Paragon of Sin

Chapter 270: Difference In Eras

A day before the Grand Spirit Trials.

The sounds of forceful grunts resounded from Tuo Bihan ’s open-roof courtyard. The grunts were rhythmic and even, clearly the sounds of a consistent exertion of effort. From time to time, the sky layer solidified beneath the palace shook.

A scarlet-eyed, silver-haired and barefoot handsome beastman walked into the courtyard from the entrance, his initial expression somewhat lazy and lackadaisical until he noticed where the sounds came from, and that handsome face was quiet and patient. A figure was performing a set of push-ups, a basic mortal exercise. But upon his back was a jade sphere the size of a baseball.

Wei Wuyin was shirtless, wearing a set of loose pants, and was freely displaying the contours of his muscles. Sweat glistened beneath him, dripping onto the floor. Each lift brought about the revealment of his veins. The jade sphere was perfectly placed at the center of his body, exerting a unique force that pressed upon his body.

At the moment, it was the near equivalent of a small mountain on Wei Wuyin ’s back. After a specific set, he inhaled and the pressure faded from the jade sphere. He lifted himself up and took slow and steady breaths to relax his heartbeat. The innate energies within his body were vast and vigorous.

Zuhei remained silent throughout.

Wei Wuyin waved his hand and brought out a towel, wiping the sweat from his body. The towel had various cleansing properties, simply a wipe was a better cleaning than a full shower. Without looking at Zuhei, ”You ’ve finished cultivation? ”

”Yes, Master. I ’ve overcome the Nine Spiritual Judgment Tribulation, ” Zuhei stated. Within his voice was a tinge of pride and excitement, one could see his achievements was astounding. Furthermore, from his fleshy body was a hint of a bloody stench that was quite rich and potent.

”Bloodforging Mystic Method? ” Wei Wuyin inquired as he kept his towel and started to take out a set of Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Heavenly King robe. He didn ’t hesitate to change out of his loose pants before Zuhei.

Zuhei ’s expression became dignified. ”The cultivation method is the most exquisite and profound method I ’ve cultivated in my life. I could only reach the first level, refining the Bloodforge Runes within my heart. However, just this step has allowed my bloodline power to become purer and stronger. ”

Wei Wuyin nodded. The Bloodforging Mystic Method could be considered an Evil Method, but that was in its later stages. During its foundational stages, one merely needed to condense their essence blood into Bloodforge Runes, and then they could use various energies to improve its qualities and power. With these runes alone, one ’s bloodline power would strengthen as one cultivation did.

It was a brilliant method for Beastmen or those like him who ’ve taken the Bloodline of others. Yuan Longshi had used this method to enhance his Mark of Mortal Myth, which was also his Bloodline Source ’s strength, and strengthen his fleshy body.

From what he saw from Yuan Longshi, he had reached the third level of the Bloodforging Mystic Method, the Bloodforging Battle Armor. At that level, the nurtured Bloodforge Runes would merge with one ’s entire physique and can be used to amplify one ’s physical attributes, even amplifying their bloodline powers.

After dressing up entirely, Wei Wuyin calmly asked: ”Have everything been prepared? ”

Zuhei nodded. He had thoroughly prepared for this, knowing that Wei Wuyin was deeply invested into him. He was given the task of defeating all the other young elites and claiming victory in the upcoming Grand Spirit Trials. Wei Wuyin had even had a set of astral weapons for him personally crafted by the sect ’s top forgers.

”Good. Let ’s go. ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes shined with brilliant light, no longer turbid and lacking. It had taken him several months of recovery to recuperate from the damage dealt by that mysterious force. It had infected his body and mind, and even with Kratos and Eden ’s efforts, it still had slowed down his recovery. He learned the inherent difficulties in recovering one ’s quintessential blood, physical, and mental energies. It was these energies that were the core of his strength, and when exhausted or expelled, he couldn ’t simply recover with a few pills and elixirs.

While these helped, he had to carefully recover with gentle efforts and methods. Furthermore, the King of Everlore ’s legacy or any legacy had never delved into recovering the quintessential energies of the body. Typically, when those energies were expelled or damaged, that meant the person was dead or brain dead. Regardless of whatever activity the body or mind had, they were dead.

But Wei Wuyin was capable of surviving and this was already heaven-defying enough. If it wasn ’t for Eden and Kratos, he could only fade away. It was horrifying to think about.

During these six months, the events on the outside had grown bigger and bigger, with Junia and the Grand Spirit Trials being lit by the spotlight of the starfield. Besides the San Clan, who remained silent throughout the event, the other four hegemonic powers had all thrown their hats into this challenge. Furthermore, they were arriving to test the mettle of their geniuses.

In a short period of time, an event capable of attracting the attention of any and every force or expert was unintentionally created. Wei Wuyin was startled by this at first, considering how all this stemmed from the Elemental Heaven Pavilion and Alchemist Association ’s scheming. He felt as if someone had purposely fanned this news to the world.

He knew it wasn ’t done by the Alchemist Association, especially with the wager on the line. If neither the Myriad Monarch Sect or Alchemist Association claimed victory, then the bet would be nullified. As for getting the Spirit Oath invoked? That was impossible.

