Paragon of Sin

Chapter 280: G.S.T A Month

end when the two Realmlords, produced by waste products, met their natural end. Any of the four hegemons had legacies of ancient experts that exceeded the Astral Core Realm. The San Clan simply didn ’t have the practical strength or foundation to contest.

The only reason they were exceptional was their dominance as Realmlords. If any of these Realmlords attempted to assault a major planet of these four hegemons, there was no way they could breach. These were locations fortified by Realmlords, Timelords, Starlords, and Mystic Ascendants of the past era.

As for the San Clan? They were merely…

They simply didn ’t have the same origins. As long as Wei Wuyin remained on a planet within the Myriad Astral Territory, the San Clan could only watch unless they gathered the strength of the other hegemonic forces and fought the Myriad Monarch Sect to the last man.


On the surface of Junia, a figure was flashing through the dense forest while surrounded by wisps of sword light. Every step was sharp and swift, taking them several hundred meters away each.

”You think you can run?! ”

Every step he took was closely followed by numerous shadows. These shadows were hot on the figure ’s trail. At the lead of these shadows was a handsome young man with scarlet hair, exuding a lofty and arrogant aura. He wielded a halberd and kept pace, not losing the figure in front at all.

”Long Chen! Today will be the day you die! ” The young man shouted, his dark eyes contained ferocious and heart-palpitating murderous intent. He added, ”I want you to know! After I ’ve taken your head, I ’ll bring it to Lian Yu and enjoy her while your head watches! While the world watches!! Hahaha! She ’ll enjoy every inch, trust me! ” A layer of pure evil was over his voice, filled with malicious intent.

The figure wreathed in sword light paused for a moment, but after a very short delay, it sped up. The sword light grew vigorous as an aura of slaughter emanated from it.


Wei Wuyin and Qing Qiumu were cultivating in his Astral Force constructed Sky Palace. Since Qing Qiumu was present, he decided to add an additional layer of protection from the outside world to prevent disturbances. She was currently refining an elixir, eighth-grade, and was experiencing a fantastic change in her Mortal State. Every second was a sharp increase to her foundation, strength, and innate energies.

Wei Wuyin was quietly observing her. He found that her cultivation base was somewhat rushed. Her Astral Core was barely above the average size. With her innate talent, this shouldn ’t be the case. But he realized that she might ’ve done this due to the Execution Platform. A moment like that, a moment where your fate was decided by others whim, would produce a subconscious desire for immediate strength.

To be honest, Qing Qiumu ’s talent was truly underestimated. When it came to refining certain types of alchemical products, she faintly surpassed Su Mei ’s abnormal talent. These products were mostly foundational and wood-type products. Her uniquely wood-attributed physique, sea of consciousness, and meridians enabled this.

If it wasn ’t for their relationship, he would want her to be a part of the Ascendants. She would make an exceptional healer with her Wood Force properties. As a wielder of the Life Meadow Wood Intent, he knew its boundless benefits when it came to recovery. More, she had eight other equally powerful high-level Intents.

Her Nine Meadow Wood Intent wasn ’t any weaker than his Elemental Origin Intent. It was startling.


”Hm? ” Wei Wuyin ’s heart throbbed without warning. His eyes shifted as he turned towards a certain direction. He could ’see ’ the worldly trend. He felt an intense, abnormal desire to kill and that killing would benefit him. The first feeling came from the Heavenly Daos, its influence subtle and faint. It was clearly trying to pull him away. If it wasn ’t for the Bloodline of Sin, he might ’ve left Qing Qiumu as he investigated.

As for the worldly trend, he ’saw ’ an abhorrent existence within. It was being targeted by external forces. If he hadn ’t had both of these feelings, he would be completely ignorant that the ’external forces ’ were the Heavenly Daos, and the abhorrent existence was…

”…? ” He frowned. His instincts screamed at him as he recalled the Scripture of Sin. A bright light soon entered his silver eyes, ”Investigate. ”

Beneath his sky palace, the Titanic Mudworm Snake ’s eyes shone with a silver light, nearly becoming the same color as Wei Wuyin ’s as it moved. After a moment, it dug into the earth and slithered through it effortlessly, its speed frightening.

Wei Wuyin held his chin, a light of contemplation in his eyes, ”Is even this possible? ” He knew an event that would shine some light on Blessed was about to be witnessed.

Exactly at this moment, Qing Qiumu ’s emerald eyes opened as they effused bright spiritual light. Her spiritual strength had taken a step forward. A calm, graceful, and lovely smile formed on her lips. It was breathtaking.

”Congratulations. ”

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