Paragon of Sin

Chapter 26: The Truth of Mortal Gods

the unique condition of his body. Wei Wuyin hadn ’t seen him since he departed for the joint mission with the Sky Sword Sect and Aqua Echo Sect.

”Wei Wuyin! ” Wei Si cried after hearing Wei Wuyin. He hastily made his way over. That bulky body of his and the momentum he could generate caused a turbulent wind current to form. Wei Wuyin felt battered by the wind before Wei Si even reached him.

”Hold up! ” He held his hand out, sending a strand of qi to halt Wei Si ’s advance. Wei Si ’s large body touched that strand of qi and felt like he was being held by an almighty hand of god, forcing him to a complete stop. He was shocked, looking down and witnessing a silver string of qi.

”I ’m sorry. ” Realizing his rushing may have caused some discomfort, he immediately apologized.

”Mn. Just tell me, what ’s wrong? ” Wei Wuyin walked up to Wei Si instead. He had always taken special care of this cousin of his, and helped in any way he could.

”Yes! It ’s Big Sis Mei! ” His voice was filled with panic.

”Mei Mei? Speak! ” Wei Wuyin ordered, his expression changing and his aura leaked. Wei Si trembled slightly, he had never seen this cousin of his so fierce and powerful.

”Mei Mei had disappeared! She vanished two days ago. ”

Disappeared? Wei Wuyin ’s mind trembled as he searched his mind for information, ”How? She should ’ve had bodyguards! ”

Wei Si hastily added, ”Yes. The sect gave her three Third Phase guards, but they were found unconscious. The sect did a search, but came up empty! ”

A hole was punctured in Wei Wuyin ’s heart, forming a pit of despair. Mei Mei was his former leader, his former lover, and most importantly, his friend. She was important to him.

”They found nothing? ” His voice trembled slightly.

”No…they didn ’t…but I know who ’s responsible! ” Wei Si dejectedly said, but added the last bit with gusto.

”You do? Why haven ’t you told the sect! ” Wei Wuyin shouted, enraged.

Wei Si shrank back, he timidly muttered, ”I did… ”

Wei Wuyin frowned.

”The person who ’s responsible is also the one she made a deal with, and the sect can ’t act. I know because they needed my blood! ” Wei Si said.

”Blood? ” Wei Si had a unique constitution and physique, it was heavily influenced by yang energies, forcefully giving him a powerful body and strong vitality. His blood could theoretically be used as a medicine or a cultivation resource. However, it wasn ’t that potent or reliable, so the sect didn ’t waste its time.

”They used my blood to create a tonic to help her recover. She was pretty badly injured after The Challenge, so much so that she was physically crippled. She couldn ’t walk or feel as her nerves and spine were practically destroyed, in complete shambles the medics said. She called over someone by the name of The Helios Witch, she took my blood, and Mei Mei rapidly recovered. Her cultivation even strengthened.

”I smelled that witch when I arrived at the scene of capture! ” Wei Si explained.

Wei Wuyin had all sorts of thoughts running through his mind.


”The Helios Witch? ” The moment he recalled this name, his expression turned ugly. No wonder the sect couldn ’t do anything even if they knew. That was because the Helios Witch wasn ’t a normal human, but one who had deep affiliation with the elves. She was rather well known, classified as a Mortal God-level character.

If they wanted to find Mei Mei, they would have to travel to the Elven ’s homeground, the Mystic Elven Forest, and search for the Helios Witch.

Wei Wuyin deeply frowned as his heart felt conflicted, yet incredibly curious. A high-level elf was captured by Jiu Lang and Mei Mei had dealings with this Helios Witch? Could there be a link between this or was this a coincidence?

Suddenly, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes became incredibly focused and driven. ”Are you certain? ”

”Yes! I am certain, because when she took my blood, I heard the Helios Witch mention taking back something, and her scent was at the scene! Who else but someone at her level could escape the scope of the sect. ” Wei Si fearfully said.

Wei Si had a unique physique, and this physique elevated his physical senses. His sense of smell was greater than a dog ’s. Therefore, Wei Wuyin trusted him. If the Helios Witch ’s scent was there, then she was there.

Someone at the Helios Witch ’s level wouldn ’t leave any trace of aura, but it would be difficult for her to hide her smell. This was similar to how Old Bai could disguise his aura but not his lifeforce.

”The sect said they couldn ’t verify it, and that they ’ll do their own investigation, but…I don ’t know if it ’ll be too late then. I don ’t even think they ’re taking it seriously! ”

Wei Si had a deep connection with Mei Mei, even willing to give his blood for her. During the time Wei Wuyin and Mei Mei were together, Wei Si had interacted with Mei Mei many times. She wasn ’t judgemental about his appearance and treated him nicely, so he didn ’t want to see any harm come to her.

”Even if they verified it, they couldn ’t take action. The Mystic Elven Forest isn ’t someplace they dare to march an army against. ” Wei Wuyin said with an ugly expression.

”I ’m going, ” he decided.

”I ’ll go with you! ” Wei Si was willing to throw himself in the fire for Mei Mei, but Wei Wuyin shook his head.

”I ’m going to the Mystic Elven Forest, you may have the physique rivaling a Third Phase expert, but you ’re still too weak. You can barely hold your own against a true Third Phase expert let alone a God-level figure like the Helios Witch. You ’ll stay. ” Wei Wuyin ’s tone brokered no argument.

”But Wei Wuyin, you can- ”


Wei Si was just about to argue but his mouth closed shut in an instant.

Wei Wuyin ’s aura infused with yin-yang qi, the four basic elements, lightning, metal, and wood qi exploded like a volcanic eruption. His black hair fluttered with the wind as various energies coursed through his veins. As he stood there, it was like the world had become one with him.

He had become a god. True fire, crackling lightning, vibrant leaves, streams of water, wads of clustered rock, wild currents of wind, and silver mist was birthed as real as they could be.

”I am enough! If she ’s alive, I will bring her back. If she is dead, I ’ll bring her murderer ’s head. I promise! ” His words were like thunder as they resounded within Wei Si ’s eyes. He had never seen such power, such force, such realism before. He could feel the biting wind, heat, and electricity in the air. Gulping heavily, he subconsciously nodded.

Wei Wuyin gently smiled, his aura faded and the elements dispersed. He whistled.



A shriek sounded not too far away. His crane which was stationed at a stable near the Scarlet Dao Temple took to the skies and flew over with immense speed. Wei Wuyin leapt upwards, his descent met by the crane ’s arrival perfectly as he landed on its back.

He looked at Wei Si as the crane turned directions, ”I ’ll be back. ”

With fierce eyes, he looked towards the east. With a pat, the crane took off eastward.

Mystic Elven Forest, here I come!


Karmic Luck Value: 171.1 → 162.4.

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