While he was confident in Zuhei, he had some doubts. These doubts were due to the small amount of time he had to nurture Zuhei. With less than five years, it simply felt inadequate.

After they left Tuo Bihan ’s sky palace, they soared on a pegasus on loan, considering Xiao Bai was currently with Xue Yifei on the Bloodforge Continent.

”Master… ” Zuhei called out, a question was clearly on his mind.

”Hm? ”

”Will you be participating? ” Zuhei hesitated for a moment before gathering his courage to directly ask. He knew that Wei Wuyin ’s combat strength was unprecedentedly high. At the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm, he dominated Yuan Longshi. This was a genius who could fight Qi Lang, a Continental Guardian, and gain an advantage while being at a lower stage.

However, when Wei Wuyin took action, it was nearly embarrassing to watch. Wei Wuyin ’s every attack dealt severe damage and he seemed to be at an utter ease. When Yuan Longshi attempted to go all out, he was suppressed and killed on the spot. Now, Wei Wuyin was at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, a Sky Ruler!

His strength should ’ve leapt to an extreme. Even with his cultivation base, bloodline, and Slaughter and Battle Intent combined, he felt that fighting Qi Lang would be a challenge. He might be able to gain a temporary advantage, but the cultivation difference wasn ’t just for show. If Qi Lang summoned his Soul Idol, his Spells would reach untold levels of power. He would have struggled to contest against this.

To him, if Wei Wuyin decided to take action, who could possibly rival him in the younger generation?

Wei Wuyin gave off a slight smile. Originally, he wasn ’t planning to participate. The Grand Spirit Trials would take an entire year to complete. He had merely eight left to prepare before his Calamity of Hell descended, forcing him to face a crossroad of life and death. He didn ’t feel the need to do so.

Zuhei was enough.

But after Su Mei ’s event, he decided to change his mind. A year wouldn ’t matter. The only issue was that he still had an exhausted Bloodline Source and his sea of consciousness was still recovering from Eden ’s forceful expulsion. He couldn ’t undergo Draconification or access his bloodline abilities. While he could still freely use Draconic Force and Void Force, his abilities were still gated.

This was a small disadvantage, but still a disadvantage. Fortunately, he mostly used Ori for general combat and King for killing. Eden and Kratos weren ’t his primary means of combat. With this, he decided to participate. Even if only to prove to Ori that her powers mattered.

”I will be participating, ” Wei Wuyin said.

Zuhei was stunned for a moment. He had originally thought Wei Wuyin wasn ’t going to fight for one reason or another, but he was actually doing so! A scarlet-light glowed within his eyes. It was near tangible battle intent.

Wei Wuyin gave off a wry smile. Zuhei had developed Battle Intent, so his personality was definitely competitive. Perhaps in normal settings due to the status and placement he had in his heart, Zuhei would never ask for a spar, but if it was an official contest, then he could unleash his strength without hesitation.

Indeed, Zuhei was hoping in his heart of hearts to fight Wei Wuyin. When Wei Wuyin had recruited him, he had steeled himself to be his claws and fangs, but if the claws and fangs aren ’t more powerful than the body, then why have them? He wanted to prove his worth to Wei Wuyin.

They soon arrived at the first level of the Extreme Monarch Mountain, the Myriad Void Gate ’s platform. There were numerous young elites waiting and ready, all of them were in the Astral Core Realm, and under the age of three hundred. Not all of them were Myriad Monarch Sect disciples, a few were standing by with their patriarchs, matriarchs, or masters.

These were the geniuses that belonged to the subordinate forces on the Myriad Yore Continent, the geniuses developed by high-level clans and experts at the Astral Core Realm. While these clans weren ’t at the level of the five hegemons, many of them had Fourth Stage Astral Core Realm experts at their head.

These figures were of considerable renown. After all, they belonged to the top one percentile of experts amongst the entire starfield. When Wei Wuyin and Zuhei arrived, there were numerous of these experts and disciples who looked his way. A few Sky Nobles and Heavenly Kings had calm gazes, clearly holding a competitive spirit ignited.

Two young women noticed and soared towards them.

Su Mei and Hong Chunhua had already been waiting for them, but when Su Mei revealed herself before Zuhei, his eyes went wide with shock. Su Mei was flying without any astral force! Sky Ruler! His heart shook in surprise.

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t as shocked as Zuhei. He was a little concerned. Su Mei ’s cultivation base had immediately improved a few months after his ascension, allowing her to reach the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Sky Ruler Phase. Furthermore, she developed a strange characteristic that other cultivators didn ’t normally have after ascending.

He didn ’t know if it was her cultivation talents fully manifesting, but her ability to absorb and thoroughly refine Alchemical Products had skyrocketed to an insane level! While it wasn ’t at the same level as his Astral Souls, she increased her cultivation speed by at least twenty times. What originally took her twenty months required one. This was a supremely high rate!

It was as if her meridians and dantian had upgraded by several levels. But when he inspected her meridians and dantian, he found no irregularities. They were simply more efficient than others.

”Lord Wei, ” Su Mei called out as she landed. Wei Wuyin nodded. The four of them waited for the top characters to finally arrive.

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