Paragon of Sin

Chapter 259: Earn A Spot

ost limits. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but question whether the King of Everlore had died or simply left elsewhere. The more he thought about it, the more he felt the latter was the truth. While this little game was exciting, it was mostly an insignificant matter to the current him. If, no when, he survived the Second Calamity, he would eventually have to leave this place and scour for the possibility to enter the Realm of Sages.

He turned towards Tuo Bihan. This aged figure with a casual expression was the stable idol of the Myriad Monarch Sect. He was the strongest human of his cultivation level and one of the few Alchemic Emperors of the starfield. The only reason why the Myriad Monarch Sect recovered after the war was due to his actions, cultivating Qin Rui and Yao Zhen into their current states. He was worthy of respect and held the strongest feelings towards the sect.

When he thought about Wu Yu and Long Chen, how Long Chen obtained the Grand Monarch Lineage and tutelage of the founder of the sect, he felt a little frustrated. The only reason he hadn ’t fully focused on secretly developing the Myriad Monarch Sect to reclaim the starfield was this.

All his efforts would inevitably and rightfully belong to Long Chen by sect rules. That was because the Myriad Monarch Sect fully devoted to following and pious worship of the ancient experts and traditions. This old man definitely would not throw away tradition nor would he ask him to.

In truth, he personally loved how the Myriad Monarch Sect functioned as a whole. While strict and somewhat exploitative, it was far better than those nepotistic forces that relied on bloodline and birth to decide your limits. As someone who lost everything and rose into his current heights off his own efforts, he earnestly believed and respected this system.

But if he made the Myriad Monarch Sect the ruler, eventually…Long Chen ’s existence would inevitably allow him to reap benefits without having to exert a single bit of effort. Who would not be frustrated?

If it wasn ’t for that shadow, wouldn ’t he have long since picked an expert or two and supported their ascension to the Realm World Phase, becoming renowned Realmlords of the starfield. In a few years, this starfield would be theirs once more.

”We ’ll win, ” was all Wei Wuyin said. His unshakeable confidence caused those elders ’ hearts to race. Infected by this confidence, their questioning heart simmered down. They would have to wait and bear witness to how Wei Wuyin would ensure their victory.

Wei Wuyin glanced at Tuo Bihan, his eyes flickering. He flew off the platform, and Tuo Bihan stretched his back before following. Seeing them both taking off, the elders realized they wanted a private conversation. They decided to prepare to return.

Qin Rui and Ji Changkong waited on the platform. They still had more inquiries regarding this matter, and they were the only ones with qualifications to do so.

When Wei Wuyin and Tuo Bihan flew off, they went off to the second Sky Layer and hovered near each other. Wei Wuyin waved his hand slightly, a spherical barrier of spiritual force encapsulated them. This spiritual barrier was exceptionally solid.

Tuo Bihan was somewhat startled as he felt the inherent spiritual force within. It might have the aura of a Sky Ruler, but its power was incredible. There was likely not a single Soul Idol Phase cultivator that could rival Wei Wuyin in spiritual strength.

Tuo Bihan chortled, ”If you participated in the trials, I ’d imagine there ’s no one who could defeat you. ” He shook his head. Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base had reached an astounding extreme. While in the Astral Core Realm ’s World Sea Phase, he could rival Qi Lang, and likely defeat him. This wasn ’t just abnormal, it was heaven-defying. Furthermore, he reached the Sky Ruler Phase in a short period of time, and his spiritual force was already so impressive.

”I don ’t have time for that. ” The Grand Spirit Trials was a year-long trial. He wouldn ’t waste an entire year doing something so tiresome.

Tuo Bihan didn ’t feel this to be out of place. Wei Wuyin was already capable of concocting ninth-grade products before the age of fifty, every year for him was a thousand times more precious than others. If he wasn ’t cultivating, he should be concocting, and if he wasn ’t concocting, he should be enjoying his life as he pleased, not involving himself in minor matters like this.

If the Alchemist Association and Elemental Heaven Pavilion knew that Tuo Bihan considered this competition a ’minor ’ matter, they might rage into a deathmatch.

”So little fellow, what is it? ” Tuo Bihan asked.

”You should know what I intend to do, ” Wei Wuyin calmly responded. Tuo Bihan nodded. Wei Wuyin was going to select a talented group of individuals and develop them. This was the same method the Alchemist Association intended to do. Unfortunately for them, they paled vastly when compared to Wei Wuyin.

They likely had no more than three eighth-grade products, but Wei Wuyin might have dozens or more. There was no way they could cultivate an elite capable of sweeping the competition when facing him. They even got baited and allowed him the time of six months. If they didn ’t, perhaps Wei Wuyin would ’ve simply participated himself and dominated the trials. Regardless, they had absolutely zero chance of winning in his eyes.

”I do. But why the need for privacy? Want me to pick some good seeds? ” He smiled, causing the wrinkles on his face to lift. But he knew Wei Wuyin wouldn ’t care. Since arriving on the Myriad Monarch Sect, he had always been mostly deciding his own matters. As for who to develop, as an Alchemist, he knew that other people ’s recommendations were irrelevant.

Shaking his head, ”No. I ’ll use this as a platform to develop Ascendants, my faction. ” Wei Wuyin stated before continuing, ”I need to talk to you about two matters: How confident are you in becoming a Realmlord? ”

”… ” Tuo Bihan ’s smiling expression faded as his eyes flashed with an endlessly circulating wisp of solemnness.

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