Paragon of Sin

Chapter 218: Xue Duan Bloodforge King

e didn ’t know what Wei Wuyin was planning, but this Bloodforge King was likely going to suffer considerably, especially considering the orders he was given.

Indeed, after Zuhei revealed his Slaughter Intent, unharmed self, and incredibly potent aura, Xue Duan ’s momentum was shattered. He was hoping Qi Lang would interfere at this moment, but he remained a silent observer. Now he was stuck in an awkward position.

If this was within Xue Country ’s Bloodforge City, its capital, he wouldn ’t fear Zuhei. He wouldn ’t even fear Qi Lang. There was a powerful Astral Array that had been established and reinforced by numerous Bloodforge Kings. Even if a Third Stage Astral Core Realm powerhouse descended, they could only leave their lives behind or flee.

However, he was in the Scarlet Ash Prefecture.

Fortunately, Zuhei reigned his Intent and spoke, ”I was hired to protect, and that man threatened my employer ’s life. I acted in accordance with my job requirements and removed that threat. He declared publicly that the entire Xue Country intended to kill my employer, and it seemed to be a premeditated incident. If you want witnesses, we have quite a few ” This explanation was very apathetic, treating Duke Zhao ’s life like flies on a hot summer. He pointed towards Wei Wuyin and into the distance where the old man brought the others away with a careless expression.

Xue Duan ’s eyebrows flared up and anger burned within his gaze, but he didn ’t act. Instead, he turned towards Wei Wuyin, spotting Chen Xiaowei. When he did, his eyes shrunk to needlepoint because Qi Lang decided to send him a spiritual transmission at this moment.

It was as if he was waiting for this exact moment. ”That ’s Wei Wuyin, the Heavenly King and Alchemic King of the Myriad Monarch Sect. He ’s on a traveling vacation to explore the continent. Tread carefully. ” This message was like a thunderbolt to Xue Duan ’s mind.

If it was someone else who said those words, he would be skeptical, but Qi Lang was tasked with knowing the identities of any and all disciples and elders who came into the continent. If he said it was so, it must be so. As for Zuhei, it only supported the claim. After all, Wei Wuyin had the qualifications to hire a peak-tier expert at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm as a protector in a continent while he was still weak.

It ’s only been four years since his arrival, and supposedly, he was still trying to find ways to advance using the flawed Haven Heart Qi Method. However, that was incredibly difficult. Because the split meant the tribulation would be split and the effects would be reduced. Unless one had a way to double the tribulation ’s force and benefits, the person would inevitably be stuck as a pseudo-Astral Core Realm. Of course, if they could merge their Natal Souls, that would change the matter entirely.

In the end, he gave Zuhei one last glance before ignoring him. He flew towards Wei Wuyin, but his regal pressure and authority were like snow on a scorching morning. It disappeared without a trace. He didn ’t even dare to be in a slightly higher elevation than Wei Wuyin, keeping his approach leveled.

Wei Wuyin inwardly shook his head. The rules of the sect made it very difficult for Wei Wuyin to directly interfere with the Xue Country unless a situation like earlier occurred where the country acted against him first. With the ’audience ’ and ’silent confession ’ of Duke Zhao, he was well within the rules and his rights to eliminate Xue Duan and uproot the entire Bloodforge Royal Clan.

And Xue Duan knew this.

However, he would still have zero influence on the selection of its next leader. That was a democratic matter dealt with by the natives themselves. He wasn ’t at a level he could treat the rules of the sect as glass, shattering them as he pleased, nor did he wish to develop into such a person. Rules and principles were there for a reason. If the higher-ranked officials regarded them as a paltry joke, then they would soon become chains that restrained the weak for convenience, and that often bred discontent and unfavorable civil results.

Likely cursing Duke Zhao ’s ancestors, Xue Duan had an amicable smile as he greeted Wei Wuyin. ”Heavenly Ki-, I mean, Alchemic King, it ’s a pleasure to meet you. ” He corrected himself, realizing that Wei Wuyin ’s faceless mask had a meaning to his incognito status.

”… ” Wei Wuyin remained silent.

This caused Xue Duan to feel an unfathomable pressure. ’Could he intend to kill me? ’The thought bred unreasonable fear as he observed the mask that was as blank as nothing. In the silence, a soft gulp resounded. He didn ’t know what to do. The aura Wei Wuyin emitted was quite intense, and he was subconsciously affected.

Qi Lang sent another well-timed spiritual message towards his way. ”Wei Wuyin was renowned for his ruthlessness. Chances are he ’ll act against you soon. Unless… ”

The first two sentences clutched his heart in a vice grip. How could he not know of the recent moves made by Wei Wuyin? He eliminated an entire Sky Noble Faction and organized his beheading! He blew a hole through a planet ’s sky layer with the permission of the sect ’s upper-echelon! He eliminated an entire clan, condemning hundreds of thousands to a desolate lifestyle!!

Ruthless? Influence? Status? Backing? Ability? Wealth? Did he lack any of it?! Before just the title ’Heavenly King ’, he was simply an ant. One of the five million experts of the starfield? Pfft. How could that matter when you could move every force imaginable in the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory with a bounty/call?

So he tugged heavily on that unless…

That unless was his lifeline because he truly didn ’t know what to do. How could he, a King, be so lost?

Perhaps it was Wei Wuyin ’s casual hiring of an expert at the same realm yet far beyond his battle prowess before him. Or the threat that was caused by the idiot Duke Zhao! A single wrong move and his legacy as king was kaput!

Qi Lang continued, ”I talked to him earlier. He said he was seeking a beautiful, virgin concubine during this vacation. His weakness towards beauties seemed quite potent, and it was said he condemned the entire Ji Clan of my sect because of a favor to one. ”

It was these words that started the cascading ignition of a sequence of events that was now unstoppable!

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