Paragon of Sin

Chapter 229: Demonic Dragon Transformation!

strings by now. He expected more from Yuan Longshi.

Woosh! Yuan Longshi arrived once more fearlessly as he clawed towards Wei Wuyin.

With an expertly timed shift of Element within his grasp, Wei Wuyin met Yuan Longshi in a clash, but this time, he gently exerted his force to perform a parry. Yuan Longshi was startled as his claw was sent aside, his momentum chaotic and unstable, but Wei Wuyin wasn ’t idle at this opening. With a flip of his palm, he twisted Element and sliced into Yuan Longshi arm!

”AHHHH! ” A terrifying roar of pain and a severed arm later, Wei Wuyin twisted his body like a hurricane and his leg shot out like a torpedo, kicking into Yuan Longshi ’s abdomen with exceptional accuracy.


The enlarged and monstrous body of Yuan Longshi crashed into the ground and seemingly went silent. Wei Wuyin halted his momentum and grasped towards the severed arm. It landed into his palm still bleeding profusely from its severed area. He gave it a slight sniff and he frowned. With another wave, the arm was encapsulated in elemental metal force and kept in his storage ring.

Finally, he peered down into the devastatingly cloudy mess that Yuan Longshi had produced. A crater about three thousand meters in width and hundreds of meters in depth was created. If it wasn ’t for the Astral Array, countless lives would ’ve been lost by this alone.

”I ’ve established one hundred and thirty-eight methods to kill you today. I did not expect you to be so disappointing. ” Wei Wuyin slightly lamented at his own overestimation of Yuan Longshi. He had thought he would have a trump card like Long Chen. This trump card might be in the form of an ancient expert or even a real dragon sleeping within the continent, but to think it was just a fragmented Dragon Soul.

”When are you going to do it? ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes narrowed. He was just waiting for a particular moment. After all, this concerns his future woman ’s life. He already knew that they were bonded, and he couldn ’t kill Yuan Longshi without killing Xue Yifei. Perhaps Xue Yifei hadn ’t known this fact, but it was the truth.

If the Yang Dragon Soul were to die, the Yin Dragon Soul would detonate and vice versa.

They were truly bonded together. It was highly likely they couldn ’t even be a certain distance apart from each other without complications arising. He had never seen such a circumstance, but with his Celestial Eyes, he could see the resonance and reflection they possessed.

If it wasn ’t for that, he wouldn ’t have allowed this battle to go more than three exchanges. He wasn ’t like other bull-headed and flashy fighters, and he preferred to end life and death battles with decisive quickness unless there was a beneficial reason for him to do otherwise. If he couldn ’t ascertain victory in those three exchanges, he would be plotting his immediate retreat.

He definitely wouldn ’t stand around as his opponent transformed. It was such an obnoxious act of hubris that was tedious and borderline suicidal.


From below, within Yuan Longshi ’s three hundred meter crater, there was finally some movement. However, whoever was within that crater had a feeble life aura. Yuan Longshi dragged his body upwards, clutching his severed arm, and climbing to reach the edge of the crater.

His heterochromia eyes beheld a sense of exhaustion and fear. Even in his strongest, fastest, and most durable state, he wasn ’t a match for Wei Wuyin. This alchemist that was widely regarded as the Prince of Everlore was so horrifically strong! In every manner, he outclassed him.

He didn ’t know what to do. If it was Qi Lang, this form might be enough to claim his life in an all-out battle, but he couldn ’t even touch the hem of Wei Wuyin ’s robes. He had never felt so frustrated and useless before.

’I guess it ’s true…there ’s always someone stronger. ’Since he was given renewed life on his path of cultivation, he had broken many conventional beliefs and outclassed opponents a phase or two above his own. He fought one to ten thousand and escaped relatively unharmed. He established legend after legend. He was renowned as a genius.

He had dreams. He would take Xue Yifei beyond this continent, explore the starfield, and reach a cultivation where he could establish his own sect that rivals the five hegemonic powers. His name would one day resound with as much reverence and respect as the King of Everlore, the Abyss Master of Demons, Grand Monarch Wu Yu, Divine King Han Xei, and the Sacred Elven Queen.

All those legendary figures. He would be mentioned beside them in the same breath. The Demonic Dragon Lord Yuan Longshi. How glorious would that have been?

”…Am I already calling my death? Ha…haha… ” He found it funny. Quite funny. Was his spirit broken? His Heart of Cultivation shattered by Wei Wuyin ’s overwhelming difference? Perhaps, but it was still funny.

He had struggled from nothing, fought injustice, and claimed victory facing all odds. Shouldn ’t his ending be rewarded with a glorious future and brilliant legacy? Now, he was going to be killed and remembered as a footnote, a stepping stone of Wei Wuyin. How many stepping stones had he made? How many lives had he trampled on to reach his current point? He felt his thoughts were slightly hypocritical but his heart still held grievance.


not like this…

he never thought it ’d end like this…

As his mind seemed to descend into defeat, a miraculous event was occurring. Within his heart, the lingering Yang Dragon Soul that was used to suppress his bloodline was shining with a brilliant golden glow! Its abnormal activity was indicative of a change!

Perhaps this change would overturn his fate! And the hope in his heart was stirred!!

When this glow seemingly engulfed Yuan Longshi ’s demonic dragon body, the expected shock, disbelief, solemnness, and confusion that he might believe to be spread across Wei Wuyin ’s expression was non-existent. The only emotion was…excitement filled with relief!

”Fucking finally! We can end this. ”

His eyes closed for a moment and when they reopened, his pupils became sharp and vertical!

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