Paragon of Sin

Chapter 244: Do It! Do It! Do It!

The Myriad Monarch Sect was renowned for its transparency, so those speculating over the strange events earlier were swiftly enlightened. Firstly was the sound that every living thing heard and then the voice. They explained it away as a unique spatial art causing ripples in space after interacting with a Void Gate, and the originator of this voice was Wei Wuyin.

Not only was this revealed, but also his breakthrough into the Astral Core Realm. Even the news regarding events on the Bloodforge Continent was explained and handled properly, leaving no imaginations left to wonder or develop conspiracy theories.

This caused an uproar to ignite amongst the citizens of the planet and members of the sect. Conversations filled with wonder and reverence kept echoing throughout the world. The renowned Prince of Everlore kept performing feats that amazed the world. It was less than half a decade yet his reputation and abilities were accelerating at lightspeed.

Word swiftly spread without end throughout the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory. Soon, three days passed.

In the Myriad Monarch Sect, the Extreme War Mountain ’s fourth level, there was a residence established with the earth as its foundation. It was a tall, dark, and exceptional palace that was used by Earthly Elite rank disciples. It had various formations and arrays to support and reinforce cultivation bases.

This particular palace belonged to a recently promoted disciple of the Earthly Elite rank. Within this palace was a gathering of young talents, both men and women, with a single leading character—Long Chen. His black hair and eyes contained an innately majestic aura that seemed to highlight his presence. On his back was a black sword sheath with a translucent sword hilt embedded within.

Beside him, amongst the group, were female creatures of exceptional quality. They lacked nothing in beauty or innate potential when compared to others. They were notable figures to anyone familiar with Long Chen.

Wu Baozhai. Her aura stable and stately, eyes flashing with intelligence, and an innate pride that had been refined from exposure with the grand starfield. Her cultivation base had changed greatly since the Myriad Yore Continent, touching upon the Eighth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm. From the depths of her cultivation base, her Qi Essence numbers exceeded thirty.

Lian Yu. Her serene aura was unsurpassable as she seemed like a quiet lake within a beautiful picture. Those sapphire eyes of hers rippled slightly with the delicate softness of water. Her cultivation base reflected herself, and she too was at the Eighth Stage. Her Qi Essence numbers didn ’t lack when compared to Wu Baozhai.

Hong Ru and Xiao Bing. They stood opposite to each other, their auras a stark contrast amongst each other as one had a chilly and frigid, the other was blazing and fiery. As Earthly Elite disciples, they had long since entered the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. While they were of similar ages to Lian Yu and Wu Baozhai, their treatment and access to resources were heavens apart.

That being said, their foundations were certainly lacking as they both forged their Astral Souls at the 5th Mortal State. From this point, while their cultivation bases and strength was beyond Lian Yu and Wu Baozhai, their innate potential and future were gated unless they obtained grand opportunities.

Besides Long Chen, there was another male among this group. This young man had a stout appearance, his belly somewhat protruding from his robes, and his face was chubby as if there were remnants of baby fat within them. He had a baby face, soft and nascent, and seemed to be astonishingly young. However, his aura couldn ’t be ignored. Despite his youth, looking no more than a teenager, his cultivation base was at the Astral Core Realm.

They were all gathered in a particular room, their eyes focused on a young woman with an ashen complexion that laid atop a jade bed. Her eyelids fluttered about as a weak light suffused those grey pupils. Her skin was somewhat cracked, dry, and lacked its normal brilliance. Each strand of her light-brown hair lacked its glow, seemingly losing its luster.

It was Na Xinyi. Her aura was frail and fizzling.

”…What happened to her? ” Lu Feng, the chubby young man, asked with a shocked expression. His words caused Long Chen ’s expression to darken as guilt flitted through his eyes. The other girls merely kept silent, but they were also curious as to what plight Na Xinyi suffered.

Only Wu Baozhai ’s eyes were saddened.

Na Xinyi lifted her eyelids weakly to observe the room. That grey gaze of hers found its way to Long Chen whose face was laden with guilt. A soft, gentle smile suffused her lips.

”Don ’t look down; I decided to of my own free will. ” Her voice was somewhat raspy as she spoke, causing the guilt on Long Chen ’s face.

