Paragon of Sin

Chapter 212: Another Blessed?

”Im-Impossible! ” Yun Daotian shrieked out, completely losing his prestigious demeanor of an elite Lord Alchemist. He was thoroughly shocked and unwilling to believe this, examining the pillar of black with an intense focus to perceive any flaw. However, Wei Wuyin thoroughly shattered his forming delusions as he withdrew a marble-like object and allowed it to float.

Its aura was definitely of Noxious Umbra Energy! Furthermore, it was the highest quality of it he had ever seen. Even he hadn ’t concocted a Noxious Umbra Venom Pellet like this before! A resounding gulp and he felt his knees tremble.

Normally, he wouldn ’t be so broken in defeat, but this was an All-Alchemic Clash! Losing in a category that you chose generally meant your loss! If he lost in his selected type of specialty, how could he hope to compete in Wei Wuyin ’s own choices?!

There was no reason to run up and verify the pellet. The phenomena and aura were sufficient to prove it was real. Furthermore, he could sense Wei Wuyin ’s aura within, so it was definitely refined by him!

Chen Xiaowei turned three shades paler, his eyes widening as she realized the direction of this clash. Just from how Wei Wuyin succeeded in a few hours revealed that he wasn ’t a Lord Alchemist, but likely a King Alchemist!

While she couldn ’t feel his astral force, she felt a sense of danger, so he was definitely at the Astral Core Realm! How did that imbecile obtain the support of an Alchemic King?! Her shock-filled eyes shifted to An Ge who wasn ’t any different. His eyes were bulging with disbelief and it seemed he was coming to the same conclusion as she did!

”What dogshit luck, you idiotic bastard! ” She shrieked, and this wasn ’t in her heart or via transmission, but loudly and directly towards An Ge. She even pointed at him with her long, painted nails and her eyes flared.

A wager was a two-sided bet, so if she lost, there was definitely something she ’d lose. To bet for fifty-percent of his territory, she not only bet the previous territories she had won, but twenty-percent of her Chen Clan ’s territory and herself! Her eyes were flaring with fervent rage!

Her precious peach! And it was to this idiot! Argh!

An Ge was brought back to reality from that screech and saw Chen Xiaowei ’s hellish glare. A warm, unfathomably comfortable sensation permeated his heart and soul. It was so goddamn refreshing.

He had the smuggest smile, completely throwing away his prestigious bearing as he said via transmission, ”Be sure to wash that pretty peach of yours. I ’ll enjoy it quite thoroughly. ” His subsequent laughter was grating to her ears, like a claw to a blackboard.

While they underwent their rather risque exchange filled with a desire to either rip the other to pieces or rip the other clothes off, Yun Daotian realized the situation he was in. His heart was filled with bitterness as he had come across someone he couldn ’t help to defeat.

Then, he did the unexpected.

”I forfeit. ” His declaration was amplified by his qi, reaching the entire square, but Chen Xiaowei didn ’t interfere or comment. This entire clash became a waste of fucking time. She could only blame the heavens for this horrific outcome. Thinking about An Ge between her legs, over her body, or the smug smile he ’ll have, she wanted to vomit out a lung and an ovary.

With a cold humph, she lifted her palm and it flashed with spiritual force.


An eagle beast with a wingspan of nearly fifty meters descended from the skies and landed before the Chen Clan. Before anyone could react, Chen Xiaowei leaped onto it, and it flew away. She even left her clan members as they awkwardly gawked at Chen Xiaowei ’s hasty departure. In a matter of seconds, she was a mere dot in the distance.

What they didn ’t know was that her Spirit Oath had activated, and she didn ’t waste An Ge to rub it in.

An Ge was similarly startled. She left her clan members behind and departed like a runaway bride.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes flashed as he vanished from the crowd. When everyone was looking at Chen Xiaowei ’s departure, Wei Wuyin had left like a shadow, and only a few experts noticed his departure. Those that did were thoroughly shocked and looked at Chen Xiaowei ’s eagle.


On Chen Xiaowei ’s eagle, she was fuming as she muttered all sorts of curses condemning An Ge ’s entire familial lineage from the very beginning of creation. Just as she was about to continue, her eyes turned and saw an unearthly handsome man beside her, standing and looking at the distance. His silver eyes stared forward and he had a quiet smile.

His bearing, aura, and presence were impeccable.

”… ” She blinked.

