Paragon of Sin

Chapter 272: Trial of Beasts Trial of Light

The Grand Spirit Trials rules had changed slightly. While the year-long run was still in effect, the difficulty and competitive field had been increased. With Junia remaining the venue, the area it was held was expanded accordingly. No longer was it limited to simply a portion of the planet, but the entire planet.

Furthermore, more star beasts had been purchased and obtained from the Golden Coin Pavilion, further increasing the diversity of obstacles within the trials. While the planet had been reinforced by various arrays and formations to facilitate the increase in participants and regulation of rules. With all the young elites from the majority of the starfield participating, this led to a stricter set of rules.

The Grand Spirit Trials consisted of three trials. The first trial was named the Trial of Beasts. The participants will be randomly thrown into areas of the planet, while star beasts of varying levels were released. During this trial, battles among participants were disallowed, but not from teaming up against stronger star beasts. The objective was to capture star beasts, not kill.

This amplified the difficulty by a thousand-fold.

The second trial was the Trial of Light. It was, in the simplest description, a scavenger hunt. All participants would be sent to obtain specific items, gathering enough to earn sufficient points to enter the next trial but to do so required one proving they possessed the ability to claim that item through various methods and means.

This trial was the elimination trial. Before the rebranding of the trial, only the top 128 within the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s elites would pass this trial. After the addition of the starfield ’s elite youths, this had been expanded to 2,048. Then, the next trial would begin.

This trial was fairly straightforward and dealt with direct combat prowess. It was a tournament-style trial, divided into three stages that incorporated four levels. These four levels were the Sea Arena, Sky Arena, Soul Arena, and Grand Arena.

Due to the intricate nature of this tournament, the division was necessary as cultivation level differences were immense. Even if formations were placed to suppress a cultivator ’s innate power to an equivalent level as their opponent, their astral force quantity was enough to devastate opponents who were of equivalent talent but lower cultivation base. For the sake of fairness, these four arenas were decided on and could be freely entered by any qualified participant.

In the Sea Arena, only those at the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the World Sea Phase, were allowed to participate. This was the lowest stage but it was still fair and offered those at this stage to claim first place amongst all participants. This depended on the points earned in earlier stages, however.

In the Sky Arena, the only those at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Sky Ruler Phase, and below are capable of participating. If those at the World Sea Phase believed their strength was sufficient, they could select this arena. If they did, they would earn more points based on their overall placements within.

The Soul Arena was the same, with the maximum cultivation being the Third Stage, the Soul Idol Phase. If those of lower cultivation wished to participate, they could, with the first stage earning even more points depending on their placements.

The Grand Arena was for the top-tier elites among elites and all stages were allowed to select it. With the first two trials not necessarily relying on combat strength to claim a lead, those of peak strength could enter this arena in hopes of overturning their score and claiming first.

Of course, the overall winner might not include those who exceeded their strength, as placements and victories were important, including what was earned in the first two trials. With these three carefully decided upon trials, only the true talent could claim victory. Those who had exquisite abilities and an understanding of their limits and strength.

To add, while there were ways to ensure one ’s safety in the trial, your life was not guaranteed. Death could occur if one wasn ’t careful. This warning was explained in the announcement and swirled throughout the starfield in the six months since the Grand Spirit Trials Establishment.

The atmosphere was blazing with tension and intent. With the gathering of talents, the world was about to experience an electrifying and gripping show that would have them at the edge of their seats!


Wei Wuyin and the others, including the Grand Imperial Sages, entered the Void Portal and arrived in Junia. They were greeted by numerous figures in colorful attires and invigorated discussion. But as these figures noticed them, they slowly quieted down and looked their way.

The Myriad Monarch Sect young elites had arrived in full force alongside their powerhouses! They were all waiting for this moment. A formless pressure formed as all these eyes of varying cultivation bases were shifted to their direction.

But Wei Wuyin was unbothered. In truth, his interest had been snatched away. He realized that they were currently standing on a platform that lifted them to the edges of the sky layer. It was about the equivalent of the eighth-level of the Extreme Mountain ’s height. This platform had a glossy and translucent look.

