Paragon of Sin

Chapter 234: A New Destiny

”…YES! ” Wei Wuyin exclaimed excitedly as the world and all its inhabitants resumed its normal flow of time at this moment.


Yuan Longshi ’s corpse fell to the ground and his oddly twisted neck elicited gasps and exclamations of wonder to the crowd. Their hearts pounded endlessly with shock and disbelief. Wei Wuyin, the Prince of Everlore, had killed Yuan Longshi! To these citizens of the Bloodforge Continent, Yuan Longshi was a menace and a legend. While he had slaughtered his way to the top, his talent, potential, and strength were all praise-worthy to the extreme.

After all, he reached the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm before the age of fifty. He could be regarded as the most talented genius to have been born from the continent in the last millennia. While cultivation was difficult, he was one of the talented few that surpassed normal conventions.

It was only due to his gruesome reputation and icy-cold, distant, and murderous attitude towards others that made him an unlikable character. A few detested him, others worshipped him, and some were so terrified that they avoided his steps. In this continent, there were likely numerous young maidens with starstruck eyes that had crossed paths with that would cry at this news.

Yuan Longshi was dead.

He was killed.

The truly unfortunate matter was that he was killed by Wei Wuyin. There will be no revenge, and the thought of it never crossed their minds.

While Wei Wuyin didn ’t care about what was on their minds. Instead, he was fascinated and filled with excitement as he observed his right arm with a bright gaze. °Killing Blessed causes the Calamity of Hell to arrive sooner? Tch, if I had known that, I would ’ve killed more.°

If anyone were to know of his situation and be aware of his thoughts, they might become as pale as ash at such heretical thinking. However, Wei Wuyin was truly happy about this unexpected event. Not only had he obtained a high amount of Karmic Luck Value, at least high relative to what he originally possessed, but he sped up the Second Calamity of Hell by nearly three decades.

While this could be seen as him having less time to prepare, he was already as ready as he could ever be at this moment. In fact, the torment of this calamity still caused him horrific nightmares that snatched sleep and peace of mind away from him. With what he had, he would either fail and die or succeed and strengthen his determination for the future.

It was a defining moment. A moment that will decide whether he could strive without the Soul of True Sin and overcome these Calamities with his own preparations and planning. He was ready for Hell and all it offered.

As he was enraptured in his own thoughts, quiet exchanges were happening to those nearby. Their point of topic was Yuan Longshi. Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes swept towards his corpse and thought for a moment before waving his hand. First, Element dissipated its energy form and returned to his sea of consciousness. Second, he directly stored Yuan Longshi ’s body. Lastly, he flashed over to Xue Yifei.

Inspecting her status, he was relieved to see the Yang and Yin Dragon Soul remain calm and content within their locations, the heart and sea of consciousness respectively. With time, she ’ll be able to adapt to their strengths and obtain unimaginable benefits. If she could cultivate a Draconic Heart, she ’ll take the path of Bloodline Cultivator.

With those Dragon Souls within her, she shouldn ’t have as much trouble regulating her bloodline powers like Yuan Longshi. In fact, he learned that Yuan Longshi was half-demon and half-human. His mother was a human who experienced a fatal illness and succumbed to it. Her death left a profound void within his heart, and this was followed by the betrayal of his first love.

As for his father, he seemed to have visited the Bloodforge Continent briefly and belonged to the Demonic Abyss Mountain, one of the five hegemons of the Tri-Vision Starfield. One of his goals was to travel the starfield and confront his father. While he wanted to demand an answer, Wei Wuyin felt a yearning for love and recognition.

”Xue Duan! ” Wei Wuyin called out as he stomped his feet, the Astral Array slowly deactivated. Xue Duan had been a mute this entire time, and fear had festered into his heart. When he saw the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s members and all those unrelated to the Xue Country politics depart in unison before Wei Wuyin ’s arrival, he saw his death.

Others might not have, but as a ruler, he saw through the scheme that he had inevitably fallen for. However, Yuan Longshi ’s presence seemed to instigate an alternate course of events and Wei Wuyin revealed his identity and didn ’t slaughter everyone present. This brought both relief and tension into his soul.

Now, hearing Wei Wuyin call him by name, and not by any respectful title, he perked up and walked over like an obedient stooge. His smile was somewhat wretched and forced as he tried to give off his best impression. While others might not be able to break the age-old tradition of allowing the Bloodforge Continent to keep its autonomy, Wei Wuyin could definitely get this policy changed swiftly.

While it might take a while, it was possible.

”Yes, Heavenly King Wei? ” He was so respectful that his demeanor and bearing as a king was no longer in existence. Yet no one ridiculed him for his actions. Even if you removed Wei Wuyin ’s frightening talent, current status, and backing, his strength was more than enough to kill everyone present with relative ease. If they were called out to, their expressions and actions might even be lower.

Wei Wuyin inwardly shook his head a little. He had wanted to establish a prominent reputation in this world, but his actions were so impactful. Four years and everyone was quivering at his name alone, both wanting to meet him and wish to avoid him. While he understood it from an objective point of view, it was still difficult for him to reconcile with.

After today, when his combat ability and current cultivation realm is revealed, the world might explode. He contemplated suppressing this news but decided otherwise. It would be best if his reputation continued to erupt like this for now. While he would be a target, he had sufficient protections against this starfield and its enemies. In a few years, if he could concoct ninth-grade products, he ’ll fear no one as his cultivation base would increase by leaps and bounds.