”AH! ” She screamed a scream reminiscent of a frightened mortal woman as her astral force flared in defense, creating a protective, skin-tight ward. This was quite embarrassing, and if others saw her react like this, her entire reputation would drop to an all-time low. However, she didn ’t act recklessly despite her abrupt fear.

If someone, anyone, could get such a close distance without her noticing, they were either a ghost or someone far, far stronger than she was. After a few milliseconds to collect herself, she noticed his form of attire was the same as the alchemist that caused her humiliating and utter defeat, shattering all her carefully tailored plans in the matter of moments.

There wasn ’t even any suspense as he devastated Yun Daotian in his own recipe, and quite thoroughly so. With a low voice, she asked: ”What do you want? ”

Wei Wuyin turned towards her, revealing his full face and silver eyes in full. This caused her eyes to nearly pop out of her skull as this visage was very familiar to the rumors spreading as of late. These rumors told of a young, talented alchemist that turned many things topsy turvy.

The Prince of Everlore!

”You ’re… ” As her mouth was about to release words of revelation, her mind realized why she lost. Wei Wuyin! A King Alchemist! While unofficial, he was definitely the most talented non-Alchemic Soul alchemist there was since the King of Everlore. She gulped slightly.

”When I accepted to participate in this clash, I expected…something else. Anyhow, I ’d like to extend my apologies. ” Wei Wuyin calmly spoke with earnest and honest emotions. He could tell that Chen Xiaowei was incredibly intelligent, sufficient enough to entrap someone and push the An Clan into a checkmate. Unfortunately, he flipped the board.

Regardless, he had a form of respect for those who possessed intelligence and the ability to utilize that intelligence to their benefit. He felt much more favorability towards Chen Xiaowei than An Ge, who could be said to be a brute with a law book. While he understood the rules of the world, he could never apply it to his favor, merely relying on personal power to push through.

Seeing Wei Wuyin apologize, Chen Xiaowei was at a loss. But, she didn ’t dare to accept that casually. ”You don ’t need to apologize, Heavenly King Wei. ”

Wei Wuyin glanced at her and smiled. ”I ’ll compensate you for your losses. However, I have a favor to ask of you. Is that okay? ”


Back in the square, within one of the VIP buildings, there was a group of crimson-colored, luxuriously dressed men and women who were animatedly discussing events. Three of them, two men and one woman had the character for ’Xue ’ embroidered on their robes.

The young woman was the breathtaking beauty that took Wei Wuyin ’s breath away. She was seated with her legs folded, her hazel eyes and delicate eyebrows were slightly furrowed. But she wore a veil, so no one could see her facial features.

A young, strapping man with thick eyebrows and a chiseled, square-jawed chin was directly beside her. His eyes were bright as he watched Wei Wuyin vanish. ”Where did that alchemist go? ” His cultivation was merely at the Eighth Stage of the Qi Condensation, and he had seventy-four Qi Essences, striving for an exceptionally high Mortal State.

The other young man was thinner, his sunken eyes looked slightly deprived, lacking energy and good intentions, but there were faint similarities between the three. They each had caramel-colored skin, but the facial differences were enough to determine that they didn ’t all originate from the same parents. ”Did he leave? ”

”He followed the Chen Clan ’s Matriarch, ” an elderly man with a hunched back and closed eyes answered. Despite his fragile-looking body, no one here dared to underestimate him as his aura was deep and unfathomable.

The thin young man asked the old man, ”Who was he? ” This question was on everyone ’s mind. They had never seen someone concoct a sixth-grade pellet in a few hours before. Even top-tier Lord Alchemists might take several weeks to complete the process, that was if they didn ’t fail.

He couldn ’t be one of the three Emperor Alchemists of the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, right?

”… ” The old man remained silent. He thought it would be best to keep his speculation to himself, and it was unlikely these three would ever truly meet such a figure in their lifetimes. However, someone wasn ’t silent.

”He was likely Wei Wuyin, a Heavenly King of the Myriad Monarch Sect. ” A soft, incredibly gentle and calming voice resounded. Despite its nature, it caused everyone to turn their eyes to the exceptional beauty who spoke.

”Wei Wuyin!? Are you certain? ” The young man with chiseled features, Xue Han, asked with disbelief. Who was Wei Wuyin? What was a Heavenly King?! This name and that title was literally heaven-reaching! Could it really be him?

Xue Yu, the young man with sunken eyes, echoed Xue Han ’s words. If this was true…his eyes that seemed to lack energy became vigorous. This was his chance!

”… ” The old man sighed in his heart as the other members within their room were already sending out transmission messages. This was quite bothersome…

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