It was similar to the platform from six months ago where they met the Alchemist Association and the Elemental Heaven Pavilion, but it was higher and far, far wider. With a quick sweep of his spiritual sense to their edges, he found that it encased the entire planet. Furthermore, it was constantly moving at the fringes of the sky layer.

This was an advanced version, and it seemed it contained far more features than just this. He could sense spiritual fluctuations at the bottom of the platform, and it seemed these spiritual fluctuations carried the signature energies of transmission. ’Encasing the entire planet? Was the Myriad Monarch Sect broadcasting the entire event to the starfield? ’

He hadn ’t delved into too much detail regarding this event, but he knew that there would be locations across the starfield that would receive live footage of the trials. Tracing the transmissions, he found that they led to the ninth layer and into unique pagodas. These pagodas were things he was familiar with. They were called Spirit Pagodas and they amplified and directed spells with the coordinated efforts of various experts.

There were eighteen pagodas at central locations spread throughout the planet. Each pagoda had at least a hundred Astral Core Realm experts acting as directors. They were likely in charge of certain areas, focusing on certain events and ignoring others so as to transmit the most exciting portions to the audience. If the entire event was broadcasted in its entirety, due to the sheer venue used, the long and lengthy period of the trials, it would be filled with countless inactive spots and dead air.

He had to applaud the effort.

Ji Changkong took the initiative with a sharp momentum, ”All participants of the event, you have one hour to prepare. Then, the first trial, the Trial of Beasts, will begin! ” He was succinct. The tokens for those to participate had long since been distributed and bought for, and the deadline for arrival will end in one hour exactly.

The numerous figures that looked towards them were the participants, their renowned seniors, and leaders of various forces. They were all treated equally, being housed in the same location. Most hosts would prepare special towers or locations for unique guests, but the Myriad Monarch Sect had done away with all that etiquette.

But that didn ’t mean they disallowed these experts from preparing their own abodes to watch the year-long event in comfort. For example, the Demonic Abyss Mountain ’s members and elders were surrounded by a thousand meter-sized violet sphere that was filled with demonic energies. Regardless if it was their youths or elders, they were concealed within.

The Elemental Heaven Pavilion had their own tower. It was no less in height than the Demonic Abyss Mountain ’s sphere and was shrouded by elemental mist. The Sacred Light Palace had a Sky Palace, clearly mobile. It emitted faint light energies that were slightly blinding and gave off a holy, noble, and grand aura.

As for the Myriad Monarch Sect, they had prepared their own abode in the shape of a pagoda. It looked similar to the Myriad Creation Dao Palace, but it was completely black and contained an imposing air that left one ’s heart feeling unfathomable pressure.

None of these hegemons could be underestimated. Each of their foundations had been built on the legacy of Mystic Ascendant Realm cultivators. The treasures they had were numerous and diverse. The other experts paled in comparison. Some of them had to utilize their ability of Creation to produce their own residents, forcefully sustaining it with astral force of themselves or their companions.

It was quite a difference.

Ji Changkong merely made this announcement, and the Grand Imperial Sages took action. They, and the young elites, had flashed into the pagoda. The youths who were feeling incredible pressure from the gazes of others were relieved, the sweat on their backs and foreheads clear.

This was just the beginning of the competition, but they could already feel the anticipation and tense atmosphere. It wasn ’t that their mentality was fragile and weak, but the scope of their competition had never reached this level.

Qin Rui swiveled on her heel to face the young elites. Despite her face being concealed, one could see the serious air she emitted. ”You all know the rules of the trials, but I ’ll go over it once more. I ’ll answer any question you have now, so be sure to ask if you have them. Otherwise…it ’ll be too late. ”

Wei Wuyin realized it wasn ’t just the others taking this seriously, but even the Grand Imperial Sages were tense. This was a matter regarding their faces and reputation. This was their trial, with the home-field advantage, and the thought of losing was like a guillotine bearing down on their necks.

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