”Is there anything we can do to help, Big Sis Xinyi? ” Lu Feng felt pained seeing Na Xinyi in a weak state. Since becoming friends with Long Chen, he tagged a form of emotional importance to each of those in his circle. He treated Na Xinyi and Lian Yu at the most important of the circle due to their kind temperaments. Unlike the other girls, they never made fun of him because of his chubby cheeks or youthful looks and mentality.

”… ” Na Xinyi and Long Chen didn ’t answer him immediately. Instead, Long Chen gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. Na Xinyi reached out and touched Long Chen ’s face with her feeble and soft hands. The sensation of her touch instigated a change in Long Chen ’s expression as his eyes widened and shook.

”Little Lu, your Big Brother Long needed something. I gave it to him. That ’s why I ’m like this, but…but it ’s only temporary. I ’ll get better soon. ” She beautifully smiled away any inkling of concern, completely relaxed and blissful. Lu Feng was taken aback, but he realized the situation was a little more complex than expected.

Long Chen forced a smile, grabbing her hand into his own. Their eyes remained on each other ’s faces. Only after a long moment was it interrupted by a soft voice, ”She needs rest. ” It was Lian Yu who spoke. Hong Ru, Xiao Bing, Wu Baozhai, and Lu Feng soon understood the meaning and left. Long Chen stayed a little longer, his eyes never leaving Na Xinyi ’s face as if to brand it into his mind.

”You too, ” Lian Yu said. Long Chen inhaled deeply and exhaled softly. He nodded, reluctantly rising and leaning forward. He left a kiss on Na Xinyi ’s forehead and whispered to her, ”I ’ll find a way to restore them. I promise. ” He soon left after those words, his steps steady and his back strong.

Lian Yu waited until they were all left before walking to Na Xinyi ’s bedside. Na Xinyi ’s eyes grew misty as her body shivered. She was experiencing an immense amount of pain within every cell of her body. This was a side-effect of the method she deployed earlier.

Lian Yu waved her hand, bringing forth a chair to sit on. She softly said, ”My water healing arts won ’t help you. ” Lian Yu admitted, but Na Xinyi ’s face suffered no change. It was as if she already knew.

Biting her lips, Lian Yu couldn ’t help but feel for her. ”You didn ’t have to do that. ” Those six words carried so much pity and sadness that it was heartbreaking. But Na Xinyi still didn ’t blink or show any change in her expression.

Na Xinyi thought about the events that had transpired. After the events on the Platform of Criminal Execution, Long Chen ’s desire for strength grew. He started to become a mad dog of cultivation, wishing to ascend the Astral Core Realm and become a true disciple of a sect. Only then would he have the authority to protect himself and those he loved.

Because of his lack of strength, Lin Ziyan suffered immensely and was crippled in every manner imaginable. As for Qing Qiumu and Long Tingyu, they were on the borders of being executed. While this wasn ’t directly his fault, it started because of him; the sensation of watching them be taken away and their lives being decided by others fueled him to no end.

This maniac desire for strength led to a change in his own personality. He became fiercer and strict, attempting to fight for every opportunity for strength. In doing so, he engaged and got into conflict with the Huangfu Clan ’s younger generation. This Huangfu Clan was supported by an Alchemic King, so each member was above average in strength and potential.

In the end, just a short while ago, he challenged an expert at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. This was something an Eighth Stage Qi Condensation Realm expert could never match and defeat. He would undoubtedly lose.

Perhaps if he wasn ’t madly pursuing the Zenith Mortal State, he could ascend the Astral Core Realm and fight above his cultivation level, but he was. Without reaching the Zenith Mortal State, he would never assail the next stage or realm—she knew this. They all knew this.

Thus, Na Xinyi risked herself. She was the possessor of a unique physique, the Three-Point Yin Physique, and she had primal yin energies that exceeded normal women that were immensely beneficial for the cultivation of a variety of different types of energies. If one amassed a vast amount of pure yin energies, they could convert that into Qi Essence with the appropriate cultivation method with relative ease.

When she was at the Foundation Establishment Realm, normal dual cultivation allowed him to ascend into the Fourth Stage of Qi Condensation. This showed how impressively beneficial her primal yin was to opposing cultivators. Her thoughts were shifting towards giving herself to Long Chen, and her remaining two Primal Yin. As she had nourished them until she was at the Eighth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, their effect would be immensely beneficial to the opposite sex.

