Paragon of Sin

Chapter 251: Mana!

time and space. He still didn ’t know if it was real or not, but his memories were divided into two different lives. While these lives weren ’t massively different, what he experienced had subtle effects in his past the more he inspected these memories. The only issue was he couldn ’t verify if he was in his timeline or the other one currently.

They both led to the same ends.

Now, as he observed his Astral Souls, he realized their action of accumulating the golden lightning was the same as gathering a uniquely high-quality concentration of the world ’s mana. The golden lightning baptized his body and mind, allowing him to control the ambient mana. This was the Sky Pressure those in the Sky Ruler Phase was renowned for.

He could, at will, walk on the ambient mana like the golden. He could touch it, twist it, gather it, and disperse it. He became a ruler of the world ’s mana, and it was a feeling that felt as if he ruled the entire world. The phase ’s name was aptly termed, and he felt divine.

As for Astral Souls, they were using the golden lightning and the core energies of each other to refine it, over, and over, and over. It was constant and a four-man effort.

”They ’re trying to create Qi Essence? ” As he noted their actions, he realized that the golden lightning was just high-quality mana that exceeds the ambient mana of the world, concentrated and transformed. They were refining this golden lightning mana using the same process of creating Essence. But he had never heard of such a thing.

While he knew there were Alchemical Products that can enhance a Natal/Astral Soul ’s Mortal State, he ’d never once seen a recipe that refined mana with Astral Core Realm level of energies. In fact, it was possible to do so, but the result would be pointless. Practically speaking, how could cultivators not try?

After all, no one wished to remain with a weak foundation if there was an alternative, but it simply wasn ’t useful. It wasn ’t that an Astral Soul ’s state can ’t change, but the Principle of Mana Phasing existed. This principle states that when Qi or Astral Force lacks sufficient quality of mana, below the world ’s mana, the world ’s mana slowly ebbs away the personalized mana. This causes the Qi and Astral Force ’s compositional energies, physical, spiritual, mental, and essence to slowly deteriorate at their seams and disperse.

This was a principle even Wu Jiao understood. It ’s the very reason cultivators find it difficult to obtain permanence in their ability to create. When Qi or Astral Force, supported by personalized refined mana at the Zenith level, equates to the same level of strength as the world ’s mana, it negates the Principle of Mana Erosion.

The world ’s mana could no longer eat away at and reclaim the personally refined mana of others.

But the problem lies in the energy of the Astral Core Realm level, even the weakest. It exceeds the limits that the world ’s mana can withstand. Trying to refine it was going to cause it to disperse. Furthermore, Qi Essence was like trying to change the body constitution of a seven-meter giant with a drop of water. There simply wasn ’t any point. An Astral Soul has been transformed by the unique energies of the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation, and this makes it difficult to change.

Only the Dao of Alchemy can interact and create unique existences like the Everlore Ascension Pills can alter an Astral Soul ’s constitution post-transformation. The energies within are compatible and influence the Astral Soul in ways cultivators can barely conceive. To replicate this effect with their own power?


At least, impossible for those at the Astral Core Realm. Above? He didn ’t know.

”The golden lightning mana is a stronger version of the world ’s mana! You four want to change your Astral Soul ’s Mortal State?! ” He deduced their intentions immediately, trying to create personalized mana that exceeded the normal world ’s mana limits!

No wonder they needed so much golden lightning and even tricked it using their auras. If it wasn ’t for their forced dormant state after initiating their Astral Tribulation, he had no doubt these four would be more brazen!

They might stack thousands or hundreds of thousands if they could! The thought caused him to shiver slightly. While ten of these things hurt little, he couldn ’t imagine so many entering his body.

”It ’s here! ” His Celestial Eyes brightened as he observed their final efforts. This…what was going to happen?

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