”Well, Zuhei and Su Mei haven ’t found her yet, so I guess I ’ll just use this to pass the time. ” Wei Wuyin scratched his chin with disinterested eyes roaming about casually. Considering their target, it could take months to fi…

His eyes screeched to an abrupt halt.

Those eyes of his caught sight and latched heavily onto a figure within a particular building. It belonged to a human, and an exquisite one at that.

Her long, straight hair was like a cascading waterfall of night. It perfectly framed her tear-drop shaped fear, revealing her thin s-shaped brows, those hazel eyes with flecks of navy blue, long lashes, and double-lobed full lips that seemed as soft and delicious as the sweetest cake. Those features paired with her rich caramel skin was absolutely perfect.

That willowy bodily frame of hers supported a large set of perky, curvy breasts that one ’s hands feel inadequate. Her captivatingly alluring curves were exquisitely superb, tantalizing to the sights. Despite its devilishly-tempting sculpted form, she emanated a pristine and refined feeling that made one appreciate, not immediately lust after. This was a true nation-toppling beauty! Even when he compared all the beauties before, only Qing Qiumu and Na Xinyi could compare.

His eyes brightened considerably.

Wei Wuyin ’s steps halted entirely.

He hadn ’t had his breath taken away before, but today, it certainly happened. However, he didn ’t act on impulse. Instead, he started to frown deeply as he focused on that specific area. With his Celestial Eyes, he could see other individuals besides this woman and they donned official, imperial clothing, and insignias. It was very reminiscent of princesses and princes of the Wu Country with slight differences.

After a short series of successive thoughts, his lips lifted into an exceptionally confident grin.

Just as he was immersed in his own thoughts, a large shadow eclipsed the bright sun as a flying beast floated above the square.

”Look! It ’s the An Clan! ”

”It is! It ’s about to start! ”

The crowd went into an uproar, excited to see and witness this event. Either it ’ll be completely one-sided or intense, but regardless of which, it would definitely be entertaining watching the two overlords of Blood Titan City duke it out!

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