However, she didn ’t lay with him. Instead, she employed a direct method that caused her to suffer immense loss to her lifespan and innate energies. With this method, she extracted her purest yin source from her two untouched primal yins and wholeheartedly gave it to Long Chen for cultivation.

It was the only way for him to receive a hundred percent of the benefits in the shortest period of time and ascend into the Astral Core Realm with a Zenith Mortal State Natal Souls. One yin source for each Natal Soul.

The consequences of such were apparent. Her body and meridians were damaged and her body suffered an acute and massive loss of yin energies. While her physique ’s innate ability to contain three yin sources remained, she no longer had a Three-Point Yin Physique due to her actions. She had sacrificed her gift for Long Chen.

With it, he achieved his goal in an incredibly short period of time. With Wu Yu and the Myriad Monarch Canon ’s support, he fused his two Natal Souls into one, achieving the rare cultivation path that the Sacred Elven Queen was renowned for. Subsequently, he defeated all the Huangfu Clan ’s juniors and elite geniuses with unprecedented superiority, revealing his shine for the world to see.

She didn ’t regret it.

Her ultimate sacrifice will definitely be repaid ten-fold by Long Chen in the future. Her belief in him was firm.

”Why didn ’t you use the normal method? ” Lian Yu asked curiously. If Na Xinyi had dual cultivation with Long Chen, while the benefit might not be as impressive, her body wouldn ’t have suffered this degree of damage. Furthermore, she would ’ve simultaneously benefited and saw a spike in her own cultivation base. Why one-sidedly extract and give up her yin sources?

Na Xinyi ’s glazed eyes shook slightly. She turned her head away and didn ’t answer. She didn ’t even want to think about why.

But Lian Yu saw her emotions ripple outwards at the moment her question was revealed. ”It ’s because of him? ” Her words were soft, but Na Xinyi ’s entire body shivered slightly.

The ’him ’ was clearly Wei Wuyin and his offer. As long as she remained untainted, he promised to marry her as long as she decided to in thirty-odd years. Lian Yu stared at Na Xinyi. After a moment, she shook her head. ”I ’m thankful for what you did, but if you choose to love him, then you should do it wholeheartedly. Keeping your options open, how could he not notice and see it within your eyes? What do you think he ’ll do? ”

”… ” Na Xinyi.

”You know already in your heart that Long Chen isn ’t one to drop a grudge. He ’ll see your hesitance and feelings, and he ’ll solve your choice for you. He ’ll feel the need to. ” Lian Yu knew Long Chen ’s personality well enough to know that he was an emotional troublemaker with a desire to prove himself to those he loved and himself. Furthermore, he had a murderous streak and tended to solve his issues with the edge of his sword.

While he was charismatic, talented, and honest to those he loved, traits that caused those of the opposite sex to flutter towards him like doves to bread, it was those very traits that made one feel insecure. Even Lian Yu had doubtful thoughts about Long Chen, but she had decided to accept him fully regardless of his choices in the future. She simply wanted to see the man she had given her heart to succeed and reach his fullest potential.

Na Xinyi ’s shivering body stilled. Lian Yu ’s words held deep meaning: if she didn ’t choose, Long Chen would definitely kill Wei Wuyin in the future. While she had somewhat written off her grudge against him due to his fulfillment back in the Myriad Yore Continent and his help later, Long Chen might not have done the same. In his heart, a grudge might be festering due to her.

She bit her lower lip, but her heart remained undetermined.



Why couldn ’t she choose?!

She gave up her yin sources without hesitation, a fiercely damaging action, but she couldn ’t give her entire self wholeheartedly to him. She couldn ’t do what Wu Baozhai, Lian Yu, and Lin Ziyan had already done. This made her uncertain.

Lian Yu couldn ’t understand her, and she barely understood herself. But the desire to be a figure defined by her own achievements versus the achievements of others were imprinted into her heart since she was freed by Wei Wuyin all those years ago. Every day, she heard word and rumor spread about the new Prince of Everlore. She could hear the vast reverberation of history and its current influence due to the King of Everlore.

Regardless of who it was, if they ’ve reached amazing heights and established thousands of years of reputation and reverence, the King of Everlore ’s name was silently behind it. While these figures were talented, exceptional in their own right, they all became renowned rulers.

In her heart of hearts, she wanted that.

Who didn ’t?

