Paragon of Sin

Chapter 226: Dont Hold Back

yes shrunk considerably.

Qi Lang was the Guardian of the Bloodforge Continent. Normally, he shouldn ’t interfere with its citizens or issues outside of preventing unnecessary devastation to the continent. But Wei Wuyin was like a judge that held absolute authority in the Astral Territory at the moment, and he could shield him in the case of any backfire. Furthermore, he had long since thrown his lot with Wei Wuyin, and he intended to hug this golden thigh tightly.

Therefore, he descended without any hesitation from his tower. His killing intent was brimming. Before he could deal with Yuan Longshi, he heard Wei Wuyin ’s voice.

”Do not hold back! Kill him without everything you have! If you don ’t, I ’ll make sure you ’re buried alongside him. ” Wei Wuyin ’s shout made everyone realize that he was absolutely determined to kill Yuan Longshi today, and their hearts trembled. How unfortunate was this lad? He just tried to crash a ceremony and hadn ’t said a single word verbally before being sentenced to death!

It was quite pitiful.

Qi Lang stilled. In truth, he was about to execute a basic attack to handle someone of Yuan Longshi level. After all, while Yuan Longshi ’s cultivation base seemed to have achieved the Sky Ruler Phase, the difference between the Soul Idol Phase and Sky Ruler Phase was massive. However, Wei Wuyin ’s words overrode his innate pride and he didn ’t hold back. He didn ’t dare to.

Yuan Longshi realized the situation wasn ’t looking too good for him, but he would never back down from a fight. If Wei Wuyin sought his life, then he ’d kill Wei Wuyin regardless of who he is or was. His eyes gained fierce determination and pure ferocity.

Did Wei Wuyin think he was an insignificant insect that could be dealt with at will? He had built his path on a pile of corpses and rivers of blood, so he was not some soft fruit that could be squashed and forgotten.

Wei Wuyin was merely an alchemist. The Dao of Alchemy might be broad and profound, but it was truly nothing before the Martial Dao! The Dao of Combat! What hidden expert? What wealth? What status? Before my saber, before my might, only death was your only result!

He grasped the hilt of his saber, and turned his eyes towards the sea of spiritual force that hung above his head. His heterochromia eyes brightened with two distinctly different glows. One was innately demonic while the other contained an ancient feeling of myths and legends. His aura flared into action and the surroundings were pushed away forcefully.

His Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm cultivation base seemed incomparably solid and potent.

Qi Lang floated within this sea of spiritual force and his robes fluttered without wind. He seemed like a true immortal. With a clench of his fist, the entire sea of spiritual force was sucked into his palm and vibrant green light surged! It was as if he was holding a brightly lit star.

This caused everyone ’s heart to pound in shock! Was he going to attack? Wasn ’t Wei Wuyin here? The attack of an Astral Core Realm expert at the third stage could shatter the continent! This was why they were completely outlawed. The exceptional power of their astral force was too much for a continental flat earth to withstand.

If it was a durable planet, he could fight to their heart ’s content without much environmental, but not here!

Even Yuan Longshi ’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. Any assault would cause enormous collateral damage, and if this was a full-powered attack, this continent would be undoubtedly changed on a fundamental level. It might totally collapse.

However, Qi Lang didn ’t launch his attack. Instead, his eyes focused on Yuan Longshi. Just as he was about to say something, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes flashed. He lifted his leg and stomped.


This stomp didn ’t create catastrophic destruction, but its sound was incomparably loud. In an instant, the entire continent started to erupt in a thin layer of film that engulfed every expert, lifeform, piece of leaf, and existence on the continent that was below the Astral Core Realm.

「Continental Multi-Astral Array: Protective Layer of the Guardian」

The consequence of elites fighting was expected and prepared for by the sect. They established Astray Arrays throughout the continent that could be activated by its guardian to defend against sudden attacks from enemy forces or unexpected clashes against experts. It was activated and deployed at the speed of light and before anyone could blink, all those below the Astral Core Realm were targeted and enshrouded by this thin ward.

Even an expert at the Third Stage of the Astral Core Realm would find it horrendously difficult to pry open these wards without sufficient time, and this affected every single thing on the continent, including the working ants and the continent itself! As for Astral Core Realm experts, the protective layer blinked past them entirely as if it had eyes. The only exception being Wei Wuyin.

Yuan Longshi, Qi Lang, and everyone else was absolutely startled. Quite a few had never seen this array activated before nor even knew it existed!

Qi Lang glanced at Wei Wuyin. Every second this Astral Array was used consumed an absolutely enormous amount of essence stones and resources. Furthermore, only he should have the ability to activate it! But Wei Wuyin had the method to do so?

”You don ’t have to worry about any fallout from fighting or costs. The former is handled and I ’ll cover the latter. ” Wei Wuyin spoke once more to reassure Qi Lang. He knew that Qi Lang didn ’t want to attack because he could eliminate the continent. Even Zuhei didn ’t dare to use any Spiritual Spells or Astral Arts while fighting Duke Zhao because he could obliterate this little continent.

With his identity revealed openly, he didn ’t mind this. Even if the formation stayed active for an entire day, he ’d at most have to pay about two hundred billion essence stones—about two hundred astral essence stones or ten Astral Sea Pills. That was such a casual amount that he ate that for breakfast.


Xue Yifei ’s eyes focused on Wei Wuyin. He was going all out to kill Yuan Longshi, but she didn ’t have much conflict in her heart as she expected. In fact, there was a hint of expectation, desire, and excitement that swirled about endlessly.

Qi Lang nodded with relief. Then, he opened his clenched fist and lightly threw the scintillating light towards Yuan Longshi! This light transformed into a green-colored twister!

「Wind Astral Spell: Twisting Spirit of the Wind」

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