Paragon of Sin

Chapter 252: New State Zenith Origin State!

f his body there.

He felt connected to it entirely. If he wanted, he could shift back into it with a mere exertion of his will. His eyes brightened as he turned to the Divine Saber Astral Core, noting the same feeling. It seemed that when he ’felt ’ himself split into four different pieces, these pieces were like shells for which his mind could enter.

As for now, he was merely a wad of indistinguishable light. This was the basic form of his thoughts, the truest shape of one ’s thoughts.

That being said, while he didn ’t understand exactly how or what was happening, he did know what King and Ori were experiencing at the moment.

Within their bodies was a newfound power, and it seemed capable of birthing worlds. Whatever it was, it allowed him to visit these worlds. Perhaps it was an unintended side-effect, but he soon connected with his actual body and felt it. He was currently standing completely absent-minded, his mind had been condensed in its entirety somehow and brought into his dantian.

This was his Mental Incarnation. He had performed these before, but only in his sea of consciousness. Now, he felt as if his mental energies can exist anywhere and solidify into anything. He might even be able to project his consciousness beyond his body.

While he felt it was possible, he had no intention to test this out. After all, that didn ’t have any purpose besides causing his body to become completely useless.


He closed his eyes and connected with his second mind. Immediately, his second mind awakened. As if feeling an abruptly vacant void, it instantly took over his mind. He felt the connection and felt surreal.

He now had dual vision. He had the vision of his dantian and the outside world. With a little experimentation, he could control his second mind with utter ease. After a while, he sealed his second mind once more and returned to his sea of consciousness.

When he fully returned, he felt a distinctive difference. This difference wasn ’t simply body-based, but the nearby ambient mana was quivering slightly to his presence. It wasn ’t out of fear, but excitement. It reminded him of how he felt after completing his ninth-grade pill, producing the Stellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign.

He stretched his body, and even without thought, the mana of the world moved alongside him. He was startled. Ambient mana, normally, didn ’t move. It was still and constant. The only time it shifted or changed was due to those at the Sky Ruler Phase executing their Sky Pressure, something like Long Chen ’s Imperial Astral Soul ’s unique powers, when cultivator ’s absorbed it, or an Astral Tribulation descended.

Besides an external force, it never reacted.

But his every movement seemed to become an external force, and this wasn ’t just movement, but excitement. He felt the ambient mana attempt to enter his pores, rubbing against his body as if begging to be let in. His left eyelids chaotically twitched. What was this?

The sensation was incomparably awkward. He felt as if he was being molested. While that sounded strange to hear, it truly was the case! He used his Sky Pressure, exerting his will and pushing it away a little.



His action produced an unexpected reaction that was incomparably volatile and violently explosive. The ambient mana shook and left actively into every direction away from him, violently crashing against his sky palace. The protective formations and arrays activated, but it was useless as it toppled. In seconds, the gushing cascade of ambient mana caused his entire sky palace to be reduced to rubble.

Both his eyelids twitched chaotically and uncontrollably. He looked around him, realizing the devastation that was brought by a single desire. These arrays and formations would make it difficult for Third Stage Astral Core Realm cultivators to destroy his Sky Palace. But now…

He felt like crying but had no tears.

’This is abnormal! ’ The ambient mana came rushing back as if ignoring his previous desire, filling the space he occupied. When it reached two inches away from him, it once more became excited and started its very uncomfortable rubs once more. Despite this sensation, he realized his control over the world ’s mana was far, far greater than before.

Furthermore, the ambient mana seemed to be attracted to him as if wanting to return home. He hurriedly sought an explanation from his Astral Souls, but they were still undergoing their transformations. He sighed softly, but a voice resounded.

”Origin Essence! Zenith Origin State! ” It was Eden. After this, it went back to slumbering as if trying very hard to achieve the best possible transformation.

”… ” Wei Wuyin ’s heart raced uncontrollably. Did they…just��

Since he started his tribulation, he felt that his cultivation base was going to veer away from the norm, likely jumping beyond his current limits. Was this it? And if so, what will this transformation lead to?

A constant bombardment of endless, thunderous, and explosive excitement erupted within his heart, mind, and soul. He was thrilled to find out.

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