But would Long Chen be able to help her? Will she merely be the foil for him to rise, given comfort and slowly fading from history as she was reserved to birth his children and warm his bed. A life like that…

”…I ’m tired… ”

Lian Yu ’s eyelids drooped as she felt a tinge of discontent at Na Xinyi ’s indecision. This feeling became a heat of anger in her heart. She couldn ’t just leave as she abruptly walked forward and glared at Na Xinyi, forgetting her fragile state as she exclaimed, ”Do you think Long Chen ’s not capable of fulfilling your wants? Do you not love him?! ”

Her normally serene eyes were now suffused with blazing rage.

”… ” Na Xinyi remained silent, which only fueled Lian Yu ’s emotions. Stoked by Na Xinyi ’s verbal silence, Lian Yu clenched her delicate fists.

”I don ’t believe Wei Wuyin will ever surpass Long Chen. He ’s an alchemist, nothing more. Even the King of Everlore was merely a pill dispenser. He wasn ’t strong, merely capable of allowing others to become strong. Others simply used him until they exceeded his capabilities, giving him proper respect after. When he vanished from this world, he was the ultimate foil for others. He has no force or status in this world. Only someone like Long Chen will have the ability to reign supreme throughout the eras! ”

Her words were her most innermost thoughts. While she remained silent throughout their interactions, she watched Wei Wuyin and Long Chen interactions. She had her own thoughts and opinions, and she honestly believed that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t Long Chen ’s equal. Long Chen was someone with infinite potential and an honest heart.

He would…he would never stoop so low as to force himself on a woman or abandon his sect who helped him reach his current achievements. He would never abandon his loved ones and friends. Long Chen was the only light in this dark, dirty world of cultivation. For Na Xinyi to not understand this thoroughly enraged her.

But Na Xinyi clenched her teeth, her fists weakly shaking. ”You… ”

Lian Yu heard this and bite at it, ”You what?! ”

”You…you don ’t understand. Please leave. ” Na Xinyi turned over, gripping the covers of the bed and wrapping it around her body.

Lian Yu ’s ample chest rose and fell repeatedly. It was only after a while did she calm down and directly left. The door slammed behind her.

Na Xinyi ’s heart was stinging with boundless pain that exacerbated her already horrible condition.

Was she selfish? Was she wrong?

”You really don ’t understand. I do feel like you do…but I want to reign supreme throughout the eras. ” Her words were little more than a whisper, but in the end, no one could hear them.


As Lian Yu left the room, she walked outside to see the five gathered about discussing something. Leng Fu was the first to notice her arrival and his eyes were flashing with brilliant light filled with intrigue, ”Big Sis Yu! ” He called out, his short stature and legs walked towards her.

Lian Yu smiled gently. ”What is it? ” When she asked this, her eyes briefly glanced at Long Chen whose expression was indeterminate. He seemed to contain a little frustration, thinking, and determination, but also something new.

Lu Feng excitedly bounced about and said, ”News just in! Heavenly King Wei was responsible for that voice, and he seemed to have secretly left for the Bloodforge Continent earlier. He just returned which caused that sound and voice to resound. And he reached the Astral Core Realm! ”

Lian Yu ’s eyebrow lifted. Before she could speak, Lu Feng energetically continued. ”It ’s said his strength when he ascended could rival those at the Third Stage of the Astral Core Realm! He defeated an impressive genius on the Bloodforge Continent! ”

”… ” Lian Yu stilled.


Third Stage?

At the First Stage?

Recalling Long Chen ’s struggling victory against those at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, her heart quivered slightly. She glanced at Long Chen, recalling what she said before. Her face wasn ’t hot yet, but Lu Feng ’s next words felt as if it was a slap to her face.

”Because of his shocking combat prowess that even rivals Heavenly Kings in terms of battle, not only have those started calling him the Prince of Everlore but the Prince of the Myriad World! They ’re calling him the next Grand Monarch! It makes sense! After all, he doesn ’t have an Alchemic Astral Soul like the King of Everlore so he should be able to cultivate normally!

”With both talents in the Dao of Alchemy and the Martial Dao, he ’s truly the improved version of the King of Everlore! ” Lu Feng was quite excited at the news. He admired Wei Wuyin deeply, untainted yet by the bad blood between Long Chen and Wei Wuyin.

”… ” Lu Feng ’s eyes became dazed.

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