As a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, the pills, elixirs, paste, and pellets that only appeared during the King of Everlore ’s era would experience a resurgence. °I need to move up my plans. With Zuhei, Ying, and Wen Mingna, I ’ll push towards building an elite squad; my arrow.°

”I ’ll firstly apologize for the disruption to this exquisitely prepared ceremony for me. You ’ve truly kept your word, and I ’ve personally loved it. And I ’ll be sure to treat your daughter well. ” These words filled others with a wisp of envy and jealousy as Wei Wuyin layered the compliments and acted friendly. In their eyes, it was Xue Duan ’s blessing and luck that his daughter was Wei Wuyin ’s concubine. Why couldn ’t they be so lucky? They had daughters too! Beautiful, some with big-breasts, wide hips, small chest, nice curves, filled with all sorts of flavor and variety!

However, their thoughts and inner wails went unheard.

Xue Duan nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice. ”Thank you. Thank you. This humble one had tried his best, Heavenly King Wei. ”

Wei Wuyin eyed Xue Duan for a moment and sighed in his heart. In the end, due to his alternate course of action, he had to choose another plan to take over the Xue Country and then the Bloodforge Continent.

He walked to Xue Yifei and lifted her into his arms in a bridal carry, her long hair and gorgeous face rested on his shoulder. Her unconscious face was gorgeous beyond mortal words, like an Immortal Fairy of another world. It was breathtaking with every glance. Thinking about those lips that he had pressed his own against before, he felt somewhat excited that he hadn ’t killed her.

°Sometimes altering one ’s plans has certain benefits.° He felt somewhat lucky as he ensured her neck was comfortably placed onto his shoulder. ”Xue Duan, I ’m returning to the Myriad Monarch Sect in three days. As thanks and an apology for this interrupted event, I invite you to my Sky Palace. ”

Xue Duan was taken aback, but from the structure of Wei Wuyin ’s words, this wasn ’t a choice he could refuse. ”It is my honor, Heavenly King Wei. ” He bowed slightly. Perhaps if Xue Yifei was Wei Wuyin ’s wife or consort, then he wouldn ’t need to express such etiquette. He would be a father-in-law and could communicate with him while ignoring the obvious difference in status. After all, the Bloodforge Continent was still technically under the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s rule.

Unfortunately, for the moment, that was only a dream.

”For now, Chen Xiaowei can act as Interim Bloodforge Monarch until you return. ” Wei Wuyin said as he turned around, no longer facing Xue Duan.

”… ” The crowd remained startled and silent. Going to the Myriad Monarch Sect? Chen Xiaowei was the Interim Bloodforge Monarch? How domineering! He was directly barking out orders, yet all these experts and those with boundless political power within their country remained mum like mutes.

Chen Xiaowei wasn ’t present. She had made an excuse to not be here for the upcoming ’tragedy ’ that was to befall all these people. Even now, he remained in her Manor, not daring to be clearly seen in public viewing the chaotic battle outside. She was given strict orders and she followed them decisively.

°Unfortunately, I can ’t replace Xue Duan as the Bloodforge Monarch with his daughter as my woman. Haaaaa…I can only help his cultivation reach the Third Stage and act in a capacity to dominate the rest of the continent.° The Bloodforge Continent did not allow any non-native experts at the Third Stage of the Astral Core Realm besides the Continental Guardian. As long as one of them reached that level, they could easily overwhelm the other contested areas with their power and claim everything.

It was quite an intriguing policy, but knowing that the Bloodforge Continent was created by these descendants and the Myriad Monarch Sect established democratic rules, exclusive protections, and rights to this continent made sense. He didn ’t want to tarnish that legacy either.

In a way, he just had to establish Xue Duan as a temporary leader for now and allow Chen Xaiowei to ascend into the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm and win via an election to become the new Bloodforge Monarch. It ’ll take some time, but it wasn ’t an issue with his resources.

Considering he wanted to live past the Second Calamity and thrive, it was best to make plans that would exceed that deadline. For now, Xue Duan and his relationship with Xue Yifei would be enough for him to benefit from the Bloodforge Continent ’s resources. The only frustrating thing was that he originally wanted to control the Bloodforge Continent from the shadows to avoid conflict or it being targeted.

Xue Duan finally reacted and he felt like crying tears of joy. He had experienced a looming death grip on his life and willingly release it. Since Wei Wuyin had invited him to his Sky Palace, the chances of him coming across tragedy were zero, as this concerned the public prestige of Wei Wuyin ’s integrity and ability. In fact, he had a feeling that he would experience a massive boon because of this.

He thanked the heavens for giving him such a gorgeous daughter. Then, he started to make arrangements. He only had three days.


The next three days were filled with Chen Xiaowei receiving temporary power as Interim Bloodforge Monarch. No one dared to object for fear of antagonizing Wei Wuyin. Since Chen Xiaowei was a native, someone born, bred, raised, and holding an official position within the country, they couldn ’t even if they wanted to. While some sniffed her out as Wei Wuyin ’s connect with the Bloodforge Continent, this didn ’t stop them from forming relations with her.

If she was truly allied with Wei Wuyin, then it was likely she had access to cultivation products that they could only dream about.


In a thatched hut, there was a stone bed and a chair at its side. Wei Wuyin sat in the chair and Xue Yifei sat at the edge of the bed. Her hazel eyes and his silver eyes met in what seemed to be a deep exchange of stares.

After a long, long moment…

”I am a virgin. ”

”… ”

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